My Journey with Lyme Disease

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As a side note, Bartonella seems to flare 1-2X yr now.  Using Dr Zhang’s Arthral EZ  seems to get it under control quickly.  Here are the ingredients:   Vit C, Calcium, Manganese, Boron, Glucosomine Sulfate, Type II Collagen, Chondrotin Sulfate, san-qi ginseng, dong-quai root, sichuan teasel rhizone, safflower flower and astible chinensis entire plant.  I believe it’s the Teasel Root that helps the most at elliviating the intense bone pain.


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January 18, 2009~It’s been one year since I started writing Peaceful Acres and 1 year on Dr Zhang’s protocol. I am more than happy to tell you that I am nearly 100% healed of Chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections. I continue to use food as medicine, and supp’s to assist my body in staying healed. I’ve learned a lot and hope that I can offer to you some nuggets that will help you to heal also. What was written below was written 1 year ago and now that I am on the other side I would probably alter it some. But this is where I was when I wrote it. To find out more you can visit me at Hope To Heal.


The reason I even started this blog was to offer others suffering with Lyme Disease & Co-infections HOPE! Without hope we parish. I’m not a doctor and nothing I say is anything more than my own experiences and beliefs. This disease is merciless. It has many victims, many of which are still looking for answers as I did for 34 yrs. In 1971, when I was 13 I first became sick with this mystery disease. I went from doctor to doctor… one knew what it was. There were many guesses; leukemia, kidney disease, mono, mental illness….and on and on it went. This was my story until 2005.

In 2005 I became so deathly sick that I prayed daily for God to either heal me or take me. As you can see from my blog and my postings, I am an energetic 50 yr old woman. I love life! I love my family! I love my Saviour! But in 2005 I was lifeless; a living dead. I then requested a Lyme Western Blot test from Igenex and not to my surprise it came back positive, with a positive Ehrlichiosis also. On top of that through clinical diagnosis I was also infected with the “American Malaria”; Babesia and also with “Cat Scratch Fever”; Bartonella.

As I’ve said in some posts, I’d rather be playing with a pit viper than these infectious diseases. They are no respecter of person or age. They would just as soon kill an infant than a teenager. They are considered “Stealth” bacteria and protozoa. The Babesia is the protozoa.

In the past three years I have educated myself and had an open mind about this disease. Most people think a simple dose of an antibiotic (ABX) will cure it, but it won’t. This disease is not recognized as a disease. There is no diagnostic code. Insurance companies will not cover long term treatment. The CDC has it’s information in the dark ages. There are few knowledgeable doctors to treat. So, we took matters into our own hands as anyone does facing an incurable life threatening disease.

My first trial was with following Dr Lee Cowden’s protocol using “Samento”. I had some good results and it did give me some relief, but it wasn’t complete…at least not what he published before 2005. I followed this protocol for 1 yr. Early on we bought two pieces of equipment that we knew were going to be invaluable. A Rife Machine and an Infrared Sauna. The Rife Machine is a electro magnetic machine that emits frequencies. Every living thing has a frequency or vibration to it. It’s like when an opera singer shatters a glass. It’s like when an earth quake shatters a bridge. Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections also have life frequencies. There have been many researchers who have put together frequency lists of just about any bacteria or disease you can imagine.

I believe there is one way to live with Lyme Disease & Co. and that is with it being DEAD! During 2006 I played around with the Rife Machine but really didn’t like the side effects. You see when the bacteria is dead (any bacteria) it causes horrible symptoms, including brain fog, joint pain, muscle pain, chronic bone pain, visual disturbance, encephalitis, itching, hives, mysterious swelling, deafness, blindness, palsy…. and on and on and on it goes. So, the way most people like to live with Lyme & Co is to live in harmony. NOT ME! I will never live in harmony with this disease. So, in 2006 I played around with a few other remedies to find none of them helping. We found a wonderful Lyme Literate Doctor in August of 2006. He supported whatever alternative treatment I was willing to try.

Most of my improvement began in Jan 2007 when I was prescribed Armour Thyroid. I came alive. In addition I used the sauna everyday for 20 min’s at 125 F. I began consuming raw dairy which I’ll describe below. I began experimenting with doses of Cod Liver Oil. I used coffee enemas for pain and to cleanse my liver. I mostly rife weekly or bi weekly and experimented with food and supplements and did a lot of detoxing which if vital.

In the fall of 2006 we began to eat raw dairy. We had always eaten a pretty healthy diet, but we became very strict with our diet….no sugar, no wheat, no coffee, no fruit, no nothin! I was at that time “allergic” to eggs and dairy, which was proven by an IGg blood test. Upon starting raw dairy, I found that I couldn’t eat it either. Then I realized more specifically I was allergic to Casein the protein in dairy. In March 2006 I decided to try and heal my leaky gut. You see just about everyone has a leaky gut and due to my “allergies” I knew it was so. I started consuming plain raw butter and raw cream. Neither of them have much if at all any casein in them. I did this for three months. No problems. In fact my health began to improve. Then I tried Kefir. Kefir is a wonderful healing food. It’s an ancient food that the nomads drank as they lived in the desert with their camels and goats. It’s basically fermented milk with kefir grains that look very much like cauliflower.

Now the kefir. Still I had an asthma attack. So, I backed off the kefir and only took in about 1Tbsp at a time. I built it up and began to drink it with raw colostrum (the first milk). No asthma attack!!! I did this for another three months upon which I saw my doc. He was well pleased with what I had accomplished. Hippocrates said, “death begins in the gut”. I choose life….and I said, “life begins in the gut”. My doc wished that all his patients could get to this place of healing. Then in another 3 months I began to drink raw milk, which I haven’t been able to do my whole life without asthma. I’ve continued the raw dairy; homemade kefir, homemade yogurt, raw cheese. In addition we eat grassfed beef, soy free chickens, soy free everything since it’s highly GMO and allergic. We eat all organic veggies and grow most of it ourselves. We use herbs, which I’ll go into further below. We live very clean. No preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial anything.

When I also started “Rifing” in Jan 2007, I set up a schedule and I stuck to it. To this day I am still rifing and seeing great improvements. My herxing (die off) is less and less, my days of herxing are shorter. My brain began functioning again and miracles began to happen. I can’t explain it but it was happening. I could think again. My family was amazed. I still have what I like to amusingly refer to as “memory leakage”, but it’s so much less.

Due to my brain functioning again, I reread “Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine” by Dr. Qingcai Zhang. I tried to read it before but it didn’t make sense, but now it did. In Jan 2008 I started Dr Zhang’s protocol listed in the book. I ordered the products and have continued to do so for 4 months. I am seeing remarkable results. Dr Zhang and others now believe that in order to kill Lyme you must kill the co-infections first. With that, I am 99.99999999999% sure that old Bab’s is dead!!! The only other time I’ve felt this good was when I took Malaria med’s in India. Since they are sister diseases, and the same treatments are used for both Malaria and Babesia, I believe it is finally dead. Now the work of killing off all if not most of the Bb (lyme) and Bartonella and Ehrlichia. The remainder of the protocol will take a yr. When I finally did kill Bab’s I then realized that Bartonella was uncovered. The symptoms worsened and I began to rife more specifically for it.

I will continue to rife 1-2x month. I will continue to eat well and to begin to exercise again! I will embrace life and my God and my Saviour Jesus Christ. I will celebrate all the milestones in my life with JOY! And I will continue to pray for those who are suffering, including my own son.

This is my story. These are some of the tips that I’ve learned along the way.

1. Keep a diary…write everything down, what you take, when, how you felt…

2. Clean up your diet and lifestyle.

3. DETOX! Use a sauna or hot tub or hot baths w/ epsom salts & H2O2. Use coffee enemas.

4. Stick to a protocol for at least a yr.

5. Buy a Rife Machine.

6. Eat raw dairy, grassfed meat, soy free chickens and eggs, organic veggies, CLO, raw butter, no wheat.

7. Explore the world of herbs and their healing abilities.

8. Pray and meditate on the Bible. Prayer changes things. Draw near to God.

9. Learn about “Nourishing Traditions” and Weston A Price Foundation.

I pray that you will find hope. I pray that you will find a way out of this darkness and into the light. I pray that you will be brave enough to make some very hard changes in your life.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. If you need medical help please seek it. The information offered on this blog is that of the owner and only her experience. She does not offer medical advice nor will she give it. Do the research and you too will find answers. See the links offered on the home page for further information.


3 Responses

  1. HI My name is Carin. I was taking antibotics for 10 months. @ on IVs. Now I am trying Dr. Zhangs protocol. I have stopped eating dairy, and wheat and any processed foods I want to try these other methods too. But, I think the Rife Machine is expensive. I will start a diary tonight. I feel so frustrated. I used Igenix and Stonybrook labs. I had a tick bite and a ring, and went to 23 doctors who used labcorp and my test kept being inconclusive, until the other labs. No one believed I had lymes. Now I have a great PCP, and Dr. Zhang and a good neuologisist who put me on the IVs. It took 3 years a aprox 7 misdiagnosis to get txment. Its crazy and the CDC is criminal to not change there old and pathetic protocol for lymes testing. So many more people will suffer. Thanks for caring and God bless you too. Love and Gratitude,
    Carin 🙂

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. Sounds like you’re on the right path!

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