Happy Happy Day!

Happy Happy B-day to ME!

Yep, it’s my B-day and my cousin Mark’s.

Mark is 50 and I’m 51.

Happy B-day Mark.

Oh how I wish I could eat this dark chocolate cake…..I didn’t make it….it’s just a pic from google….but I’d still love to sink my teeth into it.  Did I ever tell you that I’m to be buried with a fork in my hand, so that I’ll be ready for the banquet table in heaven, where there are no calories or sickness or allergies!

AMEN! Here’s to dark chocolate cake!


Happy Happy Day!

(Today is Honey’s birthday.  He is a welcome home from the war baby.  He was born 9 months almost to the day that his dad came home from France, fighting in WWII.)

Happy Birthday My Love!

May your days be filled with Joy, Love, and Peace.

May you always know the love of our Saviour, Jesus.

May we spend many more days together celebrating life.

May we look forward to the day in heaven when you can eat German Chocolate Cake without getting a migraine and I can eat it without getting fat!

May you always know my love and devotion.

And may I always be Your Joy!

Thanks Jen for the lovely Cake.

Thanks Jen for the lovely Cake.

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Baby Boy!

Happy Birthday to our Tender Warrior, Ben!

21 years of blessings, trials and love

21 years of joy

What a great kid!


Hamming it up with friends.

Warning: Do NOT do this at home!

Warning: Do NOT do this at home!

Giving himself a tatoo!

I found out days after the fact and after the infection was gone!

A real man!

Serving others in New Orleans

Serving others in New Orleans

Missions in Baltimore City

Missions in Baltimore City

Serving on the Worship Team

Serving on the Worship Team

Can You Feel It?

I love this time of year when the mornings are crisp with the smell and feel of autumn. We’ve been so fortunate in Maryland this year. We had just the right amount of rain and for the first time that I can remember, no Dog Days of Summer. Usually August carries the 3 H’s. Hazzy, Hot, and Humid! But not this August. This AM it was in the 50’s. I’ve hung the sheets out to dry and can’t wait to sink my body into the crispness of them tonight.

Mornings like this that are Fall like also remind me of the day I brought home my first born. She was so tiny only weighing in at 5.15 lbs and short as a peanut. I remember how she disappeared in every piece of clothing I had for her and when we placed her in the car seat, well, she nearly fell out. We packed towels all around her just to keep her from slipping out. Thus was born her business, web, blog….name: CrispSeptember!

In many ways, I’ve been anticipating these great Fall days with mixed feelings. Our first born, Becca, is leaving for her big adventure in Germany the day before her 24th birthday. It’s a sweet sorrow that we’re feeling. These babies are given to us by our Abba Father, to raise up in the Lord and then to release them like arrows. She’s so ready to fly. Help us Father, to let her go. To do as we’ve always done. Place her in Your loving care.


I’ve also been contemplating a hoop house. As the seasons are changing, I can feel it in my body as well. I don’t have the cravings for greens and fresh foods as I did in the Spring. I am looking more towards the foods that warm and nourish the bones. I just don’t have the drive to be in the garden. It’s time for cleaning, and settling in for the winter. Although I love the heat of summer, I’m ready for a rest. For the hibernation that comes so easily. Time for knitting, sewing, cooking and creating.

My ferments are put up for the winter. No need for fresh since the natural preservation of fermenting gives us all we need. I really can’t see myself running out in the snow for a bunch of greens. Learning to eat in season takes a special awareness. Living simply takes thought and preparation.

It’s time to pack food in the freezer for winter. The chickens will be ready in October and there will not be more until Spring. The goats and lambs will also be ready soon. Apples will be on and sauces and pies will be on my agenda.

I’m feeling tired. It’s a good tired. After living for so long in a “coma” from Lyme Disease, this has been my first spring and summer fully alive! I’ve lived life to the fullest. And now I can feel it in the air. It’s time to start unwinding for a long winter. Time to refresh and nurture myself and my family.

Time to rest.

Photo credit: Flickr

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday Mary!