Prague Day 2


In the Towne Square there was an Easter Festival going on. So after hitting the Bohemian Bagel for breakfast, because Sweet Girl really wanted blueberry pancakes which she hasn’t had forever, we putzed around here.

It was mostly food. Lots of yummy goodness food.

I held out on breakfast so I could indulge in lunch.





I’m not sure….is the prayer so you don’t get fat!!!

After reading this now, I wish I’d had some!!! I love gingerbread, honey and almonds!


This weaver did a lovely job.



I didn’t go all out for lunch. The sausage was Keilbasa. It was really good with Sauerkraut on it. I really ditched my Weston A Price diet…I had to or starve. I actually lost almost 10 lbs on this trip. I love going over seas…I always drop weight and enjoy the food so much….go figure!

The drink was hot mulled wine. I’m not a wine drinker but the spices made this really nice.


It was really good.

I’m betting my Sis is wondering if Mom is hiding somewhere….she always snaps pics while we are stuffing our faces!!! This ones for you MOM! 😀






My favorite flower…Primroses!



I did buy a set of nesting dolls.


Look I found the fountain of youth….The Anti-Aging Clinic!

What does that really mean????

Whatever, I could use a little of it.



Look at the guy in the background….he looks like the old guard communist. He was talking to himself and carry a billy stick. Becca reprimanded me for taking his picture. But he looked like something out of the past.


We got to the Charles Bridge AGAIN and there was a 1/2 Marathon happening.

We had to use the potty so I got to use my first Water Closet! For a small fee.


Now you know what the sign looks like….that’s for restroom!




I loved how she walked with her hands behind her back. Very sweet.

Our young youthful girls thought that we needed to make it back over the Charles Bridge to have more pics at the Lenon wall. Terry and I were plum tired and couldn’t make it to the Castle. And we still had to walk back over the bridge and take a Metro to the Bus Station.

So of course we all needed some refreshment! Becca hadn’t eaten lunch and I needed some tea and dessert!


We stopped here at the John & George Cafe.



We all had hot tea. But they served it in glasses and it was a tad difficult to pick up and enjoy hot. I had the original with honey and lemon and I also had the carrot cake. It wasn’t sickening sweet. It only had cream cheese in the center and it tasted like it was made with whole wheat flour. It was good.



Becca had pasta with cream and mushrooms.


It was a cute joint…nothing fancy but no Beatles music, go figure.


Yea, those look like Christmas decorations on the door.

Across the street (if that’s what you call it, cars were far and few between) was this really cool looking door. So I went up to it and began peeking around.


I really wanted to knock. It kinda reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. I wonder who’s behind that door??????


Ok, I guess I won’t knock

The French Embassy!

Who would have thought.


Well, folks, that ends my tour of Prague.

I was never so glad than to get a very nice coach bus back to the Germany border. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the town. But then we hijacked a taxi to take us back to Herrnhut. No, we paid the guy.

Warning….everything in Prague costs a lot!

But it was so worth it. I’ll probably never have that chance again.

And it was so good to see my Sweet Girl Becca.



Prague Day 1 Continued

Views from The Charles Bridge Tower

Views from The Charles Bridge Tower


Terry on the Bridge

Terry on the Bridge

Terry wasn’t fond of heights, so she stayed below.  This is about where one of my readers said her sister set her camera down never to see it again.  She came home with no pictures of her time in Prague.  I hope I’ve done this lovely city justice.  It really is an amazing place.  And Sweet Girl is an amazing tour guide!

The Prague Castle

The Prague Castle

As we crossed over the bridge we got a better look at The Prague Castle.  By the time we made it over it was becoming dusk and both Terry and I were tuckered out.  Only to have to walk back to the Hostel.  We took a couple turns around the block before finding the John Lenon Wall.  Which is nothing more than a wall that is graffitied.  By the time we made it back to Old Towne I was plum slap happy.  So tired I could of laid down in the street.  But we had more stops to make.  One of which was so everyone could eat again at the Bohemian Bagel.  An “American” food joint serving up everything from pancakes to burgers, all American Style!


The building that Tom Cruise ran out the side door in Mission Impossible.  See the side door on the right.


dscn2961The Castle


The Castle

“Prague Castle-ancient symbol of the Czech lands, is the most significant Czech monument.  It was founded probably in about 880 by Prince Borivoj of the Premyslid dynasty.  According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, spread over an area of almost 70,000m and is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  It consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of manifold architectural styles, from Romanesque buildings from the 10th century through Gothic modifications in the 14th century, modifications by famous Slovenian architect Josip Plecnik in the time of the First Republic, to the newest modifications from the end of the last century.  Besides being the seat of the head of state, Prague Castle is also an important cultural and historical monument.  In Prague Castle are kept the crown jewels, the remains of Czech kings, precious Christian relics, art treasures and also historical documents.  Between it’s walls took and take place events important for the whole country.  Prague Castle is the materialized historical tradition of the Czech state-a link between past and present.”


Even on day 2 Terry and I were so tired by the time we crossed over The Charles Bridge we never made it up to the Castle.  Besides that it wasn’t anyones intent on going inside, so why make the very long hike up there.  Instead we opted to eat again.


Once on the other side, we putzed around and found the John Lenon Wall.  I think basically you go down this street and go around the block a couple times and there it should be on your left!

The stairs Tom Cruise runs down in MI

The stairs Tom Cruise runs down in MI

At the bottom of the stairs turn left and you will find this lovely lady with her pottery shop.  I bought a mug for Honey.


opps there I am again, second evidence that I was there.

opps there I am again, second evidence that I was there.






On our way back, I just had to have one of these very yummy goodie things!


Baking those yummy goodie things!

It was just dough covered in cinnamon sugar….but really good.


She was so tickled to have her picture taken!



Everything was really pretty at night.

That’s about it for Friday in Prague.

Sweet Girl really was a great tour guide.  This was her 4th time in Prague and we only had to go in circles a few times.  She always amazed me.  She took us on the Metro numerous times and she really acted like she could read the signs in Czech and we NEVER got lost.

I guess we did one thing right in homeschooling….map reading!!!



We took a taxi to the Czech border and were bound on a “Quick Bus” which was a mini bus, kinda like a big van, heading for Prague.  It took about 3 hrs total and we finally arrived at the Bus Station in Prague around noonish.  Our little tour guide, my Sweet Girl, took us through the streets of Prague looking for the Old Towne Prague Hostel.

Terry on the Quick Bus

Terry on the Quick Bus

Yep, you heard me right….a Hostel.  For some reason, which I’ve yet to figure out, Becca and her friend Melody whose mom, Terry and brother Justice (sp?) were also visiting, figured we HAD to stay in a Hostel.  I tried to convince them that I was 50 and I had lots of money!!!  It didn’t work.  So, at 50 I got to experience life in a Hostel.  Oh boy!


The only reassuring thing is that the Police Department was right across the street!

The Hostel was very clean and bright.



By morning there must have been 100 kids in that place.  Breakfast was included and consisted of Cornflakes.

We locked our belongings in our room and headed for the streets.

We were all pretty hungry especially me.  So far my meals consisted of almonds, tea, yogurt, chicken and lentil soup.  I was on day 5 and was ready to kill the first thing that I saw.  My Sweet Girl hasn’t been fed the greatest at YWAM, meals there are full  of carbs and hardly any protein or good fats.  So, I wanted to treat her to a really nice meal, besides the fact that I HAD to get some nutrition also.

One very startling thing about Czech is that you’d think everyone is part dragon.  They smoke like it’s a health benefit.  I’m not kidding.  We couldn’t find a single pub or cafe where I could breath.  So we opted for an open air cafe.  Even though it was really cold we snuggled up to those great outdoor heaters.



We were right in front of the Astronomical Clock.


We had the Baked Prawns with Pineapple Chutney.


Becca had the Roast Breast of Goose with homemade Potato Gnocchi and Sauerkraut.


And since I’ve been ready to kill a wild boar, I had the Rolled Leg of Boar with Rose Hip Sauce and Carlsbad Dumplings.


It was ALL delicious!  Costing us 1100 Crowns!  YIKES!  No worry, it was around $40!  Which wasn’t bad for such a really nice meal.

Now that our tummies were full we could see the sights.

The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock

Everyone gathers in front of the clock on the hour.  I can’t believe I got a shot of what they are cheering for….see the skeleton on the upper right side?  That guy pops in and out and  bangs a gong for the hour and then everyone claps and cheers!  Go figure!

The Jerusalem Synagogue

The Jerusalem Synagogue

This was by far the most beautiful building I saw.  It was in the Jewish Quarter.



In Old Towne Prague I only remember cobblestone streets and sidewalks.  But in this picture I see paved streets.  The cobblestone was extremely taxing on the feet.  Especially since we walked for hours and hours and hours!


Every building was ornate.  Except for the ones built during the communist rule.  Those are square with nothing ornamental.


Prague is most definitely a Tourist Meca!



I know you can’t see the goodie yumness of this, but it’s Hot Chocolate which was more like thick hot pudding and for the chocoholic that I am I was nearly licking the cup with my tongue.





The Charles Bridge Tower

The Charles Bridge Tower

We climbed to the top of this thing only to find out that we had to pay to reach the top.  So we did.  I mean how many times am I going to be in Prague?!!!



The only evidence that I was there.

The only evidence that I was there.

It was freezing.  NO wonder we got sick.


This is the bridge that Tom Cruise is on in Mission Impossible.

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge


I’ve gotta run, more tomorrow!

She’s Off!

Photo from Becca’s Facebook….at the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

Becca and her team left early in the wee hours of the morning heading for Ethiopia. She is ready for this life time experience. She’ll be changed forever.

How can one not be changed when they face extreme poverty face to face?

How can one not be changed when they see children living on the streets fearing for their very lives?

How can one not be changed when they see starving children begging for a morsel of food?

How can one not be changed when they see others dying of aids and malaria?

Becca’s time in Germany was one of growth and fun. Yeah, I think (no, I know) she had a ton of fun bonding with new friends and visiting cities that she loved, like Prague. Her faith has been challenged and she has been called to put it into action.


This is what she’s been prepared for: 2 1/2 months in Ethiopia, using her gifts in Photography to capture the images that we all try to forget. Images of the starving, the homeless, the naked and the sick. Our world is shaped by what we are surrounded with, by what we see. Becca’s world will be reshaped. Mine was from my time in India.

I’m really proud of my kids and their hearts to serve others. More than that I know that God, Abba, Daddy, Father, Papa is pleased.

I’ll be letting you know how you can be a part of this photographic project. A project that will not only bring awareness to extreme poverty in Africa but also a project that will bring aid to them from the proceeds of the book.

Christmas ~ Take Two

Most of our Christmas Day centered around the house fire of our elderly neighbor, but after we had a really nice visit with another neighbor and Ben rolled out of bed we did share our love for one another by giving and receiving gifts of love. And although the day started early with the 3:00 am fire, we still had a very peaceful and sweet day with each other. We ditched our traditional Christmas Breakfast because Ben slept till 10ish and I was just so dang tired that we opened gifts and then ate left overs from Christmas Eve Dinner. We watched TV, napped and read. We went over to the farm house to offer our help with whatever the family needed and enjoyed time being together.

Ben has left for New Orleans and will be back in a week. He loves to serve others and it does my heart good to see him so much stronger and healthier this year. We have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. Please pray for their safety as they travel to LA.

Becca spent Christmas in Prague with one of her friends from YWAM. Life is very different this year as we have all of our firsts without Becca. She will be leaving for Africa the first week of January. Please also pray for her safety and her team as they go.

Prague (isn’t this a gorgeous picture her friend McKenna Anne took!)


My in laws were here to share Christmas Eve dinner with us and boy was it good. Honey requested another Turkey from Jehovah Jireh Farm and it proved to be even better than the one I cooked for Thanksgiving. There wasn’t anything fancy, just good whole food that taste good and is good for you. My father in law was particularly glad for food that didn’t come from a box….sorry Gma! Of course nothing we eat comes from a box. Most of it comes from our garden or near by farms.


Honey brought me beautiful red Christmas roses!



Gma and Gpa


Honey, me & Ben


A great gift!


Food always works in Ben’s stocking. Yes, those are sponge Bob PJ pants on a 20 yr old!!!


Honey with some new sleeping pills (DVD’s)


Honey loves denim shirts. They keep him toasty in his computer rooms at work.


Honey gave me this sweet Willow Tree.


This was my favorite gift. Honey bought this sweetie calendar and wrote captions on each month. Tears welled up in my eyes. It’s how he sees me that brings me to tears.


I’ve been wearing my steel toed boots for a month, but Honey wrapped the box. It was heavy but Honey always puts weights in empty boxes, so I didn’t open it all day. Then before we went to bed, Honey asked me if I’d opened it. Nope. He thought maybe I should……oh, right I forgot my Muck Boots!!!!


I know they really are too pretty for manure, but that’s what they are for. A girl’s gotta look good even shoveling manure! By the way, I also got a manure fork and shovel!!! 😀


After the fire I came home, took a shower and did something fun. I made fresh butter for the first time. It took 5 minutes in my Bosch with cookie paddles. It is absolutely way better than the fresh butter I buy from the farmer, even though it’s from the same cream. Maybe they let theirs sit longer. So simple, you really should try.


I got a pint and a half of butter from 1 qt of heavy cream…’s cheaper to make my own.


Another interesting thing happened on Christmas Day. Wacky Waldo, my previously named Waldeen chicken, discovered that he could fly over the gate. He spent most of his day outside the chicken pen walking around the edge trying to get back in. Yes, he is a he. And it’s confirmed that Roxie is Rocky! I saw it!!! So, we have two roosters. I got three eggs today which verifies that the others are hens!!! Yeah, now what to do with the roosters.

Lady was really almost going crazy watching that chicken walk around the chicken fence. He never came near her or else she would have had a wonderful Christmas Dinner too!!!



Photo of Prague from facebook…credit to McKenna Anne