More Bang For Your Buck

Who wouldn’t like to know that the food they are buying or growing is providing the ultimate nutritional value? Who wouldn’t want to know that their food is worth the price they are paying? I would.


I just purchased a refractometer. It was very reasonably priced and will be a way for me to measure the nutrients not only in the food I buy, but also the food I grow for my family and my cows.

You might remember that when I was on a Pasture Walk last week, I asked the “soil expert” if he could explain Brix. And his response was simply that brix is measuring a plants sugar. What he didn’t say possibly because he didn’t know any better is that sugar is only one component of brix.

Brix simply is the “level of the crop correlated with its nutrient-density; brix is a valuable measurement in determining the nutritional value of the crop”. Rex Harrill explained in an interview posted for the Weston A Price Foundation how simple it can be to test our own food for brix. Using a refractometer you squeeze a few drops from the crop being tested onto the prism and “when the drops fall on the prism, you close the cover plate to spread it out and then look through the viewing end of the instrument where you will see an etched scale generally calibrated in 0-30 or 0-32 degrees Brix. Just as a pencil appears bent when placed in a beaker of water, the light passing through the plant juice droplet is bent so that a clear line is shown against the scaled background. The amount of bending is directly related to the richness of the plant juice (richer juice bends the light more).”

Rex Harrill continues to explain the work of Dr. Carey A. Reams:

“The genius of Reams-style farming is that he devised a way to calculate the energy released when various fertilizers worked their way down to equilibrium. For instance, Reams didn’t suggest that his clients simply scatter so many pounds (or so many tons) of ammonium sulfate on an acre of land. Reams taught his students how to calculate the energy that would be given up by a single molecule of ammonium and then determine exactly how many pounds of that, or any other fertilizer, to apply. In conventional farming fertilizer excesses are generally wasted and ultimately go off the land into the ground water, while shortages create a limited crop yield. Reams-style farming not only creates superior output, it is also very economical because any fertilizer applied is used by the plants, not lost. Dr. Dan Skow is probably the best known teacher currently explaining this desperately needed scientific aspect of agriculture to students around the country.”

He goes on to say; “Brix is a measure of energy. A high-Brix plant emits a far superior energetic electromagnetic spectrum than a low-Brix specimen. Insects “see” in this range and they “attack” plants with the weakest emanations. When the grower finally understands that all that talk about how healthy plants “resist” insects is really another way of saying that the strongest plants don’t attract insects in the first place, they are on the road to understanding Reams agriculture. A refractometer is merely a way for us to see by proxy what insects see with their eyes.”

I’m anxious to receive my refractometer that I bought on ebay. I found an organic farmer about an hour from our home who sells certified organic grains and hays. He gave me a bale of Orchard Grass Hay for my girls to taste. I thought I’d need a lesson on picking out good hay by sight, but once I got home and compared this new hay to the old hay I purchased…..well, it was a no brainer. The evidence was obvious to me. When I walked into his barn, my nose came alive with the fresh smell of hay. It smelled green.

The refractometer will tell me if his hay is all that it’s meant to be.  It will also tell me if my bovine girls will be getting nourishment this winter from his organic hay.  Dr Nelson Arden, DVM explains that nutrition is everything.  He says, “Poor intake of energy (and protein) always leaves the animals in poor shape to fight off any problem, be it metabolic (the prolapse) or infectious (the mastitis and salmonella infections.)

As One who has followed the Weston A Price diet for almost 3 yrs, I’ve often used the term “nutrient dense”.  Using a refractometer is a sure way to measure if my food is indeed nutrient dense.  Rex Harrill goes on to explain that low brix food will be tasteless and watery and those with high brix will be robust and flavorful.  His site gives lots of charts for you to know what the brix measurement should be on the foods you eat.  He was asked in the interview if one could measure brix in milk and meat.  He replied that milk of course could be measured because of it’s liquid state, but meat…..well, why not measure the brix in the pasture to determine the nutrient density of the grass the cows are eating. Because the pasture with the highest brix reading will produce highly nutrient dense meat and milk.

I believe that Dr Nelson Arden, DVM got it right….

Nutrition is everything!


My Vit D Mantra!

My Vit D mantra is take Cod Liver Oil, take CLO, take CLO, take CLO!

I read this article on The Conspiracy of Silence About Swine Flu (I know a weird title….?), extremely important that I wanted to share it with you. I also wrote a post on the importance of Vit D a few months ago, that specifically tied Vit D deficiency to pain and fatigue. Here is a whole list of reasons to increase your Vit D intake NOW…..don’t wait until you start to feel sick. It’s usually too late by that point.

I’ve asked myself for years now, “why do we get so sick in the winter?”

I’ve come up with a few of my own unscientific reasons, although they’ve been proven to be true. One is the lack of Vit D from sunshine. Another is the increase in the amount of sugar during the holidays. Sugar increases the insulin levels in the body which in turn depresses the immune system.

“Vitamin D is naturally produced by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight. Season, geographic latitude, time of day, cloud cover, smog, and sunscreen affect UV ray exposure and vitamin D synthesis in the skin, and it is important for individuals with limited sun exposure to include good sources of vitamin D in their diet.” reference: Wikipedia

Natural sources of vitamin D include:

  • Fish liver oils, such as cod liver oil, 1 Tbs. (15 mL) provides 1,360 IU (one IU equals 25 ng)
  • Fatty fish species, such as:
    • Herring, 85 g (3 ounces (oz)) provides 1383 IU
    • Catfish, 85 g (3 oz) provides 425 IU
    • Salmon, cooked, 100 g (3.5 oz]) provides 360 IU
    • Mackerel, cooked, 100 g (3.5 oz]), 345 IU
    • Sardines, canned in oil, drained, 50 g (1.75 oz), 250 IU
    • Tuna, canned in oil, 85 g (3 oz), 200 IU
    • Eel, cooked, 100 g (3.5 oz), 200 IU
  • A whole egg, provides 20 IU (esp eat lots of yolks)
  • Beef liver, cooked, 100 g (3.5 oz), provides 15 IU

And don’t forget a few years ago when it was the Avian Flu, it was recommended to consume the juice from sauerkraut. Not the vinegar kind you find in the grocery. But the kind I posted on a couple days ago; fermented sauerkraut. It’s loaded with another vital nutrient, Vit C!

Now back to the article on The Conspiracy of Silence About Swine Flu. Frankly, I believe that the government today is not our friend. Unfortunately I’ve found out the hard way through my own battle with a very political disease, that this is true. Is there a conspiracy? I don’t know about that. But I believe that this administration will take advantage of any crisis! Not my words but theirs! Here is Rahm Emmanuel, the Presidents Cheif of Staff. So, do they want to stay silent and not give you a simple prescription to warding off The Swine Flu? You decide. In my opinion, it would be the perfect crisis to force through the Health Care Bill, which I am in opposition to. I do believe that some kind of reform is needed, but not this Bill! (I warn you, it is a PDF and is over 1,000 pages ….pleasant reading!)

For me and my house, we will consume CLO, get as much unobstructed sunshine as possible, and eat nutrient dense foods! We will NOT get vaccinated! We will continue to build our immune system, do what we can and leave the rest to God. That’s all we can do.

Lemony Coconut Bread

A gal in my raw milk coop shared that she made the Lemon Coconut Quick Bread recipe from Farmgirl Fare. It sounded tempting to my taste buds and I set out to try and make it more NT friendly. For those of you new to my blog….I try to eat food according to the Weston A Price diet and most of those guidelines are found in Nourishing Traditons….hence, NT.


It’s touted as being tasty toasted! I tasted mine while still warm and just out of the pan and it is delish! I wanted to substitute Coconut Flour for regular unbleached flour and knowing that Coconut Flour causes the finished product to come out dense and dry, I added an extra egg and cut the baking time shorter. And because I didn’t want it to be a total flop, I used 1/2 regular unbleached flour. In the future I’d like to either try sprouting my own wheat and then grinding it or purchasing it from To Your Health. The other thing I might do differently is use honey, since honey causes your finished product to come out moist. I also only used 1/4 C fresh lemon juice because I only had one lemon. I’d increase the lemon juice definitely to 1/2 C! I can count on one hand how often I bake. Not because I don’t like to bake….well, truth be told, I hate baking….but because I like to eat!!!


Lemon Coconut Bread

1 1/2 C Coconut flour

1 C Unbleached Flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Mix dry ingredients in a med bowl. Set aside.

Beat together:

3 farm fresh eggs

1/4 C fresh squeezed lemon juice (I would increase it to 1/2 C)

3/4 C raw milk

1 C unsweetened shredded coconut

1 Tbsp fresh lemon zest

1 1/4 C unrefined sugar


1/2 C butter

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix gently. Add melted butter and mix gently. Pat into greased loaf pan. Bake 60 minutes at 350*F. Cool on rack and pour out of pan gently after 15 minutes. Flip with plate to keep the loaf from breaking… mine did!


I just wanted to let you know how I really feel about this bread a day after it has cooled.  It is absolutely delish!!!  If you like pound cake, you will love my Lemony Coconut Bread…maybe soon to be called Cake!  Mmmm!  I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe use all coconut flour or some sprouted flour to make it more NT friendly.  So good.


I saw my doc this AM and it was rather uneventful.  He looked at my blood work and said that it were “boring”.  In a doctors view, when there is nothing happening and everything is great, then it’s boring.  Doctors live to see and treat sickness.

But my doc is very happy for me and wishes all his patients could reach my level of wellness and healing.  It’s a choice.

We chatted about menopause and my hot flashes.  We talked about how flying impacts me negatively due to the elevation bringing out any Lyme bugs.  We talked about me being tired and what it could be contributed to.  We talked about my lack of sleep due to hot flashes (that could be why I’m tired or just that I’m working hard and I’m 50!). We talked about my newest medication…….chocolate and what time of the day to eat it.   We talked about what was next.  Basically he is so pleased that I have an upward momentum that if it needs tweaking then I tweak it.   That this thing called healing is a lifestyle.  It’s not a quick fix.  Nothing in life worth having is a quickie.

Basically, I know what to do and I keep doing it.  Many of you have written to me and asked me what it is I’m doing.  Am I doing the same thing now that I was 2 yrs ago?  Some of you ask for advice….which I really don’t give, cause this is my place to journal about my life and what I am doing….I’m not a doctor and although sometimes I pretend (just kidding FDA) (I have a little white coat and stethoscope) and I’ve been addressed as Dr. D, well, I’m not.  So, I thought I’d take the time to tell you in detailed everything I am doing now…..what I eat, what I drink, how I sleep, how I deal with pain, etc, etc.

So for those of you who will find this part boring….then I wish you a good day!  See you another time when I’m talking about my life’s passions; cows and chickens and gardens!


I continue to follow the teachings of Dr Weston A Price when it comes to my diet.  For yrs (I’ve lost count…10 maybe) I gave up grains, which included all of the grass family.  Then after learning about something called Phytic Acid, I began to experiment with sprouted grains and sourdough.  Now I do allow myself sprouted grains and sourdough breads.  Although after reaching this level of healing I’d be a liar if I told you I never ate anything unsprouted.  I do.  But not often and not much if ever….but when I was in Germany, I had no other choice and it didn’t kill me….but if I continued eating that way, then it would take it’s toll.  So, as always, everything in moderation after you reach healing.

I drink raw dairy including making my own kefir and yogurt.  Those are my probiotics, however, during my healing time, I have taken quality probiotics.  I eat raw cheese and something I found interesting was that my son (21) told me that he literally “feels good” when he eats the raw cheese.  He too has Lyme and co-infections and has found a level of healing trying to eat well.  It’s hard for a 21 year old, it’s hard for me…but we do it.

I eat grassfed beef.  During my healing time, I cooked it rare to get as many of the live enzymes as possible.  I also eat wild scallops, pastured eggs, chicken and pork.   I have eaten a lot of liver from time to time….I really have to be in the mood to eat liver.  But, during my bout with Hemolytic Anemia caused by a reinfection of Babesia, I juiced raw liver with carrots.

I eat veggies of all kinds.  Now with my spring garden growing, I eat lots of spinach, kale, beets and carrots.  In the summer it will be green beans, lima, and corn.  We also eat potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs.

I eat sprouted nuts, mostly almonds (which technically are not nuts!).

From time to time I eat soaked oatmeal in yogurt to breakdown the Phytic Acid.

Every morning on an empty stomach I take 1-2 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil from Dr Ron’s.  I just swig it from the bottle.  During my healing time I also took 1-5 Tbsp of raw butter with the CLO.  Dr Ron’s office told me that if their patients do one thing that helps it’s the CLO with the raw butter!  So, I took their bit of advice and ran with it….I believe in it, it works!

I don’t eat anything per say out of a box.  Nothing prepared….except I buy my sprouted bread.  I eat real food.  If it grows I eat it…if it didn’t grow then I don’t eat it.

For over 1 yr I avoided ALL sugars, including raw honey.  After the first year I allowed myself small amounts of only raw honey.  Now I allow myself small amounts of raw sugar and raw honey.  A couple times a year, especially for holidays and special events, I will bake with raw sugar.  I NEVER eat refined sugar.  And I avoid refined flours.

The first couple yrs when I avoided sugar, I also avoided fruit due to the sugar content.  I now allow fruit, especially berries.

For 1-2 yrs I avoided ALL caffeine.  I now allow myself a cup or two of organic black tea daily.  Sometimes a cup of coffee, but I prefer tea with raw honey and milk.

All the food that I eat, including my chocolate is organic.  My doc approved and smiled at my eating chocolate.  I only eat a small square or two daily, depending on the amount of stress.  It is a powerful antioxidant and it increases serotonin!  So, it makes me feel good.  My doc suggested I eat it at lunch time to avoid the jolt it may be giving my adrenals, which will help with the night time hot flashes.

That covers it for my food….I think…if I think of something that I forgot, I’ll let you know…but for the most of it…that’s it.  REAL FOOD.  The foods in Nourishing Traditions worked for me for the most part…except for the sugars and grains, but emphasis on the fermented foods is vital.  Also I followed what Dr Ron suggested that he did for his healing.  If it worked for him I figured it would work for me….and it did. (click on the link to find the article)

As far as supp’s….well, let’s start somewhere else…let’s start with knowing YOUR OWN body!  No two of us are alike.  If we were one of us wouldn’t be necessary…..and from where I’m sitting that’s you, not me!  You must be able to listen to your own body.  You must begin to put two and two together.  Make connections with what you did or ate or whatever…the moon even.  So, begin with keeping a journal or diary or calendar.  I used a calendar.  I wrote on it each day, what I ate, what I did, what I took.  Everything.  Then you may begin to see a pattern.  I began to think like my doc.  What did I eat?  What can I do?  Why not try something else?  What can I do to help that?  Why not this or that?

So as far as supp’s, you have to go by what your body needs.  My list 2 or 5 yrs ago, is nothing like it is today.  I hardly take anything now.  My nutrients come from my food and due to my level of healing I don’t need to get them from a supp because my needs are fulfilled with food.  But, for those who want to know… I take, 800 IU of Vit E from Dr Ron’s.  Why 800?  Well, that’s for my hot flashes….see we aren’t the same.  I take anywhere from 1,000 mg to 10,000 mg of Vit C from Dr Ron’s depending on whether I’m trying to avoid a cold, but on most days it’s 1,000 mg.  I take Dr Zhang’s herbs still but am weaning myself off of them after 1 1/2 yrs.  I now take the HH, Cirulation P, and Artemisea and Milk Thistle.  I’ll continue the milk thistle even after I stop the other herbs because it’s good for my liver.  I did stop the herbs while I was in Germany, but due to the elevation of flying and something being stirred up, I was fighting extreme headaches when I got back and started the herbs again.  The headaches went away and I ordered another months supply so I’ll finish those and see how I’m feeling.

My blood work came back great!!  My CD 57 is 98!  Which is up from the first CD 57 I had done in September when I was nearly ready for a blood transfusion due to Hemolytic Anemia.  And there is absolutely no sign of Hemolytic Anemia which was caused by a tick bite in June and a re-infection of Babesia!!!  A Double Whahoo!!   My thyroid was good and NO signs of inflammation!!!  Another Double Whahoo!!!  Disease causes inflammation.  So no inflammation is a very good sign.  The only thing low was potassium.  But that’s easy to fix…eat a banana.

Lifestyle.  I continue to avoid ALL chemicals.  There are none in our home.  No bleach, no ammonia, no petro’s of any kind.  We use most products from Trader Joe’s where you can find, laundry soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, etc. all without petro!

I don’t use the Rife machine anymore.  I used it for 2 yrs straight.  I don’t use the sauna anymore or dry skin brush.  I occasionally do a coffee enema if I feel toxic. I use Traumeel on my feet morning and night which has alleviated ALL the pain.  If I have pain elsewhere from working hard, I use it there as well.  I bought orthodontics which took away all my foot pain.  I bought a new bed which took away my back pain.  I use Melatonin for a good nights sleep and adjust it as necessary for ME. I still try to go to sleep by 10 PM and I’m up at the crack of dawn!  Rested and at peace.  I drink herbal infusions for my menopausal symptoms.  I make an infusion with Red Clover, Stinging Nettle and Oatstraw and drink 1-2 C daily.  I use and take herbs as needed for medicine and food.

I continue to press into the Lord for strength.  I read and meditate upon Scripture from the Bible daily.  I realize that none of this is within my own power but from the power of the Holy Spirit living inside me.  As scripture says, “the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead!”  Wow, that to me is an amazing strength.

I live a life that is as stressless as possible.  I know it’s hard in our world today.  But, I try.  I give it up, because really I can’t change a thing in my own strength.

I love to garden, farm, sew, knit, read, cook and live!  I do what I love!  You can’t go about life worrying about what if.  You just can’t.  One lady asked me what if I got bit again while in the garden….well, I don’t have to imagine that.  It’s happened twice now.  So, I deal with it.  But, if you keep your body in a state of wellness than if I do get bit again, it won’t take me down.  I was able to accomplish something that totally amazed my doc when I was hit with the Hemolytic Anemia…and I did it in 7 wks with food and herbs!!!!!!!  He still is amazed at that.   Like Dr Ron, I’m not sure if these diseases will ever really be gone (at least not while on this earth!), but if I treat my body with real food and keep it strong then it doesn’t matter if it’s lyme disease or swine flu!  A strong immune system is what’s needed and I do that with food.

So, that about covers it.  I know, it’s pretty boring.  Just what my doc said.

Food As Medicine

A Jersey Girl from which High Butterfat milk comes from.

Isn’t she a beaut?

I found this article by Dr Ron Schmid in 2005 when I was near death from Chronic Lyme Disease. I tried to make sense of it then, but my brain was so terribly infected with neurotoxins that I couldn’t even speak let alone comprehend what I read.  At that time I was bleeding from the bowels, I had bells palsy, I couldn’t speak or think, I had no balance, I couldn’t write my own name, I couldn’t walk, I had all the imaginable pains that come with Lyme, I had encephalitis, I had double vision, I had deafness, I had constant gut pain, I had gall bladder pain, I had ovarian cystic disease, I had numbness in my hands and feet, I had tingling all over my skin with the feeling of bugs crawling, I had burning and itching every where, I had hives,I had a low body temp, I had chest pains and heart palpitations, I had no energy.  God only knows if there was more, I just can’ t remember.  It’s amazing that when healing comes we really do begin to live again and we don’t dwell on what was.  But I never want to forget those still suffering.

I never forgot Dr Ron’s words and I tried hard to pursue finding raw dairy in my state which has made it illegal. It was only a year later that I did find a source for raw dairy and soon after that my healing began.

This article saved my life. Trust what Dr Ron is saying, it’s true. You can call for a phone consult, his office is very kind and helpful. Or you can pursue it alone.  Give it a try. What have you got to loose? Or rather, what have you got to gain?  LIFE!

I continue to follow the diet that Dr Ron lays out. I have been able to add sourdough whole wheat bread and occasional raw honey. I eat ample amounts of raw butter daily as well as grass-fed meats with fat. When I started following his diet, I ate lots of raw egg yolks in shakes. I only recommend doing that if you know the source of your eggs. I took at least 2 Tbsp of Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil daily. I now take 1 Tbsp and that seems to be working to keep me at this high level of healing. I haven’t veared from the diet, knowing that to do so would put my healing in jeopardy.

His conclusions about cheating are in my opinion correct. In the past when I followed a “good” diet from my old Dr G, I could reach a certain level of healing, but not complete due to the lack of essential raw dairy and fermented foods. I’d fall off the wagon and binge on sugars and refined foods only to find myself in chronic pain and illness again.

This healing is too precious to me to ever consider losing it now. I will eat the Weston A Price diet as long as I live. And Live I will!!!  You too can heal from lyme.  Won’t you join me on this journey?

Look for my new website: Hope To Heal.  I’ll be doing local workshops in Maryland on how I healed from Lyme Disease using food as medicine.  I’ll be adding a forum for you to chat with others on this journey and I’ll also be conducting local cooking classes to demonstrate how to prepare these wonderful healing foods.  You can reach me currently at:

Please be patient with the website, since my computer guru is in Germany!!!

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor.  This is only my opinion and experience.

The Breakfast of Champions!!!!

Isaiah 55:2

“Listen, listen eat what is good and your soul will delight in the riches of fare.”

No, it’s not a box of Wheaties!!!

It’s milk fed pigs made into scrapple fried in lard, pasture raised chicken eggs with bright yolks, and sourdough whole wheat bread with raw butter. And don’t forget the glass of raw whole milk full of Vit D, B12 and folic acid. If you aren’t drinking raw milk then these vital nutrients are missing. Raw milk is still legal in almost half of the US states. Go here to find a source near you.

It’s the kind of food that our great grandparents ate without any signs of heart disease.

Before 1900, very few people died of heart disease. Since then, heart disease has become the number one killer in the United States.(1) In fact in the 1950’s President Eisenhower’s personal doctor had never treated a case of heart disease before Ike.

The rate of heart disease increased so sharply between the 1940 and 1967.(2) They want to blame this on technology and our sedentary lifestyle. But the truth is the blame goes to the industrialization of food. Processed cereals, processed meats, processed breads, processed fats, processed sugars…..the list goes on and on.

Here’s the low down on Cholesterol.

* Cholesterol is a vital part of every cell membrane

* Cholesterol makes adrenal hormones

* Cholesterol makes sex hormones

* Cholesterol makes myelin

* Cholesterol aids memory and learning

* Cholesterol makes Vit D

* Cholesterol aids immunity

* Cholesterol makes bile salts (3)


People with higher cholesterol live longer lives and older people need more cholesterol!

We’ve been lied to. The fact is that higher cholesterol is vital to good health and healing from a chronic illness like Lyme Disease. The truth is the drug industry needs false data to push their Statin drugs like Lipator.

You can find more information and data on The Weston A. Price Foundation.

(1) & (2) History of the Heart

(3) Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

I’m Back With The Message of HOPE

The give away is open until Thursday at Midnight, EST. Go ahead and leave your comments and you’ll have a chance to win some great prizes.

I’m back from Ann Arbor, MI where I went to The Deirdre Currie Festival.

It was a very long way to go to hear some great speakers on the topic of health and food, but it was worth it. Sally Fallon, the president of The Weston A. Price Foundation was there to speak truth to us. She’s passionate about raw milk and making it accessible to everyone. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride was also there speaking about the GAPS diet. Gut and Psychology Sydrome-GAPS is similar to the diet I followed to heal my leaky gut. There were also Jerry Brunetti and Karen Lubbers. And there was a great Farmer’s Market that had some great folks in attendance like: US Wellness Meats, Green Pasture’s, The Grain & Salt Society and so many other wonderful small farmers who work tirelessly to provide good, nutritional food for our families.

I came home with one bumper sticker…”Where does your food come from?”

But the best part for me was to meet my tiny “fan club”. Yes, it was a hoot. When I arrived I was told people had signs and were looking for me. I kinda chuckled and said, “naha”. “Yes, yes, it’s true. They have signs that say, ‘we want to meet Diane Coe’ ” So as I went in, there was my little fan club of 6!!!! Cat, Cath and her honey Mr. NRA!, Summer their daughter, Cat’s sister who wasn’t really a fan, but she will be, and Valerie! We hugged and cried. You aren’t a girl if you don’t cry, hug and giggle.

Cath, Summer and her husband wanted to meet me because they too, like many of you, are in the suffering stages of Chronic Lyme Disease. They wanted to see a real person who was smiling, and was ALIVE again! They wanted hope.

They wanted to see ME! Me. It’s truly humbling, because I am nothing. It’s all God and what He has shown me and how He has lead me down this path on this journey of suffering to find His glorious and divine gift of healing.

If there is no better reason to be in Ann Arbor for a whirlwind tour, this was it. To give a precious 13 yr old girl hope. Hope that she will have a future. And YES, Summer, YES you will. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time. But you will have a life again.

Deuteronomy 30:19b-20a says it all.

“Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to Him. FOR THE LORD IS YOUR LIFE and He WILL give you many years.”


That was worth it for me. That’s it. That’s what it’s all about.

There were no less than 10 people who said to me in one weekend, “you must write a book”. People who were complete strangers on the airplane, who loved my story of hope and recovery. All too many of us forget those still in the midst of suffering when we are no longer suffering. I believe that God has a reason for allowing me to find a way out of this debilitating disease and He wants me to share it with the world.

So, pray for me as I endevour to write a book. I have the title already picked out and it shall remain a secret.





ROMANS 12:12





One of Honey’s names for me is “my Joy”.  Even in the midst of sorrow, I had Joy unspeakable!!!  It came from deep within.  Joy is contagious!  Spread some around today!!!

Photo credit: Flickr