Memory Leakage

I just had to stick this pic in again.  It's my favorite.  My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles.  Who would have and my point and shoot.

I just had to stick this pic in again. It's my favorite. My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles. Who would have and my point and shoot.

I tried to remember everything to tell you about my healing…but even though my mind has healed from Lyme Diseases ravenous destruction….well, now I have menopausal memory leakage!!! One important thing to remember and never lose is your sense of humor! I mean it. I’ve grown funnier by the day. Sometimes I make Honey laugh so hard when we’re trying to go to sleep he nearly falls out of the bed. So, even though you feel like crying….well go ahead and have a good one, but then you have to find something to laugh at. It creates endorphines!!! So laugh on!!!

Fats. I only use EV olive oil, EV coconut oil, and sesame oil. And they are organic. I also use raw butter and are you ready for this one….LARD! I haven’t gotten into using duck and goose fats….but if I come by them I will try them. I have a bunch of tallow in the freezer from our side of beef and I need to render it. I could tell you all the benefits of lard, but I think that you ought to look it up yourself…..I mean, that’s the whole thing about healing is using your brain. If you don’t use it you lose it!

Rest. You need and must rest. People use to ask me if I worked and I told them my job was to get well. What good was I to my Honey if I wasn’t around? Now, that I am well and rested I am a whole lot of good to him. You should see what I can get done in a days time, when I’m not blogging!!!!! Which by the way, I am avoiding running the vacuum and dusting! I keep telling myself I will after I do one more thing….drink my tea, write this, eat my chocolate! I never found housework to ever get up and walk out cause it didn’t like the way things looked. I wish it would but it doesn’t!

Beauty. Surround yourself with beauty. Inner and outer!!! I always took a shower and put a little make-up on…no matter. I knew it would lift my spirits. Sometimes, I literally had to sit in the shower and rest just to get finished. And then I’d have to sit on the toilet to dry my hair. It seemed to take forever to get that chore done. But then when you look in the mirror you feel so much better. I also make sure the blinds and curtains are open so I can look at the beauty surrounding me. If I couldn’t go for a walk I’d sit outside and breath the fresh air. There were days when I wished I could have walked to the mailbox, but I couldn’t. But it didn’t stop me from sitting in the family room and looking at the mailbox. On my very worst days, God sent me a hummingbird to feed from my coral bells right outside the window that I’d become a prisoner behind. That’s another story completely that I must tell. It’s an amazing story of how God showed me His love and lifted me out of the miry clay pit.

Help. Don’t forget to ask for help.  It was an auto accident that brought that one home for me.  In 1993 I was hit almost head on and it changed our lives forever.  It was then that Honey began to really love me…don’t get me wrong here….he did love me, but when you almost lose someone, then it drives home the importance of it more.  I know you understand.  It’s how 9-11-2001 changed me.  After that day I just couldn’t ever not tell those I loved that I loved them….it could be the very last time.  I know you understand.  But…..the word help came full circle into our lives in 1993.  It was the last time I ever picked up my little 5 yr old son.  It was when I could no longer carry the laundry basket.  I had to ask for the kids to do more…. and they were only 5 and 9.  But they ran the vacuum for me and did their laundry and were real troopers.   “Help” became a real part of my vocabulary.  Before that, well, I had this image of what I was suppose to look like.  Some super mom thing.  Well, in the real world super mom’s don’t exist!!  Got that???  They don’t.  I’m way to old now to worry about that kind of stuff.  The other word you need to learn is….”NO!”  You can say it kindly, but “NO”.  No I can’t bake cookies for the class.  No I can’t volunteer for this or that.  No, no, no!  Go ahead and practice right now…NO, NO, NO!!!   Don’t feel guilty either.  Trust me, once your healing comes, there will be plenty of time to say “YES”!   My life is finally coming back to me.  And all the years of isolation are going away.  God is bringing people back into my life and it’s good.  But I still have to keep a balance.  Not too much.

I hope that helps….a little counseling session for free!  I hope you have a lovely day….I have to go run the vacuum and dust now….oh Yuck, but ya know, I am so very grateful for these times….I have been in the lowest pit and I am so very glad to be alive and run the vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!  See ya later.


Christmas ~ Take Two

Most of our Christmas Day centered around the house fire of our elderly neighbor, but after we had a really nice visit with another neighbor and Ben rolled out of bed we did share our love for one another by giving and receiving gifts of love. And although the day started early with the 3:00 am fire, we still had a very peaceful and sweet day with each other. We ditched our traditional Christmas Breakfast because Ben slept till 10ish and I was just so dang tired that we opened gifts and then ate left overs from Christmas Eve Dinner. We watched TV, napped and read. We went over to the farm house to offer our help with whatever the family needed and enjoyed time being together.

Ben has left for New Orleans and will be back in a week. He loves to serve others and it does my heart good to see him so much stronger and healthier this year. We have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. Please pray for their safety as they travel to LA.

Becca spent Christmas in Prague with one of her friends from YWAM. Life is very different this year as we have all of our firsts without Becca. She will be leaving for Africa the first week of January. Please also pray for her safety and her team as they go.

Prague (isn’t this a gorgeous picture her friend McKenna Anne took!)


My in laws were here to share Christmas Eve dinner with us and boy was it good. Honey requested another Turkey from Jehovah Jireh Farm and it proved to be even better than the one I cooked for Thanksgiving. There wasn’t anything fancy, just good whole food that taste good and is good for you. My father in law was particularly glad for food that didn’t come from a box….sorry Gma! Of course nothing we eat comes from a box. Most of it comes from our garden or near by farms.


Honey brought me beautiful red Christmas roses!



Gma and Gpa


Honey, me & Ben


A great gift!


Food always works in Ben’s stocking. Yes, those are sponge Bob PJ pants on a 20 yr old!!!


Honey with some new sleeping pills (DVD’s)


Honey loves denim shirts. They keep him toasty in his computer rooms at work.


Honey gave me this sweet Willow Tree.


This was my favorite gift. Honey bought this sweetie calendar and wrote captions on each month. Tears welled up in my eyes. It’s how he sees me that brings me to tears.


I’ve been wearing my steel toed boots for a month, but Honey wrapped the box. It was heavy but Honey always puts weights in empty boxes, so I didn’t open it all day. Then before we went to bed, Honey asked me if I’d opened it. Nope. He thought maybe I should……oh, right I forgot my Muck Boots!!!!


I know they really are too pretty for manure, but that’s what they are for. A girl’s gotta look good even shoveling manure! By the way, I also got a manure fork and shovel!!! 😀


After the fire I came home, took a shower and did something fun. I made fresh butter for the first time. It took 5 minutes in my Bosch with cookie paddles. It is absolutely way better than the fresh butter I buy from the farmer, even though it’s from the same cream. Maybe they let theirs sit longer. So simple, you really should try.


I got a pint and a half of butter from 1 qt of heavy cream…’s cheaper to make my own.


Another interesting thing happened on Christmas Day. Wacky Waldo, my previously named Waldeen chicken, discovered that he could fly over the gate. He spent most of his day outside the chicken pen walking around the edge trying to get back in. Yes, he is a he. And it’s confirmed that Roxie is Rocky! I saw it!!! So, we have two roosters. I got three eggs today which verifies that the others are hens!!! Yeah, now what to do with the roosters.

Lady was really almost going crazy watching that chicken walk around the chicken fence. He never came near her or else she would have had a wonderful Christmas Dinner too!!!



Photo of Prague from facebook…credit to McKenna Anne

Pics from Ann Arbor MI

I was way too tired to post pics last night. It was a long weekend short on sleep.

I was up at 5:30 AM to catch my 9:19 flight out of Detroit Metro on Sunday. I arrived at 6:30 AM with my rental car. Checked in with Northwest and proceeded through security without a clitch. The Detroit airport is really a beautiful airport. It’s huge. My walk down to gate A8 was a long one so I took my time. Got a cup of hot herbal tea and sat down to watch the news and unwind. The flight on the board was for Vancouver. Then up went the info for Baltimore. Good. But the times just didn’t match up with my ticket, so I went to the counter to inquire.

What happened next is very typical of ME! I’m such an airhead. There’s a reason why I’m called Ditzy Di!

The gal looked at my ticket and said, “oh, you have a PM flight. WHAT??????????????? You’ve got to be kidding me, right????? No, it happens all the time. Let me get you on stand by for this flight to Baltimore. It’s full so we’ll have to wait until the very last minute and see if you get on.” She was happy I didn’t have a carry on and sent for my bag that was probably easy to find since it was the only 9:19 PM flight already checked in at 9:19AM!!!!!

So, I call Honey right away. He belts out a very big laugh….in fact his laugh went on for a while!!!

So, I sat for another hour or so. Waiting. Just as the last 3 passengers were boarding one was re routed and his seat became available for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as I was stepping foot into the airplane I just hung up with Honey and told him I made it. I didn’t care if my bag made it, I could always drive back for it, BUT it did!!

For me, this was all a God thing. He worked it all out.

Now, in the past I would have broken down in tears with stress bulging out of my neck and blood shooting out of my eyes. I would have blamed it all on the fact that I had Chronic Lyme Disease and no one understood. But not yesterday, I took it all in stride and went with the flow. I didn’t blame myself other than it’s pretty typical of me.

This is a good sign of healing. No tears. No stress.

The whole weekend was a God thing.

I was up on Friday at 3:30 AM and in Detroit by 7:30 AM. Picked up my rental car and got to the hotel at 9:30AM. They were so kind that they gave me my room so I could rest for the day. And I did.

Then I headed out to see Ann Arbor and to find some food that I could eat.

I found this little Indian joint.

They had a lunch buffet and I enjoyed every last bite. I ate with my right hand just as I learned in India. Let’s face it. It just taste better that way!!! Hopefully not too many customers were grossed out!

Then I walked the city to see The University of Michigan

Lovely Old Congregational Church

There were bikes every where all over the city.

The library.

I love all the old buildings, they have so much character.

Signs were every where. School had only started 10 days ago. So lots of info, lots of events.

One building I never would be seen stepping foot into!!!!!

What’s with the clock tower? It seems like there’s a tower on every University campus.

Class of 1895!!!!

Couldn’t quite figure out this fountain.

Another angle.

I grew up in Newark Delaware the home of The University of DE and we were also the Blue & Gold!

Ann Arbor reminded me somewhat of Newark.

I had to pick up a couple gifts for the Coe’s at Moe’s!!!!

And as I was leaving town I spotted Google. I don’t know if they have a head quaters here, but since they are my favorite search engine I thought I’d pop of pic as I got the green light!

I spent the whole day waiting for Ann Marie and Kate to arrive. Sorry it’s so dark.

Kate and Ann Marie were my room mates for the weekend. I played nanny since I’m an early to bed gal. Kate and I went to bed while Ann Marie stayed up chatting with Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

Kate is such a good baby! So happy and healthy.

She loved playing with the dresser drawer, hiding things and pulling them out. It’s amazing how babies can stay entertained with so little.

My fan club.

(L to R)

Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Julie, Valorie, Cat, ME, and Ann Marie

My adoring fan club. Those who are closest to my heart.

Cath, Cath’s husband, Summer

Sally Fallon-Morell and Geoff Morell

Sally is the president of The Weston A Price Foundation in D.C.

at the end of a long day and Geoff could still remember that I lived in Howard County.

Must be all that raw butter and Cod Liver Oil.

I’m Back With The Message of HOPE

The give away is open until Thursday at Midnight, EST. Go ahead and leave your comments and you’ll have a chance to win some great prizes.

I’m back from Ann Arbor, MI where I went to The Deirdre Currie Festival.

It was a very long way to go to hear some great speakers on the topic of health and food, but it was worth it. Sally Fallon, the president of The Weston A. Price Foundation was there to speak truth to us. She’s passionate about raw milk and making it accessible to everyone. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride was also there speaking about the GAPS diet. Gut and Psychology Sydrome-GAPS is similar to the diet I followed to heal my leaky gut. There were also Jerry Brunetti and Karen Lubbers. And there was a great Farmer’s Market that had some great folks in attendance like: US Wellness Meats, Green Pasture’s, The Grain & Salt Society and so many other wonderful small farmers who work tirelessly to provide good, nutritional food for our families.

I came home with one bumper sticker…”Where does your food come from?”

But the best part for me was to meet my tiny “fan club”. Yes, it was a hoot. When I arrived I was told people had signs and were looking for me. I kinda chuckled and said, “naha”. “Yes, yes, it’s true. They have signs that say, ‘we want to meet Diane Coe’ ” So as I went in, there was my little fan club of 6!!!! Cat, Cath and her honey Mr. NRA!, Summer their daughter, Cat’s sister who wasn’t really a fan, but she will be, and Valerie! We hugged and cried. You aren’t a girl if you don’t cry, hug and giggle.

Cath, Summer and her husband wanted to meet me because they too, like many of you, are in the suffering stages of Chronic Lyme Disease. They wanted to see a real person who was smiling, and was ALIVE again! They wanted hope.

They wanted to see ME! Me. It’s truly humbling, because I am nothing. It’s all God and what He has shown me and how He has lead me down this path on this journey of suffering to find His glorious and divine gift of healing.

If there is no better reason to be in Ann Arbor for a whirlwind tour, this was it. To give a precious 13 yr old girl hope. Hope that she will have a future. And YES, Summer, YES you will. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time. But you will have a life again.

Deuteronomy 30:19b-20a says it all.

“Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to Him. FOR THE LORD IS YOUR LIFE and He WILL give you many years.”


That was worth it for me. That’s it. That’s what it’s all about.

There were no less than 10 people who said to me in one weekend, “you must write a book”. People who were complete strangers on the airplane, who loved my story of hope and recovery. All too many of us forget those still in the midst of suffering when we are no longer suffering. I believe that God has a reason for allowing me to find a way out of this debilitating disease and He wants me to share it with the world.

So, pray for me as I endevour to write a book. I have the title already picked out and it shall remain a secret.





ROMANS 12:12





One of Honey’s names for me is “my Joy”.  Even in the midst of sorrow, I had Joy unspeakable!!!  It came from deep within.  Joy is contagious!  Spread some around today!!!

Photo credit: Flickr

The Joy of Eating!

Sally Fallon age 60

For me when I think of an image of radiant health and beauty I think of Sally Fallon. The article states that Sally has a “farm-fed look”! Imagine that. Having curves!!!! I’ve heard that the average size for women in America is a 14, so who wants to be “below average”!!!! 😀

Yesterday, August 6, 2008, the Washington Post did an article titled, The Great Divide. The articles focus was on The Weston A. Price Foundation and it’s president, Sally Fallon. It was good exposure for the group and for the diet of which I claim has brought about my healing from Chronic Lyme Disease. The excerpts below are from the article and describe what Price discovered and what Sally Fallon has done for thousands.

“There was great variety in the diets: Some subsisted on meats, others on seafoods, grains, even insects. But in each group, Price found little or no evidence of chronic disease or tooth decay. He concluded that what those diets had in common were high levels of vitamins A and D and what he called “activator X,” now believed to be vitamin K2. He determined that those important vitamins could be obtained only from animal foods, including seafood, organ meats, and butterfat and eggs from pastured animals. Price, who died in 1948, got some early attention for his work, but its message was largely forgotten during the pro-industry ’50s and ’60s.”

It was finding out about this fat and more specifically “activator X” that first caught my attention to this way of eating. My first glimpse into Prices diet was through the writing of Dr. Ron Schmid and his books. Dr Ron, as we call him, has also healed from Chronic Lyme Disease using this diet of traditional foods.

“‘Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.’ The first edition, released in 1996, was riddled with typos and errors. But it sold.”

“In 12 years, the book, corrected in a second edition, has sold 310,000 copies (see sidebar). That is 30,000 more than the paperback version of Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” and 50,000 more than Ina Garten’s “The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook,” according to Nielsen BookScan.”

Wow, imagine that Sally Fallon out did Rachel Ray and Ina Garten!!!!

“I’m as amazed as anyone,” Fallon says. She credits its success to the fact that the book’s rules “tell people they can do what their body naturally wants to. All of the other rules require willpower, and willpower doesn’t work.”

“Fallon appears to be living proof of the benefits of the “Nourishing Traditions” diet. Her typical day’s food intake is about 2,300 calories and includes eggs, with extra yolks, or oatmeal with at least three tablespoons of butter for breakfast; soup with cheese or pâté for lunch; and meat or organ meat for dinner with lots of vegetables. And though Fallon is far from model thin, she has a healthy, farm-fed look. She says she hasn’t gotten sick in 10 years and long ago overcame allergies and digestive problems that dogged her in her 20s.”

It was Sally’s example that urged me to increase my intake of raw butter to 3-4 Tbsp in my oatmeal. I’ve never eaten oatmeal this delicious in my life! Soaking your oatmeal in yogurt overnight breaks down the phytic acid that Amanda Rose taught me about, and makes it easily digestible. In fact by soaking your old fashion oatmeal in yogurt overnight, it’s practically an instant dish. Spice it up with some cinnamon and raw honey for a wonderful breakfast treat and don’t forget the generous servings of raw butter!

“Some independent studies, such as the ones charted in Gary Taubes’s recent book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet, Weight Control and Disease,” do support the premise that saturated fat isn’t the enemy. But not everyone agrees with the foundation’s claims. Joel Fuhrman, doctor and author of “Eat for Health,” which advocates a nutrient-dense diet with limited animal products, calls it “unconscionable” to advocate a diet high in saturated fat, especially for children. He also alleges that the evidence Fallon and Enig use to support their claims is based on antiquated studies with poor observations.”

“The worst people can say about us is that we use older studies,” Fallon says. “Would you jump off a building because the law of gravity was discovered 300 years ago? This is good science.”

Of course if we didn’t eat these good fats, then we’d be eating bad fats, like hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils and lots of corn syrup. Then we would need their Statin drugs! It never ceases to amaze me how blinded some people are. Same all same all!

So, go ahead and eat lots and lots of raw butter! Sink your teeth into it and smile. Ah, The Joy of Eating!!!!


Showers of Blessing

“There will be showers of blessing”

Ezekiel 34:26

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible that I clung to while on my journey with Chronic Lyme Disease. I take God at His Word. He promised me showers of blessing and even though I couldn’t see them while I was in my “coma”, they were there. I am now reaping a huge harvest of blessing from a lot of very hard work to get to this place of healing.

You know how your Mum always told you that you’d appreciate something more if you had to work hard for it? I believe that sometimes that’s what God says. Yes, I believe that there are modern day miracles, but I also believe God wants us to listen to his still small voice and follow His instruction. That is what I did. He told me all along that I would find my healing in food. That it was right here. He spoke this to me through His written Word. The Word that comes alive through our faith in Christ.

When I read Isaiah 55:2, I knew that I heard His still small voice. “Listen, Listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.” I’m not sure it could get much clearer than this to me. He told me twice to listen. That must mean He had something very important to say. So I did eat what was good, the richest of fare. I ate lots of raw butter and cream! They are packed with Vit D. Many believe today that you cannot heal from any illness without Vit A & D. I agree. I get my Vit A from Cod Liver Oil.  Or my childhood favorite….Sardines!!!!!!!!!  I love them!

Every morning I eat lots of bright yellow raw butter. Either I put it on my sourdough toast or I use even more in my yogurt soaked oatmeal. I also take 1-2 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil. Dr Ron Schmid is an ND in Conn. and he has recovered his body from Lyme Disease also. When I was first diagnosed 3 years ago, I read his book, Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine. At first I thought, I could never eat like that, but after listening to God’s voice and finding connections, I was able to access raw dairy from PA, a state that still allows the sale of raw dairy legally. Once I began to consume raw dairy my health began to turn around. He even suggests eating grassfed meats….ummm…raw or close to raw. I did for a long time. I even ate soy free chicken raw. It was actually delicious…in fact, I craved it. I’d never had raw chicken before, but here I was craving it. I guess my body needed the protein. You must always know where your food is coming from. Mine comes directly from my personal farmers. I know them by name and they know me. I would never recommend eating raw meat or any meat actually, from a grocery store; organic or otherwise!!!! I told you it took a lot of hard work.

Even now, it takes work. I soak all my grains that I am now able to eat. My oatmeal is always soaked overnight in yogurt or kefir to break down the phytic acid that inhibits digestion. I have to order most of my food in advance and then drive to pick it up. I keep a well stocked freezer with grassfed meats. I drive 60 miles round trip for my soy free eggs from Sycamore Spring Farm. I make all my herbal infusions and tinctures with organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. I only use Coconut Oil, Butter, Lard or EVOO as oils. I make my own fermented veggies and drinks all of which aid and prevent leaky gut syndrome.

It just takes work. Nothing is easy in life. But if you will commit to the hard work of focusing on recovering you body, you can. God will give you what you need if you ask Him. He will withhold no good thing from those who fear Him. He told us, “Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened, Ask and you will receive.” He is God and I am not. He is in the Heavens and He does as He pleases. BUT I do know that “The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive”, and I am fully alive now! I live each day to worship God, and to bring glory and honor to Him. I live as a vessel broken and poured out. To live is Christ!

Eggs a la Goldenrod!

I’m being featured on Kelly The Kitchen Kop today with this easy and nourishingly traditional food!

That’s the name my dad gave this great egg dish when I was growing up. Dad was a cook in the Army during the Korean War….I’m not sure if he learned this dish there or if he just made it up. My family has loved it for years and Honey and I just had it the other night for dinner. As you know, I’m an “old” cook, so I rarely measure anything. Please play around with it and adjust as necessary.

Begin by making a white sauce. Due to our many food allergies, I use rice flour.

1/4 C raw butter

1/4 C rice flour

1-2 C raw milk

Melt butter in cast iron skillet. Add flour and cook for a minute or so. Then add 1-2 C raw milk, depending on how thick you like it. You can always add as you go along….but you can’t take out! Stir the milk in with a wisk and heat until thick, but not too thick. Salt & pepper as desired.

8-12 eggs hardboiled

Shell and separate the yolks from the whites. Chop the whites and add to white sauce. Mash the yolks in a bowl. Serve over toast of choice by pouring white sauce and egg over toast and topping with the mashed yolk…..if you like it fancy….add a dash of paprika!