Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide, and shield me]. I shall not lack.

I’ve got news…..The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend!!!  Hooray!  Honey and I have taken a vacation in the beginning of May for the last two years.  Not this year.  Even though we’ve been busier than bees, I just said, “no”.  I love going to the Sheep & Wool Festival which is the first weekend in May every year at the Howard County Fair Grounds.  You see, I only live 7 miles from the fair grounds…oh boy so much for disclosure.  If you’re coming drop me a comment and I’ll meet you somewhere at the festival…wouldn’t that be fun!

If you’ve never been, you’re in for a real treat.  It is suppose to be one of the best sheep & wool festivals in the country and it’s practically in my backyard!!!  The traffic coming in off of the interstate is horrible, but I go in the back way and avoid all of that.  The weather is suppose to be just awful to boot.  Rain on Saturday and I haven’t checked Sunday yet.

But this year, since the farmer bug bit me, I’m taking a class on Friday.  Shhhh.  Honey knows I’m taking a class, he just probably thinks it’s a knitting or spinning class….we don’t keep secrets, but I haven’t told him the name of the class.  He hasn’t asked either….it’s “Basic Shepherding”.  I’ll tell him when I get home…maybe cause I’ll have a sheep or two in the back of the van…just kidding.

You see, I’d love to have some sheep too.  I love to spin and wouldn’t it be great to have my own sheep.  Kinda like having our own chickens cause we love eggs and our own cows cause we love raw milk.

Ok, the truth…..I lay in bed some mornings and wonder what in the world I have done.  Here I am at 50, my kids are grown and gone.  My demanding doggie has died and it’s just me and Lady and Honey.  Honey gets up before the crack of dawn and doesn’t ever demand anything of me.  I can lay in bed for as long as I wish and now what have I gone and done.  Of course except for those mornings that Rocky Rooster makes me go wild with rage.

I want to be a farmer!  CRAZY!!!  I know.  But since I am crazy, why not add a couple sheep to the mix.  You know “welcome to my crazy life”.

My favorite wool to spin in Blue Faced Leicester.  It has a long draw and it’s soft.

But my farmer that we are buying our cows from has Jacob Sheep.  They are suppose to have lovely wool.  And they are one of those heritage animals.  I know it’s crazy.  But I won’t do anything right now.  But just in case I ought to know how to Shepherd if I ever do.

They are so cool.  They have a double horn.  And spots!  Wouldn’t that make a beautiful natural colored sweater????  Maybe a couple sweaters and hats and mittens and scarves oh and……. cheese.  I just bought some really yummy sheep’s milk feta cheese.  Ok, I won’t do anything rash.  At least not yet.  I guess I ought to get really good at milking a cow before I think of milking a sheep.  But, a woman can dream can’t she?  I can hear Honey now….”just so long as you’re just dreaming. Dream on.”


Memory Leakage

I just had to stick this pic in again.  It's my favorite.  My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles.  Who would have and my point and shoot.

I just had to stick this pic in again. It's my favorite. My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles. Who would have and my point and shoot.

I tried to remember everything to tell you about my healing…but even though my mind has healed from Lyme Diseases ravenous destruction….well, now I have menopausal memory leakage!!! One important thing to remember and never lose is your sense of humor! I mean it. I’ve grown funnier by the day. Sometimes I make Honey laugh so hard when we’re trying to go to sleep he nearly falls out of the bed. So, even though you feel like crying….well go ahead and have a good one, but then you have to find something to laugh at. It creates endorphines!!! So laugh on!!!

Fats. I only use EV olive oil, EV coconut oil, and sesame oil. And they are organic. I also use raw butter and are you ready for this one….LARD! I haven’t gotten into using duck and goose fats….but if I come by them I will try them. I have a bunch of tallow in the freezer from our side of beef and I need to render it. I could tell you all the benefits of lard, but I think that you ought to look it up yourself…..I mean, that’s the whole thing about healing is using your brain. If you don’t use it you lose it!

Rest. You need and must rest. People use to ask me if I worked and I told them my job was to get well. What good was I to my Honey if I wasn’t around? Now, that I am well and rested I am a whole lot of good to him. You should see what I can get done in a days time, when I’m not blogging!!!!! Which by the way, I am avoiding running the vacuum and dusting! I keep telling myself I will after I do one more thing….drink my tea, write this, eat my chocolate! I never found housework to ever get up and walk out cause it didn’t like the way things looked. I wish it would but it doesn’t!

Beauty. Surround yourself with beauty. Inner and outer!!! I always took a shower and put a little make-up on…no matter. I knew it would lift my spirits. Sometimes, I literally had to sit in the shower and rest just to get finished. And then I’d have to sit on the toilet to dry my hair. It seemed to take forever to get that chore done. But then when you look in the mirror you feel so much better. I also make sure the blinds and curtains are open so I can look at the beauty surrounding me. If I couldn’t go for a walk I’d sit outside and breath the fresh air. There were days when I wished I could have walked to the mailbox, but I couldn’t. But it didn’t stop me from sitting in the family room and looking at the mailbox. On my very worst days, God sent me a hummingbird to feed from my coral bells right outside the window that I’d become a prisoner behind. That’s another story completely that I must tell. It’s an amazing story of how God showed me His love and lifted me out of the miry clay pit.

Help. Don’t forget to ask for help.  It was an auto accident that brought that one home for me.  In 1993 I was hit almost head on and it changed our lives forever.  It was then that Honey began to really love me…don’t get me wrong here….he did love me, but when you almost lose someone, then it drives home the importance of it more.  I know you understand.  It’s how 9-11-2001 changed me.  After that day I just couldn’t ever not tell those I loved that I loved them….it could be the very last time.  I know you understand.  But…..the word help came full circle into our lives in 1993.  It was the last time I ever picked up my little 5 yr old son.  It was when I could no longer carry the laundry basket.  I had to ask for the kids to do more…. and they were only 5 and 9.  But they ran the vacuum for me and did their laundry and were real troopers.   “Help” became a real part of my vocabulary.  Before that, well, I had this image of what I was suppose to look like.  Some super mom thing.  Well, in the real world super mom’s don’t exist!!  Got that???  They don’t.  I’m way to old now to worry about that kind of stuff.  The other word you need to learn is….”NO!”  You can say it kindly, but “NO”.  No I can’t bake cookies for the class.  No I can’t volunteer for this or that.  No, no, no!  Go ahead and practice right now…NO, NO, NO!!!   Don’t feel guilty either.  Trust me, once your healing comes, there will be plenty of time to say “YES”!   My life is finally coming back to me.  And all the years of isolation are going away.  God is bringing people back into my life and it’s good.  But I still have to keep a balance.  Not too much.

I hope that helps….a little counseling session for free!  I hope you have a lovely day….I have to go run the vacuum and dust now….oh Yuck, but ya know, I am so very grateful for these times….I have been in the lowest pit and I am so very glad to be alive and run the vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!  See ya later.


I saw my doc this AM and it was rather uneventful.  He looked at my blood work and said that it were “boring”.  In a doctors view, when there is nothing happening and everything is great, then it’s boring.  Doctors live to see and treat sickness.

But my doc is very happy for me and wishes all his patients could reach my level of wellness and healing.  It’s a choice.

We chatted about menopause and my hot flashes.  We talked about how flying impacts me negatively due to the elevation bringing out any Lyme bugs.  We talked about me being tired and what it could be contributed to.  We talked about my lack of sleep due to hot flashes (that could be why I’m tired or just that I’m working hard and I’m 50!). We talked about my newest medication…….chocolate and what time of the day to eat it.   We talked about what was next.  Basically he is so pleased that I have an upward momentum that if it needs tweaking then I tweak it.   That this thing called healing is a lifestyle.  It’s not a quick fix.  Nothing in life worth having is a quickie.

Basically, I know what to do and I keep doing it.  Many of you have written to me and asked me what it is I’m doing.  Am I doing the same thing now that I was 2 yrs ago?  Some of you ask for advice….which I really don’t give, cause this is my place to journal about my life and what I am doing….I’m not a doctor and although sometimes I pretend (just kidding FDA) (I have a little white coat and stethoscope) and I’ve been addressed as Dr. D, well, I’m not.  So, I thought I’d take the time to tell you in detailed everything I am doing now…..what I eat, what I drink, how I sleep, how I deal with pain, etc, etc.

So for those of you who will find this part boring….then I wish you a good day!  See you another time when I’m talking about my life’s passions; cows and chickens and gardens!


I continue to follow the teachings of Dr Weston A Price when it comes to my diet.  For yrs (I’ve lost count…10 maybe) I gave up grains, which included all of the grass family.  Then after learning about something called Phytic Acid, I began to experiment with sprouted grains and sourdough.  Now I do allow myself sprouted grains and sourdough breads.  Although after reaching this level of healing I’d be a liar if I told you I never ate anything unsprouted.  I do.  But not often and not much if ever….but when I was in Germany, I had no other choice and it didn’t kill me….but if I continued eating that way, then it would take it’s toll.  So, as always, everything in moderation after you reach healing.

I drink raw dairy including making my own kefir and yogurt.  Those are my probiotics, however, during my healing time, I have taken quality probiotics.  I eat raw cheese and something I found interesting was that my son (21) told me that he literally “feels good” when he eats the raw cheese.  He too has Lyme and co-infections and has found a level of healing trying to eat well.  It’s hard for a 21 year old, it’s hard for me…but we do it.

I eat grassfed beef.  During my healing time, I cooked it rare to get as many of the live enzymes as possible.  I also eat wild scallops, pastured eggs, chicken and pork.   I have eaten a lot of liver from time to time….I really have to be in the mood to eat liver.  But, during my bout with Hemolytic Anemia caused by a reinfection of Babesia, I juiced raw liver with carrots.

I eat veggies of all kinds.  Now with my spring garden growing, I eat lots of spinach, kale, beets and carrots.  In the summer it will be green beans, lima, and corn.  We also eat potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs.

I eat sprouted nuts, mostly almonds (which technically are not nuts!).

From time to time I eat soaked oatmeal in yogurt to breakdown the Phytic Acid.

Every morning on an empty stomach I take 1-2 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil from Dr Ron’s.  I just swig it from the bottle.  During my healing time I also took 1-5 Tbsp of raw butter with the CLO.  Dr Ron’s office told me that if their patients do one thing that helps it’s the CLO with the raw butter!  So, I took their bit of advice and ran with it….I believe in it, it works!

I don’t eat anything per say out of a box.  Nothing prepared….except I buy my sprouted bread.  I eat real food.  If it grows I eat it…if it didn’t grow then I don’t eat it.

For over 1 yr I avoided ALL sugars, including raw honey.  After the first year I allowed myself small amounts of only raw honey.  Now I allow myself small amounts of raw sugar and raw honey.  A couple times a year, especially for holidays and special events, I will bake with raw sugar.  I NEVER eat refined sugar.  And I avoid refined flours.

The first couple yrs when I avoided sugar, I also avoided fruit due to the sugar content.  I now allow fruit, especially berries.

For 1-2 yrs I avoided ALL caffeine.  I now allow myself a cup or two of organic black tea daily.  Sometimes a cup of coffee, but I prefer tea with raw honey and milk.

All the food that I eat, including my chocolate is organic.  My doc approved and smiled at my eating chocolate.  I only eat a small square or two daily, depending on the amount of stress.  It is a powerful antioxidant and it increases serotonin!  So, it makes me feel good.  My doc suggested I eat it at lunch time to avoid the jolt it may be giving my adrenals, which will help with the night time hot flashes.

That covers it for my food….I think…if I think of something that I forgot, I’ll let you know…but for the most of it…that’s it.  REAL FOOD.  The foods in Nourishing Traditions worked for me for the most part…except for the sugars and grains, but emphasis on the fermented foods is vital.  Also I followed what Dr Ron suggested that he did for his healing.  If it worked for him I figured it would work for me….and it did. (click on the link to find the article)

As far as supp’s….well, let’s start somewhere else…let’s start with knowing YOUR OWN body!  No two of us are alike.  If we were one of us wouldn’t be necessary…..and from where I’m sitting that’s you, not me!  You must be able to listen to your own body.  You must begin to put two and two together.  Make connections with what you did or ate or whatever…the moon even.  So, begin with keeping a journal or diary or calendar.  I used a calendar.  I wrote on it each day, what I ate, what I did, what I took.  Everything.  Then you may begin to see a pattern.  I began to think like my doc.  What did I eat?  What can I do?  Why not try something else?  What can I do to help that?  Why not this or that?

So as far as supp’s, you have to go by what your body needs.  My list 2 or 5 yrs ago, is nothing like it is today.  I hardly take anything now.  My nutrients come from my food and due to my level of healing I don’t need to get them from a supp because my needs are fulfilled with food.  But, for those who want to know… I take, 800 IU of Vit E from Dr Ron’s.  Why 800?  Well, that’s for my hot flashes….see we aren’t the same.  I take anywhere from 1,000 mg to 10,000 mg of Vit C from Dr Ron’s depending on whether I’m trying to avoid a cold, but on most days it’s 1,000 mg.  I take Dr Zhang’s herbs still but am weaning myself off of them after 1 1/2 yrs.  I now take the HH, Cirulation P, and Artemisea and Milk Thistle.  I’ll continue the milk thistle even after I stop the other herbs because it’s good for my liver.  I did stop the herbs while I was in Germany, but due to the elevation of flying and something being stirred up, I was fighting extreme headaches when I got back and started the herbs again.  The headaches went away and I ordered another months supply so I’ll finish those and see how I’m feeling.

My blood work came back great!!  My CD 57 is 98!  Which is up from the first CD 57 I had done in September when I was nearly ready for a blood transfusion due to Hemolytic Anemia.  And there is absolutely no sign of Hemolytic Anemia which was caused by a tick bite in June and a re-infection of Babesia!!!  A Double Whahoo!!   My thyroid was good and NO signs of inflammation!!!  Another Double Whahoo!!!  Disease causes inflammation.  So no inflammation is a very good sign.  The only thing low was potassium.  But that’s easy to fix…eat a banana.

Lifestyle.  I continue to avoid ALL chemicals.  There are none in our home.  No bleach, no ammonia, no petro’s of any kind.  We use most products from Trader Joe’s where you can find, laundry soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, etc. all without petro!

I don’t use the Rife machine anymore.  I used it for 2 yrs straight.  I don’t use the sauna anymore or dry skin brush.  I occasionally do a coffee enema if I feel toxic. I use Traumeel on my feet morning and night which has alleviated ALL the pain.  If I have pain elsewhere from working hard, I use it there as well.  I bought orthodontics which took away all my foot pain.  I bought a new bed which took away my back pain.  I use Melatonin for a good nights sleep and adjust it as necessary for ME. I still try to go to sleep by 10 PM and I’m up at the crack of dawn!  Rested and at peace.  I drink herbal infusions for my menopausal symptoms.  I make an infusion with Red Clover, Stinging Nettle and Oatstraw and drink 1-2 C daily.  I use and take herbs as needed for medicine and food.

I continue to press into the Lord for strength.  I read and meditate upon Scripture from the Bible daily.  I realize that none of this is within my own power but from the power of the Holy Spirit living inside me.  As scripture says, “the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead!”  Wow, that to me is an amazing strength.

I live a life that is as stressless as possible.  I know it’s hard in our world today.  But, I try.  I give it up, because really I can’t change a thing in my own strength.

I love to garden, farm, sew, knit, read, cook and live!  I do what I love!  You can’t go about life worrying about what if.  You just can’t.  One lady asked me what if I got bit again while in the garden….well, I don’t have to imagine that.  It’s happened twice now.  So, I deal with it.  But, if you keep your body in a state of wellness than if I do get bit again, it won’t take me down.  I was able to accomplish something that totally amazed my doc when I was hit with the Hemolytic Anemia…and I did it in 7 wks with food and herbs!!!!!!!  He still is amazed at that.   Like Dr Ron, I’m not sure if these diseases will ever really be gone (at least not while on this earth!), but if I treat my body with real food and keep it strong then it doesn’t matter if it’s lyme disease or swine flu!  A strong immune system is what’s needed and I do that with food.

So, that about covers it.  I know, it’s pretty boring.  Just what my doc said.

RIP Waldean



Waldean hasn’t layed an egg since I came home from Germany, which was about 3 weeks ago! She’s been visiting the nesting box, but no eggs. I came to the conclusion that she wasn’t molting and was just not laying and I really don’t have room for a free loader. So this AM since she is slow to fly the coop, I grabbed her and put her in a cage.

She’s always been a bit wacky, not like a chicken at all. She didn’t even look like a chicken, funny shaped head and small comb.  Well, she didn’t like the cage one bit and was flitting in her little space.  I left her while I was trying to wake up.  I really wasn’t feeling very well and decided that Walean would live to see another day. So, I went to free her and………she had killed herself. I was a bit troubled and ran to tell Honey that she was dead. He figured that she broke her neck trying to flee the cage. She hadn’t been dead for very long and she was still soft and movable.  So I was then forced to process her. So much for feeling sick.

I put a pot of water on to heat and took her head off to bleed her out.   As I was processing her, Ben our Tender Warrior woke up and stuck his head out the deck door. I said, “say hello to Waldean.” I dipped her in the hot water and plucked her. Not a very hard job. Then I took out her inerds. I was very careful as not to puncture anything. This being my first chicken, I did a pretty good job….but there were all these funny things inside of her…..OMIGOSH an egg!!!!! A full size hard shelled egg! OMIGOSH I killed my chicken (ok, she really committed suicide) and she has a clogged duct……oh no she was a clogged chicken, not a duck!  Or is it called a clogged vent….now I’ll never know….was she going to lay an egg that morning or the next day or was she like constipated but with an egg.  I really felt sorry for her at that point.  Poor Waldean.

Honey says I’m a real farmer now. I’ve killed one of my animals for food and that makes it real. We haven’t eaten her yet…that will make it real.


We ate Waldean last night.  She was very tasty, although her joints were extremely tough and that girl had quite a breast bone.  I never was able to break her breast bone.  Thank you Waldean for the life you lived and gave for us.


Look at all the yolks! See the huge egg!?

Waldeans last egg.

Waldeans last egg.



Rocky Rooster crowed way too many times last night. We had our windows open and I was ready to kill him this AM. He has lived to see another day, but if he keeps it up….he will be a delicious Sunday dinner.


Rocky Rooster

He is looking really pretty though. But he is very noisy.

Oink Oink Oink

I guess we’re all freaking out over the scare tactics that our government is using over this swine flu. I’ve known at least a handful of people who just recently had some kind of flu. Whether it was the swine flu or not, who’s to know. Honey just got over a horrible flu….like I said, who knows if it was from a pig or a chicken or a cow! He was a pretty sick puppy though. (our 21 yr old son has never seen his dad this sick, ever)  And several other moms that I was in Germany with also got  sicker than a dog. I fought it off with my homemade Echinacea tincture, Vit C and brine juice. Yes, you read that correctly…brine juice. I finished up a jar of my brine pickles but kept the juice and the garlic and I made sure that I drank some and ate the garlic.  It’s full of Vit C and is antibacterial.

When the scare came out over the Avain flu or was it SARS?, it was later disclosed that drinking the juice from Sauerkraut would ward off this evil. But it’s not just any Sauerkraut, it’s brined Sauerkraut. If you don’t have any brined ferments sitting around, Bubbies from your local health food store is always a good substitute.

Why Sauerkraut or other Lactic Fermented foods?

In 1881, Dr Blanc a Parisian physician said, “Cabbage is the physician of the poor.” Cabbage has been used as poultices, to fight intestinal diseases, are used to lower fever and rheumatic pains, reduce tumors, treat asthma, chronic constipation, and sciatica, just to name a few. When cabbage is brined with salt, it becomes Sauerkraut. It’s recommended eating 1/2 Cup per day for optimal health benefits.  For more information on lactic fermentations, see Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, Making Sauerkraut by Klaus Kaufmann and Annelies Schoneck, Truly Cultured by Nancy Lee Bentley and Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.

While Honey was raging with fever of 102.8*F, I was reading “Health is Your Birthright” by Ellen Tart-Jensen. And I was running down different herbs…I came across Mullein…”The Mullein oil in mullein tea is a valuable destroyer of germs and viruses and has even been known to help get rid of warts. It is also high in mucilage. Because of these nutrients and it’s slippery consistency, mullein is a great decongestant and is very helpful in ridding mucus from the lungs and sinuses. It soothes the membranes in the throat and entire intestinal tract and may act as a mild laxative. It has been used for coughs, asthma, influenza, and urinary tract infection.” He asked me to make him some tea. So I ran outside and picked some fresh Mullein, chopped it up and poured boiling water over it, letting it steep for 5-10 minutes. Once he drank the tea, he began to sweat profusely and within 20 minutes his fever broke. He believes that Mullein was his life saver.

Make sure that when planting your garden this year you include cabbage, cucumbers and plenty of herbs for medicine.  You’ll never know when you will need them.



As I was mourning Boomer the other day, I had one of those aha moments. I remembered why I didn’t want another male dog….lots of dead bushes. Boomer managed to kill just about everything I tried to plant. That was the reason for not replacing quite a few Japanese Boxwoods and the reason for the little fence I had around my herb garden. A dog that lifts his leg is trouble. Although missing him can’t compare to the new bushes that will look pretty. Everything this first year will remind me of him and his loss will never be replaced even with new bushes.

It was nearly 90*F yesterday….way too hot for Maryland in April. I still managed to plant 4 Leyland Cypress, 8 Japanese Boxwoods and moved 1 Veronica and 1 Paprika Yarrow to my herb garden. I still have 2 Nandina’s to get in later this week.

Honey is hanging gates this weekend. I called our farmers and told them that we were ready for our Jersey girls! As soon as the vet comes out and gives them the ok, then they will be delivered. Wahoo! I guess we ought to get up the electric fence too. That would certainly help.



Honey’s weapon….a level!

The worst sound I heard when he was doing this….was….ah, man!

I had visions of him ripping the entire fence down! But to my joy, it’s still standing and he’s almost got the second gate up. If our cows pull down this fence they will go into the Guinness World Book of Records for being the strongest cows in the world!

I did a mowathon again on Friday. Our mower needs a new fuel pump so my really nice neighbor has been letting me use his…his blade isn’t as wide as our so it took me an extra hour….5 hrs! I hate cutting grass! We still have quite a bit of thistle in the field so I will have to keep it mowed and let the cows graze in the yard. After this summer the field should be under control.


Our apple tree is loaded with blossoms. We ought to have a bumper crop this year!


In the foreground, I planted my grapes. I used my neighbors old split rail fence as a trellis.


Lady and I are becoming pals. I gave her a haircut and a bath the other day and she is looking so cute.



My Funny Chickens


Since Abigail Adams was hen pecked a few months ago, she has been in solitary confinement. Not of her own doing, mind you, but for her safety….funny isn’t it. It was for her own good.

Rockie Rooster

Rockie Rooster

Well, it seems that Rockie the Rooster has had his eye on that little chicky! He’s been checking her out over the chicken fence. I’ve heard him give her a cat call once or twice. He’s been checking out her cute little chicken legs and her funny little crocked back.

So, when I decided to open her gate and let him in for a visit…..let’s just say, he was more than happy to oblige. He does a funny little sideways dance and then pounces. He thinks he’s so sly. The other hens run like crazy to escape his grasp and I guess since he’s also a handicap chicken he can’t out run the other girls, but Abigail Adams doesn’t mind him one little bit.

The experiment was on. Since Annie and Jenny have been flying over the coo coo’s nest to visit Abigail and not doing her a bit of harm, I decided to allow everyone in for a monitored playtime. After giving Henrietta the evil eye, she kept her distance.

Two flew over the Coo Coo's Nest!

Two flew over the Coo Coo's Nest!

What I did notice was that Rockie Rooster was more than happy to protect his favorite chick. When Henrietta tried to go after Abigail, Rockie would step inbetween them. Funny. But he’s been doing a great job. And from the kitchen window, there hasn’t been any fighting going on…and everyone seems to have all their feathers.

So, on our funny little farm, we now have 6 happy chickens. They have been playing very well together for about a week. Mostly the girls like to hang out in Abigail’s little coop and are quite envious of her straw bales! At night they all go back to their respective coops.

I also noticed for the last couple weeks since I’ve been outside a lot more, that Jenny Hen is a broody hen. At first I thought she just was taking a really long time to lay an egg…..a really long time….like 2 hrs!!! Come on girl!

But when I found her in Abigail Adams nesting box setting on Abigail’s egg, I realized that Jenny is just a setter. And since I know that Abigail’s eggs are fertile, well, I just might give Jenny a little nest of her own to set on.

(Ok, can someone tell me why we call it set in chicken talk, but sit in human talk?)