Happy Happy Day!

Happy Happy B-day to ME!

Yep, it’s my B-day and my cousin Mark’s.

Mark is 50 and I’m 51.

Happy B-day Mark.

Oh how I wish I could eat this dark chocolate cake…..I didn’t make it….it’s just a pic from google….but I’d still love to sink my teeth into it.  Did I ever tell you that I’m to be buried with a fork in my hand, so that I’ll be ready for the banquet table in heaven, where there are no calories or sickness or allergies!

AMEN! Here’s to dark chocolate cake!


Happy Happy Day!

(Today is Honey’s birthday.  He is a welcome home from the war baby.  He was born 9 months almost to the day that his dad came home from France, fighting in WWII.)

Happy Birthday My Love!

May your days be filled with Joy, Love, and Peace.

May you always know the love of our Saviour, Jesus.

May we spend many more days together celebrating life.

May we look forward to the day in heaven when you can eat German Chocolate Cake without getting a migraine and I can eat it without getting fat!

May you always know my love and devotion.

And may I always be Your Joy!

Thanks Jen for the lovely Cake.

Thanks Jen for the lovely Cake.

All 5 Alive in October


What’s not to love about October in Maryland when all 5 senses are tantalized?

The mornings on the farm are cool and crisp and the nights are calling for flannel sheets to come out of hiding. Pumpkins, gourds, and corn mazes are abundant and available at every farm tour. Apples are bursting with juice and flavor begging to be picked. The leaves are turning into a symphony of colors. Quiet drives out to the mountains remind me that God is in His heavens and He is the Master Painter. The fresh aroma of Chai Tea bursting with spices of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom floating through the house. Slow dinners of roasted chicken and root veggies, soups and stews simmering on the stove. Mornings of warm oatmeal with butter and cream.  Knitting projects galore, with socks, hats, scarves, mittens and sweaters on the list of to-do’s.  Bon fires and thoughts of years gone by with children running about roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Everyone and everything is winding down waiting for the long rest of winter. The gardens are clean and winter crops are planted with the wish list of new seeds to buy in January.  Herbs are hanging to dry and food in stocked in the pantry.  Calves have been born and tragedies lived out on the farm. Winter coats are in the making, full and fluffy to ward off the unrelenting temp’s of winter. Hibernation is just around the corner for man and beast alike.  The sound of Canadian Geese overhead every evening as I tuck in my critters brings peace to my soul.

Birthdays to celebrate and deaths to mourn.  Joys of togetherness as we hunker down for the long winter and wait expectantly for the birth of spring.

“Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”  ~George Eliot

The Frustrations of Blogging

This morning I checked in on my Pasture Walk post to see if it was updated.  And to my horror….IT WASN’T!!!! I really hate that part about writing a blog.  When I spend hours and hours trying to edit a post before it’s published and I forget one little button………“Update Post”! I could kick myself.

I did a bit of reading this weekend and reread a July issue of Acres USA.  In that issue was an article on Brix and many other great applicable topics.  So in my updated post I expanded on Brix and now it’s gone.  Why the post didn’t do an auto save, I’ll never know.  I really do hate these machines sometimes!

Now I’m just too frazzled to even think about writing it all over again.  It was so perfect yesterday.  Or at least I thought it was perfect.  Now it’s gone forever.

That’s happened a couple times now and it’s a real bummer.  So bare with me if I take a break and recoup.  It’s really frustrating when I’m typing soooo fast and hit a wrong key…..and everything vanishes!!!!!  Gone in a stroke of a key.  Gone into cyberspace!  Gone forever!  Gone as if I had never written or thought it.  Just gone!

I know.  Life has more pressing important issues to deal with.  So, I’m off to deal with some of them.  I’ll fill you in on Brix at another time.  I’ll let you know about making our decisions on cow vs goat.  I’ll let you know how my bovine girls are doing.  I’ll fill you in on my herbal medicine garden and pottery and so many other things that it takes my brain to be in gear for.

Until then, I wish you a happy and joy filled day.  Get out in this beautiful autumn weather and thank God for a new day.  This new day is a gift from Him.  Embrace each and everyone one of them.  Carpe Diem.  Seize The Day!

Cleaning House


Saturday I exercising my rights to protest and protest loudly and peacefully against an out of control government. Honey and I went to DC for the 9-12 Project Rally. The march from the White House to The US Capital was scheduled for 11am, so we took our time getting down on the Metro. We are fortunate to be at the end of the line and can always find a seat before the train heads toward the city and packs on days when activities are scheduled to take place down town. Not so fortunate for those coming in from Virginia. I was told that those trains were jam packed and had to leave folks standing at the station to wait for the next train.

I don’t think that anyone expected anywhere near the numbers that showed up for the event. There was a sea of people as far as the eye could see. It was nearly impossible to get close enough to hear any of the speakers. Although we did manage to squirm our way through the crowd once we arrived at the Capital. I don’t think that the Park Police did a crowd survey, but there are some estimates that placed the crowd at 1.5 million people! It was astounding how many people from far and wide showed up to protest against our government.

For Honey and I, this is not about Republican vs Democrats or vice versa. In fact, we’d much rather not be associated with either party. In our opinion, the entire House needs cleaning out!

Honey’s favorite sign was “Go Green-Recycle Congress!”

We believe in the original intent and meaning of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those in Washington have forgotten that they are OUR servants, not that we are their servants!

In this sea of people, there was young and old alike. Rich and poor. Black and white, yellow and brown. A true mixture of Americans, both Democrat and Republican, Libertarian and Independent. Reading all the signs was a hoot. We stood on our poor feet for 4-5 hours….then we headed home ahead of the crowds. It was an exhausting day, but well worth giving our time to act as Americans.

Here are a few pictures that give you a good taste of the day, funny signs and serious signs. The police were out in force, there were buses of officers, but they stood chatting with nothing to do….”the angry mob” just wasn’t as they have been characterized by the media or choice politicians. And I was close enough to tell you that the ground I stood on at The US Capital was more like Astroturf and the sea of people surrounding me were the real deal!






This is a favorite and I’m so sad it’s not in focus….but I did love it!




This guy is actually a neighbor, and a new citizen from Brazil.


Texans from afar.



Los Vegas












How this old guy got his truck in the middle of a sea of people marching down PA AVE, I will never know…I asked him if he had a permit for that thing….he laughed hard.


Families; big and small….I’d of been afraid of loosing one or two! A few kids did get lost and found!


A lot of people wanted Rep. Joe Wilson for President….what would we of done without recent news?


That was the shortest walk down PA AVE I’ve ever taken. I was so busy watching people and believe me when I tell you that an ADHD person would of had overload!


This was our little spot on the lawn of The Capital. The sea of people continued back down PA AVE and over flowed onto The Mall. They were told to get off of the Mall because another group had permits for The Mall…..there really wasn’t anywhere else for all of these people to go.


Even Martha & George were there….funny people doing funny things!

It was a great day! We’re glad we went.

Shark Update!

Sweet Girl arrived safely at The Cape after a very, very long 10 hr journey through horrible Labor Day traffic. She has called a couple times. One, for sunrise and sunset times. Two, to know if the sharks are inside or outside the sandbar. ???

I could find the sunrise & sunset time schedule, but no luck on the sharks. Not a problem. She mingled around and found some locals who could tell her where to go for the Great White Shark sightings. She found the beach with the seals, so she must be close….not that close! She is our Shark expert! She got some really great shots of the seals…I can’t wait to view this dream through her lens. I love her work!

My friend Gin who is off on a pack trip into the high mountains of Colorado had some great quotes on her blog this morning. This one I loved….

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face… You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

DunDun DunDun DunDunDaaaA

Thanks to White Shark Ecoventures from Flickr.com

Thanks to White Shark Ecoventures from Flickr.com

Sweet Girl has been mesmerized by Sharks since she was a child. She has a head full of Shark facts….anything you could possibly want to know. My dad caught a Shark once and as a kid she hung the jaws on her wall. No frills for her, sharks teeth!!!

In the news this morning was the Great White Shark sighting off the Cape of Massachusetts. When I told her about it, she said, “I am so going!” She told me that they sighted 3! I thought, ok 3. She said, “No Mom. 3. To sight 3 Great Whites in one location like that is amazing! and that far north. Ya only live once and I’ve got to see this.” So off she went. Sweet Girl loves adventure! When I told Honey, he said, “hey she ought to go!”….he smiled and I said, “that’s where she gets it” and he smiled some more in a boyish way, and then added “yea, and from you too!” Then I smiled in a girlish way! I do love adventure too!!!!

I’m not sure how long the drive will be, but she hasn’t found a job yet and had $150 in her pocket from her birthday. Honey just fixed her leaky transmission and so her car was in sound condition. And she’s off. I guess she’ll call at some point. I called my cousin who I haven’t talked to for over 30 years. (I know that’s terrible) He lives outside of Boston and I wanted to make sure if she needed someone he’d open his arms to her. It was a really great surprise that I called and it was so good to hear his man voice and to say hello to his little guy, Will.

My cousin, Mark, said he was just sitting around talking about it as I called. I hope Sweet Girl stays with them….that would be so sweet for them to meet.

She plans to hire a boat to take her out so she can get some great pics. She is so siked!!!!!!!!!!! She’s always keeping me on my knees. I’ve prayed more for that child in the last year than probably her entire life….and it continues. Last year she was roaming in the bush of Africa and now she’s off to shoot a Great White! I do hope she gets to see one! That will be my prayer! Lord let her see one of your greatest creations!!!!!