Have you ever noticed that one of the first colors of spring is Yellow!

I just love it. Yellow makes me happy!

The other color that struck me when I returned home from Germany was


As in grass!  And lots of it!





Spring Planting


In spite of the death of my friend and companion, Boomer, I was in the garden planting yesterday. That’s what He would want me to do. Little Lady was a bit lost and not quite her spunky self. We allowed her to see him and smell him so she would know that he was dead. She surprised us so much with her “intelligence”. (She’s never been the brightest crayon in the box) But she looked in the grave after we placed him in and she stood there for the longest time. We gave her lots and lots of TLC last evening as we sat around and shared all of our fond memories of our great friend, The Love Dog.

My newest garden gadget is a soil thermometer! I know not very exciting, but kinda important. My soil temp is 55*F and plenty warm enough to begin spring planting. Peas & potatoes are ready to go in at 45*F. I must admit that I really don’t know how much an ounce of peas is….so….well, I think that I ordered enough for at least 2-3 yrs! It looks like the same goes for the corn and just about everything else. That’s ok, I’ll plant again in the fall and try to do some successive planting with the corn to stretch out the harvesting.


I put in a 4’x12′ bed of peas yesterday and several rows of beets. Today I’ll get my potatoes in. I usually have them in on St Patrick’s Day, but with Boomer hanging by a thread, I couldn’t. So today is the day. It looks like it’s going to be an amazingly gorgeous spring day….which by the way officially begins tomorrow!

(Addendum: The weather changed rather quickly and became a drizzly rainy sorta day. I decided to wait on the potatoes, but then I got a surprise from the man in brown…he delivered my strawberry crowns! I decided that a little rain wouldn’t hurt me and it would be good for my new plants and would help get my mind off of Boomer. I picked one of my 4’x8′ bed that held leeks and onions last year. After I turned the soil I decided it would be a good idea to make sure that strawberries love onions! I ran up to the house and looked it up in “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte. Perfect, strawberries do love onions! I dug up all the Egyptian Walking Onions that were still there and divided them and used them to border the strawberries. All in all, I put in 20 strawberry plants and 20 or so Walking Onions.)

This is a wonderful little book. I highly recommend it.



“We live by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

The promise of spring is certain.

Counting Down


That’s the number of days before spring arrives on March 20th! I count down every year, since March 20th is also my wedding anniversary!  OH, and don’t forget March 17th!!!!  That’s the date I plant potatoes.  Only 20 days till then!!!

What a gorgeous day we had in Maryland today. The wind finally stopped blowing frigid air and I think it got up to 50*F. I put on my light weight barn jacket that I got in the thrift store some 15 years ago (man was that a steal-Eddie Bauer $1.00 all because of one little hole) and headed for the shed. With shovel and rack in hand I picked up the wheel barrow and moved several loads of wonderful black gold—compost to the garden! I noticed my blueberry bush was bursting with buds.


The picture doesn’t do it justice. It really is a lovely black.

Since I didn’t get my garden beds cleaned up in the fall due to an episode of Hemolytic Anemia, today was the day. My energy levels have been excellent and I’m so grateful to the Lord for each and every day.



After a couple trips to the new compost pile in the chicken yard, I was finished. In 3 hrs I raked and cleaned up the pea gravel, moved 3 wheel barrow loads of rubbish, turned 4 beds, added composted dirt to 2 beds and took down the split rail fence I was using for a trellis.

Not bad.




I even sat in my pink chair and enjoyed the view.

I’ve got to get out my book, Carrots love Tomatoes so I can figure out where to plant this year. I do know that the corn is going where the potatoes were and visa versa. The tomatoes are going where i grew carrots this winter. I’m not sure about the rest. Oh and I think that I’ll plant some more sweet potato slips in the compost pile! The ones I threw away did great in there last year. Doesn’t that just figure.


Amazing how these fragile paper shells made it through a harsh winter of snow and ice.


And I kept hearing a faint cry in the distance, “are ya done yet? huh, huh???”

House Keeping


Rear View!

Today, was a house keeping day for the chickies. I’ve only had them since November and their Cozy Coop is only 12 sq ft, so there’s really not a lot to keep up with. But, I’ve noticed that the area under where they roost is getting rather, stinky. It was starting to pile up and is probably not a nice place to sleep….looking into a pile of poop.

I took a bale of straw down from the shed in the kids old Red Radio Flyer Wagon that Auntie M gave them for Christmas ages and ages ago. It’s a great little wagon that helps me with all kinds of chores. I find it easier to pull than pushing a wheel barrow. Rockie and Annie the two top dogs, I mean chickens, of course had to check out the new bale.


Annie in her finest!

My new Manure Fork that I got for Christmas finally saw some action. It’s for mucking the cows when they arrive, which should be soon, but it worked rather nicely in the chicken coop.


I spread out the manure on three of my raised beds. It should have time to break down before I plant in the spring.


I noticed that my garlic is up and looking very nicely. I added a little bit more straw to keep them warm until spring.

All 100 of them!!!

Spring by the way is only 32 days from today!!!!


Spring IS in the Air


The days are continuing to lengthen in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Robins have returned and songs of joy are in the air; theirs and MINE!! During the last few days of a tempting taste of Spring, I was able to take the covers off my small hoop houses and expose my greens to the warming temp’s. I still had my winter carrots in one bed and pulled them all.


Since my last frost date is May 16, I’ve finally started most if not all of my seeds indoors. Trying to find spots all day to keep them warm and in the sun is quite a challenge, but it’s do-able. The winter sun is much higher in the sky so our southern exposure is more difficult to find on our first floor.


I planted 5 varieties of Tomatoes, 2 varieties of Hot Peppers, 1 variety of Sweet Pepper, Sweet Basil and Holy Basil, Sage and a few other herbs. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will see germination. Learning from my trials last year with peppers, I decided to soaked the seeds overnight and then planted them mostly in the pearlite and then try very hard to keep them warm.


Everything is labeled well, with dates and names. If the seeds were gifts then I also write their name on the marker. I’m thinking of buying an Electra-Grow Mat in order to keep the temp’s at a steady 70*F.

So I Was Wrong

Honest I DID smell spring yesterday!

But then it snowed on my parade. Yeah, their calling for 1-3 inches AGAIN!

So, now all we have are snow flowers!

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