See Ya

“That house was a perfect house. Whether you like food or sleep or story telling or singing or just sitting and thinking, or a pleasant mixture of them all merely to be there was a cure for weariness, fear and sadness.”

~~J. R. R. Tolkien~~

Honey and I are heading for our favorite place on earth. We will enjoy many sunrises and sunsets. Read several books and take a few strolls down the lane. Our big day will be driving over to the Smokey’s to find “Cutter Gap”. Cutter Gap was the fictitious name for Chapel Hollow. The Ebeneezer Mission is where John Ambrose Wood and Leonora Whitaker met and married. Giving birth to three children one of which was Catherine Wood Marshall. The wife of Peter Marshall; US Senate Chaplain. Catherine Marshall touched my life 37 yrs ago with her novel, Christy and continues to touch my life today with her numerous other books. The one that is nearly fallen to pieces that has been my companion through the past three years of suffering, is “Beyond Our Selves“. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve read it.  In this book God, through Catherine Marshall has taught me so much about living beyond myself. So, Honey and I are going on an adventure to find “Cutter Gap”. It was the story of “Christy” that I, a young girl of 13 who just received Christ as her personal Saviour and Lord, was touched by the moving story of such a girl like Christy. It was then that I dreamed of being a wife,a teacher, a mother, and a missionary. I’ve lived out my dreams and God has been so gracious to me to give me more than I could ever have asked for.

When ever Honey and I drive over the mountain top into North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway, my heart sings, “I’m home”. Honey and I planned this trip months ago, before my new diagnosis and I think that it’s the perfect place to be. Resting and listening.

Sometimes I have what I call God Revelations. And I had one just before I woke up the other day. This is what I heard and was inspired to write down: “The road of suffering leads to the place of surrender.”


Even though Nina has a computer in Rivendell, I won’t be checking in for a while….it’s time to rest!

Rivendell Cabin


I’m Back With The Message of HOPE

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I’m back from Ann Arbor, MI where I went to The Deirdre Currie Festival.

It was a very long way to go to hear some great speakers on the topic of health and food, but it was worth it. Sally Fallon, the president of The Weston A. Price Foundation was there to speak truth to us. She’s passionate about raw milk and making it accessible to everyone. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride was also there speaking about the GAPS diet. Gut and Psychology Sydrome-GAPS is similar to the diet I followed to heal my leaky gut. There were also Jerry Brunetti and Karen Lubbers. And there was a great Farmer’s Market that had some great folks in attendance like: US Wellness Meats, Green Pasture’s, The Grain & Salt Society and so many other wonderful small farmers who work tirelessly to provide good, nutritional food for our families.

I came home with one bumper sticker…”Where does your food come from?”

But the best part for me was to meet my tiny “fan club”. Yes, it was a hoot. When I arrived I was told people had signs and were looking for me. I kinda chuckled and said, “naha”. “Yes, yes, it’s true. They have signs that say, ‘we want to meet Diane Coe’ ” So as I went in, there was my little fan club of 6!!!! Cat, Cath and her honey Mr. NRA!, Summer their daughter, Cat’s sister who wasn’t really a fan, but she will be, and Valerie! We hugged and cried. You aren’t a girl if you don’t cry, hug and giggle.

Cath, Summer and her husband wanted to meet me because they too, like many of you, are in the suffering stages of Chronic Lyme Disease. They wanted to see a real person who was smiling, and was ALIVE again! They wanted hope.

They wanted to see ME! Me. It’s truly humbling, because I am nothing. It’s all God and what He has shown me and how He has lead me down this path on this journey of suffering to find His glorious and divine gift of healing.

If there is no better reason to be in Ann Arbor for a whirlwind tour, this was it. To give a precious 13 yr old girl hope. Hope that she will have a future. And YES, Summer, YES you will. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time. But you will have a life again.

Deuteronomy 30:19b-20a says it all.

“Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to Him. FOR THE LORD IS YOUR LIFE and He WILL give you many years.”


That was worth it for me. That’s it. That’s what it’s all about.

There were no less than 10 people who said to me in one weekend, “you must write a book”. People who were complete strangers on the airplane, who loved my story of hope and recovery. All too many of us forget those still in the midst of suffering when we are no longer suffering. I believe that God has a reason for allowing me to find a way out of this debilitating disease and He wants me to share it with the world.

So, pray for me as I endevour to write a book. I have the title already picked out and it shall remain a secret.





ROMANS 12:12





One of Honey’s names for me is “my Joy”.  Even in the midst of sorrow, I had Joy unspeakable!!!  It came from deep within.  Joy is contagious!  Spread some around today!!!

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True Beauty

“To possess true beauty, we must be willing to suffer. Christ himself was perfected through his sufferings, why would I believe God would not do the same with me? Women who are stunningly beautiful are women who have had their hearts enlarged by suffering. They have come to know that when everyone and everything has left them, God is there.

Living in true beauty can require much waiting, much time, much tenacity of spirit.

God does not always rescue us out of a painful season, He does not always give to us what we so desparatly want. He is after something much more valuable than our happiness. Much more substaintive than our health. He is restoring and growing in us an eternal weight of glory. And sometimes……it hurts.”

Captivating by Eldrige

Psalm 30:11

“Then He turned my sorrow into joy!  He took away my clothes of mourning and gave me happy and festive garments to rejoice in.”

Dance on in Autumn Socks!


Me today, almost the big 5 0, nearly 100% recoverd and enjoying life!!!

Wow, yesterday about 11 AM, I hit 444! That’s the number of readings in 6 months on my most popular post/page….“My Journey With Lyme Disease”. I guess there really are a lot of people searching for answers to this puzzling disease.

I wanted to update you on my journey. I am now enjoying near complete recovery! That’s incredibly good news! After 37 yrs of this disease being a mystery and finally being able to find recovery. Not many can say that. Not many will find that.

First of all, I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. The experiences are mine and mine alone.

I still believe with alllllllll my heart that you can’t heal from any disease UNTIL you heal your leaky gut! It cannot be a one time fix all deal. It has to be a lifetime pursuit. You have to be committed to this. It’s not easy. Nothing that’s worth having and fighting for is! But I promise you it is worth finding. Most are still looking for “the answer” to this mystery disease….as far as I’m concerned diet is the answer. Make it your pursuit to find raw dairy where ever you live. It’s there, you have to find it. I believe that the enzymes in raw milk are what our bodies need to heal and also the lacto fermented foods that are made with raw milk as well as others. Then I believe the other protocols will work. Which one? That’s for you to find. I tried many but for me Dr Zhang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine is working.

I can successfully say that Babesia is dead. I’m pretty sure now that Bartonella is also dead. That leaves Bb and Erhliciosis. I’ve finished my 6th month on Dr Zhang’s protocol and will continue for another 6 months. Nothing can compare to what I’ve obtained. Nothing. It is a gift of life I’ve been given from Jesus and I will be thankful forever.

This is why I believe this. As most experts in this field of chronic lyme disease believe now, you cannot heal from the Bb infection without first healing the other infections. That is really very good news. As far as we know, Bb is the only pleomorphic bacteria in the battle we face, so the others CAN be killed and then Bb with rifing and the right protocol. Yes, it takes time, but they can successfully be killed. Once I killed Babesia, Bartonella was uncovered and became very active…lots of bone pain and pain in my feet, specifically the bottoms of my feet. It wasn’t until the other day that I realized I was having lots of joint pain and haven’t had any bone pain for a week or so, nor any claw marks on my upper thigh. But now the joints are hurting…this is indicative of lyme (Bb). For me Bab’s was the ultimate worst of all the infections I have had. It is a cousin to Malaria. The symptoms being very similar.

With these other infections gone, I can program my rifing even more specifically toward Bb. I have been rifing religiously for 18 months. I rifed for one hour two days ago and I am doing well. As far as I can tell the only herxing I’ve had is a pretty bad head ache today….that I can live with. I know it will pass. Plus the night of and last night my joints were very swollen. One trick I have when I rife is I put my hands up to the machine and if I feel anything in them I know it’s killing the Bb in my joints. It did!!!! It hurt pretty badly for a few minutes. I’ve done that with my crowned tooth and boy does it do a number on the Bb hiding in there. I am very familiar with my body and I know where the Bb lives. I know what joints to look at. For instance I broke my left foot when I was 8. That is the foot/ ankle that always hurts. I also injured my left knee in 10th grade and that is my lyme knee. 😦 It will swell pretty badly. I broke my left elbow when I was 2….I knew before I asked my mom which arm it was because of the joint pain in that elbow! I’ve also had 8 surgeries on my hands due to a car accident and they will flare as well and I get a lump near one of the incisions. I have one crown in my mouth…it loves to hide in there. And due to the fact that my crown is on the right upper side I also seem to have issues with pain in my right eyeball as well as the side of my head hurting. And my right side of my face doesn’t sag anymore from the palsy. It used to love my gut, until I healed it. Now I don’t have indigestion issues or pain. No head aches unless it’s from a herx. My energy is back and I feel better at near 50 then I did at 30!!!!!! 🙂 That’s so cool! My vision is great. I just had my eyes examined and they are better than ever. No more episodes of deafness, no more bright flashing lights in my eyes, no more mood swings, no more muscle pain, no more craziness, no more chronic fatigue, no more feeling like a train hit me, no more tiredness, no more laying around trying to wake-up for an hour, no more lack of motivation, no more nausea, no more panic attacks and I guess the list could go on. The funny thing is I have to think really hard to remember how bad it was.

I’m telling you. This is a great place to be and I wish it for all of you! I pray you can be brave enough to fight the good fight. Changing the way we eat is not easy. But it is essential!

And probably my most prized recovery is my brain. I remember sitting in the doctors office 3 years ago crying….saying, “all I want is to be able to think again. Will I ever get my mind back?” He didn’t have any answers. Well, I’m here to tell you that your brain too will heal….it’s a miracle!!! I could never be doing any of this if it weren’t true. I didn’t know how to do anything on the computer; upload, download it was a foreign language to me….and now look at me! You know, everyone with Lyme has NO memory! But it will come back! I can even add again and think logically…well sorta…I never was good with logic! But you know what I mean. You can recover your mind! But I’m so glad the craziness is gone. You know what I mean.

And then of course I did drastic detoxing for mostly 7 yrs. I detoxed the heavy metals as well as the bio-toxins and neuro-toxins for the last three yrs. Using the infrared sauna, hydrotherapy, coffee enemas, and I relied heavily on God in times of intense Bible reading and prayer. I spent two hrs every day for 3 yrs detoxing in the mornings and drawing my strength from God. He found me in my greatest time of need. My favorite saying then was:

When God is all you have, God is all you need.

I’m starting to dream again. To believe that it’s possible for me to return to India, God willing. To continue to pursue my dream of giving women in India hope. To find the organization that I can partner with to travel and to obtain fair trade goods to sell in my own shop. To dream bigger and bigger with each new day. To remember that I was made for such a time as this. To know that God does have a plan for me. One of prosperity and good health. One of a future with hope. And so I encourage you today to pursue life….that you may live! That you may find God at this point on your journey. To believe that there is more for your life than suffering. To believe that Jesus is the only way. He alone can heal us. He is the Great Dream Giver!!!! Watch out world, here I come!