Party Time!

Today is Becca’s going away party.  She’ll be leaving for Germany in 3 days!

Since she’s 24 or will be on Thursday, I thought it was time for a grown-up party.  No more chips and hotdogs.  But for sure we have to have a bon fire!!!

Here’s what’s on the menu.  It’s not all organic, because I couldn’t really afford to feed a bunch of hungry young adults my organic food, but it’s part organic, part all natural and the other part a little plain good healthy food. I found most of it at Trader Joe’s and the rest from my garden.  You can find so many wonderfully healthy and organic food at TJ’s without breaking the bank.  I even found the lovely huge sunflowers at TJ’s and cut the zinnia’s from my garden.


Steamed Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce

Organic Strawberries, Grapes and my own home grown organic Cantelope!

Brie with crackers

Prociutto Panino with NO nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives!

All Natural Kalamata Olives

Marinated Mozarella Balls

Homemade Organic Bruschetta

My Homemade Specialtiy Chocolates!

Nixtamal Corn Chips with Homemade Organic Salsa

Organic Jalapeno Poppers (recipe below)

Jalapeno Poppers

Slice Jalapeno in half and remove the seeds.

Put about a tsp of creamcheese in the Jalapeno half.

Place a wild shrimp on the cheese and wrap with pastured pork bacon.

Grill till browned!

Grilling Jalapenos takes some of the fire out of them.


(I’ll post pics of the party tomorrow)


And if they’re really good kids….I mean adults, I might let them have a little bit of my T’ej (homemade Ethiopian Wine)

I strained it yesterday after it sat for a month.  I’m not a drinker at all.  Alcoholism runs in my family and I’ve never had a desire to drink.  But this is more of a healthy ferment.  I tasted it yesterday and oh boy is it delish!!!  It’s very fizzy and I didn’t really taste any alcohol.

You can see the fizz.  I followed the instructions in Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz using Elderberries.


Happy Feet

Feet are so ca-ute!  Especially little feet.

Back in the beginning of August, I was determined to start walking and running. The reason? I turn 50 in a month and a half. Living with a chronic infectious disease has made me very immobile. Not my own wishes. I hated it when I was forced to stop running. I do love to run! My plans for the Marine Corp Marathon were ditched. And for the last 2 yrs I’ve mostly sat on my bum. I never had energy, motivation or a day without pain. And I’ve gained 30 pounds.

I started Dr Zhang’s Chinese Medicine for Lyme Disease in Jan. In March I knew one infection was dead. That was Babesia. With Bab’s dead I felt like I could concur the world! And in my little book, I have this summer. I’ve accomplished more than I have in so very long.

So, I thought it was time to start moving this body some more. The 30 lbs. came on from just sitting and for whatever other reasons unknown…..most lymies have weight problems….something about the infection in the fat cells?  Then I went through menopuase in February and another 10 came on….

No matter, I know that if I run I can drop weight. So I did. Start running that is.

Then came the injury immediately and for the last 3 weeks I’ve been sitting again. Trying to recover this foot.

I broke down and saw an Orthopedic who ruled out a stress fracture….good.

He said it was Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. I saw my LLMD (lyme literate MD) yesterday for acupuncture. He thought it was Plantars Fascitis.  He transformed me into a pin cushion. When the nurse came in to take the needles out…she said, “oh my, I’ve never seen this many needles in anyone. Did it hurt?” Well, when he stuck the one in the bottom of my foot it did make me squirm, but I just kept talking. We talked about all the changes in my life since feeling so well. He was really trying to pin (no pun intended) this down. He told me not to forget the ones in my ears and top of my head!!!

The acupuncture helped.  What I think has happened though is that it has opened pathways (meridians) and actually released biotoxins.  I herxed a lot yesterday.  Especially in my foot and the top of my head.  One thing I’ve learned about living with this disease, is that it’s quite mysterious.  Odder things have happened to me.  In my opinion, I don’t think it’s tendinitis or plantars fascitis.  I don’t think I pulled anything.  I think that I have a lyme colony in my foot.  Which by the way, the one in my knee can cause extreme pain.  I’m not ruling it out.  I’m soaking it in Epsom Salts to draw out the toxins every evening.  And I’m rubbing my Calendula Salve into my feet to help with inflammation.

I’m going to see another acupuncturist for continued treatment.  I’ve learned that detox is so extremely important, especially with Lyme Disease.  Healing from Lyme is like peeling an onion.  Layer by layer.  It buries itself deep in the body.  It takes time and perseverance to kill it.  There’s no overnight magic pill like most want.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for.  Reclaiming my life is worth fighting for.

I signed up for an “old” ladies water jogging class at the community college.  I’m not big on being exposed to the pool chemicals, but I’m so much healthier and can handle it twice a week for an hour.  This will get me off my feet and also allow me to exercise.  I see it as a win win.  Running in water who ever thunk!

Images that I ought to get used to.

Our bodies are complex and wonderfully made by our Creator God  😀

Photo Credit: Flickr with link to artist

Celebrate Tasha Day!!!

Today we are remembering Tasha Tudor’s birthday. She was an incredible woman who touched many lives. Sadly Tasha died this summer leaving behind a legacy of beauty.

This is my tribute to Tasha and the things that remind me of her life and her passions.

I could go on and on.

Thank you Tasha for touching my life and influencing my love for life, my love for simplicity, my love for living purposefully.

Photo Credit: Flickr-each photo is linked to the original artist.

Desert Places

These are some entries from my spiritual journal dated Jan 6, 2007.

Times of great trials and hunger for me while on my journey with lyme disease.

“God leads me into the desert places to rest and wait upon Him.

It is in the desert that I learn to persevere.

James 1 talks about when perseverance has finished its work, making me complete and mature.

Jesus spent much time learning and listening to the Father in the desert with times of rest and quietness.

It is in the desert that the devil tries to tempt us. It is there that we must cry out, “it is written”, because it is there that we feel so totally dry and helpless and abandoned.

The desert was never the destination it was only a resting place along the way.

It is in the desert that God gives us green pastures to lie down in and rest on our journey.

Jesus did His greatest miracles in the desert.

Once He fed 5,000.

It was in the desert that the people were the hungriest and He met their needs.

He fed them and they were filled.”

The reason I chose this photo by James Neeley in Flickr was because of the mountains in the background of the desert.


Another entry in my journal shortly after this was:

“We want so badly to go to the mountain top first-but we must all walk through the valley and climb to the top. Oh how tiring it is to climb a mountain. Thank God we don’t have to climb it alone.

Jesus the Good Shepherd walks with us up to the mountain top.”


And when we get to the mountain top, we will find rest yet again, beauty and a gentle stream for refreshment!

And oh the view of where we’ve come from.

The trials that are past and the new journey that is ahead.

Tasha Tudor Day

Isn’t that a lovely photo of Tasha. Seems as if there are a bunch of folks doing a Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration on August 28th. Tasha passed away this summer after living an inspiring life. She was an author, a creator and a lover of life. She inspired me many times to live more simply.

On August 28th why not celebrate a life well lived, by doing something that would honor her. Perhaps sitting quietly with a cup of tea and listening to the birds. Or feeding your chickens. Or in my world, putting up the chicken wire so I can go get my girls next week. Wrapping in your Tasha shawl while knitting. Or making your first batch of soap.

She really was a remarkable woman and loved by so many.

Won’t you come along and celebrate her birthday this Thursday.

Visit Clarice and let her know you’ll join in . You know, the more the merrier!

I’m Going!

I registered to go to the Deidre Currie Festival. I’ll be flying from Baltimore to Detroit.


Seems like a long way to go just for a talk on food.



It’s this food that has given me back my life. A life I’ve never known. A life that is now being lived to the fullest.

I thank God daily for His divine and glorious gift of healing.

He created this food.

He created it pure and perfect.

And so we will gather to celebrate the life and vision of one woman who’s life was cut short.

But who’s vision lives on.

Join me.

Come to this celebration and then go into your community and make a difference.

She will be there.

And she will too.

Won’t you come too?

Photo Credit: Flickr

More Old Treasures

My in laws are moving for the first time in 50 yrs. YES, 50 years. That’s a ton of stuff and even more memories.

Honey and I went for one more load of their “old” treasures that they don’t want to take to Virginia with them. They are moving from the hussle and bussle of the DC metro area called Beltsville, to live on the same farm as Honey’s sister.

My father in law started his profession as a PhD Geneticist with the USDA in Beltsville in 1952. They moved from Texas when Honey was 6 years old and have been in the house they built, literally by hand since 1958.

My in laws are 86 years old. There are really so many memories and it’s been a slow and painful process. But God Bless them, they have nearly finished this longggg and painful task of sorting through all the stuff they’ve accumulated.

We only live 30 minutes from them, so we’ve gone for our van load of treasures every so often. You know, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

This old cabinet came out of the Brownsville TX Christian Church kitchen in the 50’s. It’s been passed down for 4 generations. Becca has laid claim to it. But until she has her own place, we’ll keep it. I think it will work well on our kitchen wall.

It has this beautiful green glass in it. So much character.

My second load of apple crates. I love these old boxes.

I also got a great old laundry cart….it needs a new fabric basket, but it’s so cute! I’ll show you once I get it cleaned up.

Here’s my greatest catch!!!

It’s the old dog house. It’s more like the Hilton Hotel for dogs…..but guess what it’s for????

It’s for my chickens!!!!!!!

It took 4 strong men and me to get this thing in our little Ford Ranger.

It’s more like a small shed. It’s so perfect to put 4 girls in! I think they will be very happy.

Now it’s home and we’ve got to figure out how to get it out of the truck?????????????

We don’t have those strong neighbors that Gpa had.