See Ya!

I’m outta here!

I have the privilege to go see my Sweet Girl in Germany!

Becca has been on a mission with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for the past 7 months and will be graduating from the program on Wednesday. She’s planning to go on staff with them and will be coming home for the summer months, hopefully to arrive around May 10th. Then she’ll have a 3 yr commitment to serve with YWAM! How exciting to have God’s call on your life…actually we all do. All of us have a full time calling to witness for Christ. Some get to travel around the world doing so.

My Becca Boo

My Becca Boo

This has been our first big separation. Becca and Ben were both homeschooled and she went to college locally. I have been with her for 24 yrs! This was a year of growing and change….especially for me.

Becca just arrived back in Germany after being in Ethiopia for 3 months. We had very little email contact. I was thrilled to hear from her last Sunday!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go!

I’ll see you in a week or so. I’ll be sure to have lots of stories and pictures. She’s taking me to Prague, her favorite place so far! I can’t wait to see it. And I’m planning on eating lots of Brautwurst for my friend Dave!!! Mmmm some great German food!

Bye, I’ll see ya later!

NOTE….I got my spring garden in before I had to leave. 50-60 seed potatoes…Yukon Gold and Red Cloud mulched with some straw, Spinach, Two Varieties of Beets, Osaka Purple Mustard, Yaya Carrots (don’t you just love that name!), 20 Albion Strawberries mulched with some pine needles, 20-30 Egyptian Walking Onions, lots of Peas and Loose Leaf Lettuce. My indoor seeds are just about ready to give birth to their second true leaf and will be ready to transplant when I get home next week. I’m leaving Honey in charge of the chickie girls & Rockie, Lady and my plants. He will be super busy as he tries to finish up an important project at work….it’s been almost a year and I will be glad when that new lab opens!!! That means, I’ll get to see more of him! 😀

Until next week I bid you “Auf Wiedersehen!”


Good News

My Honey, who is a computer guru has recovered my desktop from the Trojan Horse.  He is so smart!!! What a guy!  I’m still using the kids Mac and even got a great tutorial in “PhotoShop” from Becca!  I took lots of notes and she’s just the best!  She also set up Flickr for me!  Wow, isn’t she the best daughter in the world.  I’m going to miss her so much when she leaves for Germany in just about 2 months.  I hate thinking about it because I just can’t hold back the tears!  She truly is my best girl friend….oh isn’t it great that a mom can say that about her adult daughter.  I’m so blessed to have such great kids.  It did take a lot of hard work and much dedicated time.  Remember kids spell love….TIME!


Have a sweet weekend!

Musings about Babies and How They Grow

Gorgeous view of the Shenandoah & Appalachian Mountains

I finally got my hands on Ben’s memory card and was able to download his pictures from his hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail. As he loves to remind me now, “Mom I’m 20. I’ve climbed higher mountains, and walked farther trails…I think I can handle it.” I’ve been listening to the “Mom, I can handle it” line for some time now. He’s right though, but oh does it ever hurt to cut the cord. I’ve hung on way too tight, but what mother doesn’t. He’s my “baby” boy. He’s been sick way too long. BUT, cut I must….ouchhhhhhhhhhh! I can only imagine how The Father felt when He sent His ONLY Son to come into this wretched world to do one thing………DIE! Jesus, came to die. He came to die for your sins and mine alike…none deserving more than the other. Sin that separated us from God, is the only reason Jesus came. He loves us so. I love my Ben so. But die I must to holding on. A birdie can never fly unless it’s mama pushes it from the nest. Sometimes they fall and hopefully it’s not fatal. We help them up and we send them out!

It seems as if this is my year for letting my baby birds fly. Ben reached out and sick or not he faced a giant mountain! He completed his task of hiking the AT for 4 days alone. He grew some whiskers and some courage. He smelled of sweat and strength! 😀 He became a man in 4 days.

See ya Dad!

Map & Granola Bars! Two important items!

The James River

The Hilton it’s not, but it’s a place to rest his head.

It’s not the fall that will kill you….it’s the landing!

A little proud of his ascent!

He climbed some big mountains!

Don’t leave home without it!

Clean and rested in his buddy Ryan’s room at VaTEch.

Ryan finished his last exam and picked up Ben off the trail….then they packed and headed back to MD!

Now I must let go of my other baby bird…my first born! She is leaving for Germany in just 2.5 months. 24 years ago we shared all of our firsts with her, now we will have all of our firsts without her. Her first birthday, her first Thanksgiving, her first Christmas, her first New Years….she is our first and this is her first time flying solo. She’s brave and adventurous! She loves people, she loves serving, she loves Jesus. She’s a beautiful photographer and I look forward to sharing her adventure into the unknown with you in the months to come. Trust me, you will be in awe! She can capture the sunrise like you’ve never seen it. She can capture the dew of the morning on the roses as if she was a droplet herself. She comes alive behind the lens of a camera and I can only imagine the images she will capture on the mission field in Asia. What beauty and yet what poverty there is in Asia and she will live her dream out capturing it for all to see. Hold on I can feel the winds stirring as she prepares to jump…..God speed my precious first born, Becca. (that’s her in her ballet outfit….a very long time ago!) (that’s also one of her pieces of graphic designs)

Please pray for Honey and me, as our hearts feel as if they will break. They grow so fast….and fly even faster!

As I finished writing this….Ben gave me some very sad news. His friend Andrew’s mom went home to be with Jesus last night after months of suffering on this earth with cancer. I’m pouring out tears…I didn’t know her, but my heart is hurting for her family and their extreme loss. Jesus said, “weep with those who weep”. We lift up Andrew and his family in their time of loss and sorrow.

Ben & Andrew


I of course have a lot to write about since Honey and I were on R&R. So was it???? Well, mostly.

Our Cabin

We Providentially were going to the Shenandoah Valley for a week of rest. Ben announced that he was going on his Appalachian Trail hike for 4 days. That he needed a ride to his launching point. We almost always go the the Maryland mountains; actually WV. But Providentially we were going where he needed to go. We arrived at our site unseen cabin near Bryce Resort in VA (it was ok). We settled in and Ben made himself comfy for the night.

Ben resting before his big adventure!

The next morning Honey and Ben rose early and prepared to head out. I made it out of bed to see my baby boy off……that’s where it ends……he’s not a baby boy any more. He’ll be 20 on Friday, May 16; born at 7:07 weighing in at 7.8 lbs, 21″ long….with a BIG head! We never forget the details, but they change. He’s a man now. He is what John Eldridge calls, “Wild at Heart”. He was born for adventure. He was born to fly. I learned yrs ago (11 yrs) when Becca took her first missions trip with Teen Missions Intl. and spent 5 wks in Mexico, arrows in the hand of a warrior are meant to be released. It’s so painful though….and I usually don’t want to do it. But I must. So, as I released my son and kissed him on the cheek….I rested in the everlasting arms of Jesus. And as I release Becca the day before her 24th birthday to go to Germany for 7 months with YWAM as a photographic missionary, I will be resting as always in the everlasting arms of my Father God.

And He’s off!

Ben’s 30 lb pack….he learned that 30 lbs is too much! He ditched a couple things on the first ascent!

My other man….he spent many a summer at Camp Hemlock Wilderness Camp in WV

He met many wonderful and interesting folks on “the trail”. Honey and I were praying for “angels unaware” to care for him….and guess what they did…they had one “trail angel” show up with a coleman stove and cook pancakes and sausage for everyone at one shelter!!!! God is awesome!!!!

I guess this will be a yr of resting. As I enter that phase of life where I no longer give life, but release it, I must rest. That’s the only way to do this thing called life.

In our little cabin in the woods of VA, there was nothing…no cell phone signal, no TV…nothing….but Honey and I had each other and we enjoyed our time…doing mostly nothing but enjoying the quietness out of the hustle and bustle of the DC area. Ben had to save his charged cell phone in case of an emergency and to call us when he was done and to also call for his pick up ride from his buddy Ryan at VaTech in Blacksburg.

HE MADE IT! Tired and weary….but he made it. During his nights I would be in much prayer….remembering all the scripture I’ve memorized to carry me through the nights of times like this…. When I was prone to worry, I would remember the words of my Saviour. “Peace I leave with you. Not as the world gives, give I to you. Believe in God, believe also in Me.” “Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” “Be anxious for NOTHING, but by prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” And the one that really carried me through….”Who by worrying can add a single hr to his life.” “Do not be worried.”

So, I rested. I’ll share the story of the hummingbird sometime soon. But just as a introduction, God once again used this tiny little bird to show me His love the entire time Ben was away. He does care for us.

We were on that first ridge

That one little lamb looks very new to this world

Lots of baby black sheep

The views of the Shenandoah Valley are breath taking, that is if you love peace and quiet like we do. There really wasn’t much to do. We putzed around at Flea Markets but didn’t find any fleas only some fine finds. We visited little towns and bought a couple trinkets. We ate all our meals in because we have tooooo many food issues to eat out. But when you eat fresh farm food like we do…..oh man it was some of my finest cooking if I may say so myself. It’s kinda romantic to eat meals alone on a deck under an umbrella while the hummingbird frequents you and every fly from Va finds your location. Honey and I had some very sweet time together celebrating what God has done in our marriage, family and our lives.

We came upon this old country store with this pump….guess…go ahead and guess….36 9/10 cents!!!

I’d yell for Honey to stop…the views were beautiful!

We spent the last two days with a nice fire…and since I have my own right now…the windows were opened too!!!!!! What a hoot menopause is!!!!

While we were away, it started to rain. Ben was finished with his hike when the big thunderstorm rolled in. It’s really loud when your in the mountains and so close to the heavens. Honey loves thunderstorms. He stood by the deck and watched it closely. He taught me yrs ago to not be afraid of it, but to embrace it’s power and to respect it….I don’t cover my head any more, at least not since children came 24 yrs ago, but I’m not embracing them. It stopped raining for our drive home, but it started again later that day. I think if it doesn’t stop, we may have to buy a couple cows to eat this 5 acres….it’s nearly up to my knees! It may dry out by Wed, and that will be 2 wks since it was last cut….I may not come off the tractor for days….oh my how I don’t like grass….yrs ago, I told a lawn company who was trying to sell me chemicals…yeah right….that I’d rather pour concrete and paint it green than to have more lovely grass to cut….I hate this stuff….oh well. Grin and bear it I must….BUT we are retiring to the woods!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

I’m adding this to a sweater that I knitted while on R&R. I’ll show you when I’m done.

This was just so pretty I had to have it. I’m not sure what I’ll make, but it will be CUTE!

This is some great sock yarn. Becca loves homemade socks….it’s by The Dye Pot, a local gal.

We found a cute little yarn shop; The Fiber Smyth in Woodstock. Honey found out quickly that I love CUTE!