Even while on vacation, I’m impressed to come and beseech you to Vote YES!


YES on 8


YES on 2

Those of you who know me, know that I love.  I love the poor, the rich, the black, the white, the yellow, and brown.  I love the saved and unsaved.  I love  because it is Christ who has first loved me.  I have many homosexual friends and those I love because of Christ.  They would want me to stand for my beliefs and my Christian Worldview and to compromise nothing.

I urge you to vote YES on 8 and 2 to protect the family as God intended.  I do believe that marriage is to always be between one man and one woman.   It’s for the sake of our children that we must protect this union. 

I don’t take this stand lightly.   These issues are near and dear to my heart. 

Go VOTE on Tuesday.  Vote your Christian Worldview and Vote YES on 8 and YES on 2!


The Messiah or Another?

I’ve been compelled to write this post, due to the climate of our times. On Thursday, I will have been alive for 50 years. I’m really grateful that I probably don’t have another 50 yrs. Times are a changin. All around me I see people who do what is right in their own eyes. They lack values and virtues that have been the backbone of our nation in years past. The greatest generation is quickly dying at nearly 2,000 every single day. Those who held to the truths of our constitution and gave their lives so we could know liberty and justice for all.

But today, the constitution is only an old piece of paper that is cracked and torn. With hardly a soul to defend it. I still believe that our founding fathers, wrote our constitution so that in times like we are living, we would not lose sight of what is ture. I urge you to read it.

Our recent days, have given way, by those who have been given the highest privilege of serving this nation, to making laws that are unconstitutional. They have turned a blind eye and done what is right in their own eyes; republican and democrat alike. As a people go, so goes a nation. This is only a reflection of the decline in moral values and virtues that once were driven by a Christ like nation.

It’s times like these that we are looking for a Saviour. Someone to step in and save the day. To rescue us from the injustices and failures of our own making. And so I must write today about The Messiah or Another?

Even Jesus said many would come in His name. Many would profess to be The Messiah. But there is only one Messiah and that is Jesus Christ. He is God. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through ME.” Salvation is a free gift offered to all. All that’s ever expected when you are offered a gift is that you take it. It’s never forced upon you or shoved down your throat. It’s a free gift offered in love.

So, is Jesus who He said He was. Or is there to come another? Some believe that another is still to come. I don’t.

Below is a quote from Glenn Beck, who in my opinion is one crying in the wilderness. Wake up America!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

“Now, the question is, who is he calling the Messiah? Is he saying that — is he saying that when — that Barack Obama is the Messiah? Is that what he’s saying? To me it doesn’t matter. I do believe that’s what he’s saying. I mean, if the you — you know, if you listen to some of the rhetoric of some of these people — and I’ve talked to — what was the name of that Black Panther guy who, I mean went almost into a trance and it was like, “Oh, I pray, oh sacred one, that the world will wake up.” Yeah, Malik Shabazz. I pray that the world will wake up and America will see, you know, Barack Obama for what he is. Ooh, so do I. But it doesn’t matter. You are the instruments I’m quoting, you are the instruments of God and the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change and that is why Barack has captured the youth, and he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That is a sign. And when the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.

It could be that the Messiah is speaking and that’s why — and that’s what — Barack Obama is listening to the Messiah and that’s why he’s speaking, but Louis Farrakhan thinks that either Barack Obama is the Messiah or that Barack Obama is an instrument in the Messiah’s hand. And also the instruments in his hand is the nation of Islam, the followers, that they are going to bring about universal change. That’s not the change I’ve been hoping for. I don’t know about you. We are at a crossroads, America, and you must get involved. And I don’t mean campaign for John McCain. I mean campaign for truth. I mean search your souls. I mean stop both of these parties from taking our country.

You know what, I’ve always said they are both taking us to the same destination. One’s on a jet plane, one’s on a steam train. Gang, the destination, we are one stop away from the destination. So it is time to know that one way or another that plane or that train is coming into the station quickly and we need to stand up and say, enough, you must listen to us, stop, stop your spending, stop your lies, stop the corruption and listen to us. Because we don’t want to go where you’re taking us, because where you’re taking us is a socialist state that very soon, with more tragedy on the way, with another big 9/11 type event or somebody stupid in this country is saying, oh, well, I’m going to get them. When something, God forbid, a 9/11 or a Timothy McVeigh, your rights will go away. And this will be a fascist state. You must stand up and be participating. You must tell your friends. Don’t worry about those you can’t wake up. Wake up the ones you know you can.”

emphasis mine

For Such A Time As This

I was standing in the kitchen making an apple pie and had a God revelation.

Our oldest child Becca (24) is living in Germany and going to DTS (discipleship training school) with YWAM (youth with a mission). The revelation that came to me was this:

God has put a love for the nations, more specifically the 10/40 window, in my heart for such a time as this. The 10/40 window is an area on the map that stretches from Africa to Asia and is between the 10th and 40th latitudes. It is an area that has the most impoverished people in all the world and these people have NEVER heard the name of Jesus. 97% of the 3 billion people living in the 10/40 window have never heard of Christ. It’s this 10/40 window that I have fallen in love with for some unknown reason….unknown until now.

You see my Father God allowed me to love these people before He would call my daughter to give her life to His service in this 10/40 window. My only prayer, my entire life for my children was that they love the Lord their God, with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their might. I have no greater joy today than to know that my children walk with the Lord.

When I talked to Becca yesterday, she was hesitant to tell me not to buy her a return ticket home. (although she will have to come back and raise support and get a Visa) But I already knew. God has already been preparing my heart for such a time as this. She is fulfilling God’s destiny for her life. His calling for her to go into all the world and preach the gospel. She’s one of the two most precious gifts I could give back to God for the most precious gift He has given me….His only Son, Jesus.

Becca is a photographer and it is her hope to use her gifts as a mission tool. A tool that can open doors to share the Good News of Christ and the Free Gift He gives. The gift of Salvation. It’s free. It cost Him his life. It will change yours forever. It did mine. And so now, I give my all. My only daughter. My best friend. I give her freely to God, to use for His purposes. She is love. Everything about her screams love. She is the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.

Below is just some of the work done by former students at YWAM Herrnhut. Aren’t they capturing? Don’t they tell a story? Doesn’t your heart just pull to know these people more? And more than that, to tell them how they can know the Saviour of the World, Jesus. The Hope of The World.

My Plan

I’ve been reading about anemia of course on the web all morning.  It’s amazing that there are so many reasons and so many different types of anemia.  Since I don’t have enough information yet, I’m going to work with my diet.  I found a wonder Herbal Tonic that I’ll fix up today…..hoping I have yellow dock root,opps, I know I don’ t have any molasses, so it looks like I need to stop at the Health Food Store before swimming class.

An iron-rich herbal tonic can also me made using the following recipe:

  • soak 1/2 oz of yellow dock root and 1/2 oz dandelion root in 1 qt of boiled water for four to 8 hours
  • strain and simmer until the amount of liquid is reduced to 1 cup
  • remove from heat and add 1/2 cup black strap molasses, mixing well
  • store in refrigerator; take 1 tsp-2 Tbsp daily

Here is a list of foods that I can focus on, even though I already eat lots of these, I’ll take my Crispy Almonds with me in the car and munch on them before and after swimming.

It’s really amazing that I haven’ t drowned!!!  Think about it.  How on earth have I had the energy to do water jogging for an hour, twice a week?  Maybe it’s a God thing!!!  I do love God things!

And good news on that front…not only did I drop 1 pants size, I can fit (uncomfortably) into another size down from that.  So, that’s 2 pant sizes!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!  Now I know why they tell you not to look at the scale, but to measure by how your undies fit! 😀


Hey I don’t see spinach on this list….isn’t spinach full of iron?  I cut a bunch from the garden for dinner.

Anyone who has anemia caused by poor nutrition should modify his or her diet to include more vitamins, minerals, and iron. Vitamin C can stimulate iron absorption. The following foods are also good sources of iron:

“Because light and heat destroy folic acid, fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw or cooked as little as possible.

Some examples of iron-rich herbs are dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), parsley (Petroselinum crispum), and nettle (Urtica dioica).”

The 100 Foot Diet

Whatever that diet is called. We are eating about 50-100 ft from the house diet. I go to the garden nearly everyday and pick dinner!!! I just love this time of year. You just can’t beat fresh. This is what I came to the house with yesterday. Isn’t the color so gorgeous and to think that this was a gift to me from God! He’s so kind and glorious to splash my day with more color!!!

From this master piece I made the most amazing Pesto! I just can’t stop eating it, it is soooo gooooood!

I ate it on French Meadow Sourdough Bread topped with my heirloom tomatoes that I started indoors this past winter and I even had one of my very own first ever fermented pickles!!! The pickles aren’t quite ready yet. But it was surprisingly good.

Pesto Recipe

(as you know, I’m a none measure kind of cook)

Lots of Fresh Basil

Quality EVOO

Quality Parmesan Cheese

(I found some raw at Trader Joe’s)

Pine Nuts Roasted

LOTS of Organic Garlic

Grey Salt

I used my food processor and whizzed up the cheese (approx 3 Cups) and set aside. Then I added at least 3-4 cups of fresh organic basil…I even stripped the flowers and used them and 1 head of garlic. I poured the EVOO in the top of the funnel while I was whizzing it into the basil until it looked right. Then I added the cheese and pine nuts (about 1-2 Cups) and added more EVOO until the consistency looked good. A little grey salt and that’s it. It absolutely speaks summer! I think I’ll even have some on my burger tonight!!

Eat What is Good

This is what I get to see when I’m up early. Saturday I was out working by 6:30 AM trying to beat the heat of the day, and I looked across the street at the old barn….the moon was still above the horizon. I ran to get my little point and shoot Nikon, Coolpix. It delights me to see the splendor of God in nature. I look for His evidence everywhere. Scripture tells us that if we do not praise Him, the rocks will cry out…I’m amazed that even creation knows it’s Creator! As I’m working in my garden, I give out little shouts of praise for the amazing things I see. How a tiny seed can fall to the ground and sprout up into a beautiful flower that no one intentionally planted. I had one of these surprises on Saturday as I was working, I spotted a lemon balm plant that transplanted itself some 25-35 feet and in JUST the right place along the fence line. I found volunteer Mullein in JUST the right places of my new herb garden! I celebrate this marvel with thanks to the Creator and whispers of joy! Scripture tells us that “he makes it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower, and bread for the eater.” Isaiah 55:10

One verse that lead me to the diet I’m now eating as a “cure” for the Chronic Lyme Disease that exist in my body is the one promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation and written about by Sally Fallon in “Nourishing Traditions“. It’s found in Isaiah 55:2

“Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

This diet is truly the richest of fare…grassfed meats, raw dairy including butter & cream. Fermented foods that are life giving with probiotics. Chicken skin that is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that doesn’t burn….and thus my skin doesn’t burn either. You are what you eat…ever hear that??? Of course you have. What you sow, thus shall you reap! What goes into an engine is what gives it power. And it was this scripture that directed me to eat only what is good. As a result my body is healing. I still have bad days when the neurotoxins and biotoxins are overwhelming my body, but that’s a matter of detoxing and flushing them out. Each day I see manifestations of God’s power in my life. I see His desire for me and for my well being. How Great Is Our God!

So Welcome To My Garden!

Volunteer Mullein

I spent 3 hours cutting an edge on my herb garden. I planted a new bee balm which is my all time favorite herb!

I was so tickled to find my first Indian Eggplant! When I was in India, I learned to love eggplant. They have these tiny little eggplants and I found mine from The Cook’s Garden. And I just put in my order for seeds to plant in my hoophouse this winter. And to put in a second crop of beets and greens before our first frost…Oct 16 (my b-day)!

Isn’t the contrast beautiful? God planted these little Zinnias around my cabbage. Pink & Green who would have thought!

I love having flowers in the garden. They attract bees of all kinds for pollination.

I planted the marigolds, but the Zinnias are all volunteer!

I picked about 5 pounds of green beans the other day and a pound on Sunday. They are so sweet and delish! Boomer, our lab LOVES green beans. I don’t know how he knows, but he smells them and begs on the other side of the fence. I throw him a couple and he is soooo happy!

The corn is to die for!!!! Even though the crows picked through the small plants, what I salvaged is just out of this world sweet!!!!!!!

Some of the corn is over 8 Feet tall!!!!!!!!!!

Jalepeno are ready as well as the Tomatillos. I didn’t plant any Cilantro but today while I’m out I’ll pick up some at the health food store. Can you say SALSA!!!

Then to my surprise I found pickles…I mean cucs.

A bunch of cucs! Enough to make a small batch of brined fermented picles!

I also have Watermelon & Cantelope that are doing great!!!


The carrots are amazingly sweet! That’s due to a neutral soil…acid gives tart carrots.

The borage is attracting so many honey bees!!!! Yeah, save the honey bees!

This has to be the kick in the seat! My greatest growing challenge were Sweet Potatoes!!! They died in the bed I carefully made for them…but lookie here… my compost I have the best looking Sweet Potatoes!!!! And more on the other side along with tomato plants too! How can you not believe in a Creator God, when little miracles like this happen?

The other side of my compost box…tomatoes and sweet potatoes and some yukon gold too. I’m really going to have to dig around in there for these nuggets of gold!!!


Me today, almost the big 5 0, nearly 100% recoverd and enjoying life!!!

Wow, yesterday about 11 AM, I hit 444! That’s the number of readings in 6 months on my most popular post/page….“My Journey With Lyme Disease”. I guess there really are a lot of people searching for answers to this puzzling disease.

I wanted to update you on my journey. I am now enjoying near complete recovery! That’s incredibly good news! After 37 yrs of this disease being a mystery and finally being able to find recovery. Not many can say that. Not many will find that.

First of all, I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. The experiences are mine and mine alone.

I still believe with alllllllll my heart that you can’t heal from any disease UNTIL you heal your leaky gut! It cannot be a one time fix all deal. It has to be a lifetime pursuit. You have to be committed to this. It’s not easy. Nothing that’s worth having and fighting for is! But I promise you it is worth finding. Most are still looking for “the answer” to this mystery disease….as far as I’m concerned diet is the answer. Make it your pursuit to find raw dairy where ever you live. It’s there, you have to find it. I believe that the enzymes in raw milk are what our bodies need to heal and also the lacto fermented foods that are made with raw milk as well as others. Then I believe the other protocols will work. Which one? That’s for you to find. I tried many but for me Dr Zhang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine is working.

I can successfully say that Babesia is dead. I’m pretty sure now that Bartonella is also dead. That leaves Bb and Erhliciosis. I’ve finished my 6th month on Dr Zhang’s protocol and will continue for another 6 months. Nothing can compare to what I’ve obtained. Nothing. It is a gift of life I’ve been given from Jesus and I will be thankful forever.

This is why I believe this. As most experts in this field of chronic lyme disease believe now, you cannot heal from the Bb infection without first healing the other infections. That is really very good news. As far as we know, Bb is the only pleomorphic bacteria in the battle we face, so the others CAN be killed and then Bb with rifing and the right protocol. Yes, it takes time, but they can successfully be killed. Once I killed Babesia, Bartonella was uncovered and became very active…lots of bone pain and pain in my feet, specifically the bottoms of my feet. It wasn’t until the other day that I realized I was having lots of joint pain and haven’t had any bone pain for a week or so, nor any claw marks on my upper thigh. But now the joints are hurting…this is indicative of lyme (Bb). For me Bab’s was the ultimate worst of all the infections I have had. It is a cousin to Malaria. The symptoms being very similar.

With these other infections gone, I can program my rifing even more specifically toward Bb. I have been rifing religiously for 18 months. I rifed for one hour two days ago and I am doing well. As far as I can tell the only herxing I’ve had is a pretty bad head ache today….that I can live with. I know it will pass. Plus the night of and last night my joints were very swollen. One trick I have when I rife is I put my hands up to the machine and if I feel anything in them I know it’s killing the Bb in my joints. It did!!!! It hurt pretty badly for a few minutes. I’ve done that with my crowned tooth and boy does it do a number on the Bb hiding in there. I am very familiar with my body and I know where the Bb lives. I know what joints to look at. For instance I broke my left foot when I was 8. That is the foot/ ankle that always hurts. I also injured my left knee in 10th grade and that is my lyme knee. 😦 It will swell pretty badly. I broke my left elbow when I was 2….I knew before I asked my mom which arm it was because of the joint pain in that elbow! I’ve also had 8 surgeries on my hands due to a car accident and they will flare as well and I get a lump near one of the incisions. I have one crown in my mouth…it loves to hide in there. And due to the fact that my crown is on the right upper side I also seem to have issues with pain in my right eyeball as well as the side of my head hurting. And my right side of my face doesn’t sag anymore from the palsy. It used to love my gut, until I healed it. Now I don’t have indigestion issues or pain. No head aches unless it’s from a herx. My energy is back and I feel better at near 50 then I did at 30!!!!!! 🙂 That’s so cool! My vision is great. I just had my eyes examined and they are better than ever. No more episodes of deafness, no more bright flashing lights in my eyes, no more mood swings, no more muscle pain, no more craziness, no more chronic fatigue, no more feeling like a train hit me, no more tiredness, no more laying around trying to wake-up for an hour, no more lack of motivation, no more nausea, no more panic attacks and I guess the list could go on. The funny thing is I have to think really hard to remember how bad it was.

I’m telling you. This is a great place to be and I wish it for all of you! I pray you can be brave enough to fight the good fight. Changing the way we eat is not easy. But it is essential!

And probably my most prized recovery is my brain. I remember sitting in the doctors office 3 years ago crying….saying, “all I want is to be able to think again. Will I ever get my mind back?” He didn’t have any answers. Well, I’m here to tell you that your brain too will heal….it’s a miracle!!! I could never be doing any of this if it weren’t true. I didn’t know how to do anything on the computer; upload, download it was a foreign language to me….and now look at me! You know, everyone with Lyme has NO memory! But it will come back! I can even add again and think logically…well sorta…I never was good with logic! But you know what I mean. You can recover your mind! But I’m so glad the craziness is gone. You know what I mean.

And then of course I did drastic detoxing for mostly 7 yrs. I detoxed the heavy metals as well as the bio-toxins and neuro-toxins for the last three yrs. Using the infrared sauna, hydrotherapy, coffee enemas, and I relied heavily on God in times of intense Bible reading and prayer. I spent two hrs every day for 3 yrs detoxing in the mornings and drawing my strength from God. He found me in my greatest time of need. My favorite saying then was:

When God is all you have, God is all you need.

I’m starting to dream again. To believe that it’s possible for me to return to India, God willing. To continue to pursue my dream of giving women in India hope. To find the organization that I can partner with to travel and to obtain fair trade goods to sell in my own shop. To dream bigger and bigger with each new day. To remember that I was made for such a time as this. To know that God does have a plan for me. One of prosperity and good health. One of a future with hope. And so I encourage you today to pursue life….that you may live! That you may find God at this point on your journey. To believe that there is more for your life than suffering. To believe that Jesus is the only way. He alone can heal us. He is the Great Dream Giver!!!! Watch out world, here I come!