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I’ve been using and learning from herbs since I planted my first herb garden, 21 yrs ago and I’m still amazed that though terribly neglected, every spring it burst forth into life. Using herbs varies for many people; cooking, medicinal and botanical.

I’m currently a student of Herb Mentor with John Gallagher and love the hands on learning that he has established. Using herbs is a huge part of my life since I’m recovering my body from Lyme Disease and it’s many co-infections with Dr. Zhang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine. I’ve chosen to use alternative medicine most of my adult life and now to heal from this disease I’m using traditional foods as well as the plant kingdom that God created and said, “It is GOOD!”

Beautiful Breast Oil Infusing

Infusing Oils in the sun

My kitchen herb garden w/ dill, 2 sages, african basil, borage and garlic chives

(the tiny plant in the bottom right corner is my first ever herb seedling…tiny sage)

Harvesting Dandelions for my Breast Salve


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