You Are What You Eat!

Did you ever watch “Super Size Me”? Wow, talk about wanting to barf. I found this good little You Tube and thought it was quite thought provoking……please ask your self “why on earth do the fries not decompose?” Maybe, just maybe, it’s because they aren’t real food! Chew on that one a while. No wonder kids climb into mini van’s all over America and pull out old fries from God knows where, eat them and never get sick. At least not yet, wait 10-15 years and their little bodies will be manifesting sickness as a result of the foods they are eating as children. Heart disease, diabetes and Diabesity TM, a word trademarked by Nancy Lee Bentley to so clearly describe the situation we are in today in America. CFS, MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s, FMS, RA; the list goes on and on. Is that what we want?
How many times do I have to say it??? I think we just don’t know what is good to eat any more. We have been lied to so many times by those we were told we could trust….ie the government and doctors! This is what real food looks like to me: a plate of pastured pork chops, home grown potatoes with lots of raw butter, home grown green beans with lots of raw butter, fermented ginger carrots with cream and home made applesauce with honey and spices. Then I topped it all off with home grown watermelon for dessert!!! Mmmmmm I’m getting hungry just remembering last nights dinner!
Sorry, no pictures. I told you I’m way too hungry and anxious to dig in to remember a picture at a time like that!
“Listen, listen, eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”
Isaiah 55:2


Books I recommed:

Real Food by Nina Plank


Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon


Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz


Truly Cultured by Nancy Lee Bentley

This is my newest read. It’s very good. There’s just so much to learn. The last words Weston A Price said before he died, June 23, 1948 were;



Food As Medicine

A Jersey Girl from which High Butterfat milk comes from.

Isn’t she a beaut?

I found this article by Dr Ron Schmid in 2005 when I was near death from Chronic Lyme Disease. I tried to make sense of it then, but my brain was so terribly infected with neurotoxins that I couldn’t even speak let alone comprehend what I read.  At that time I was bleeding from the bowels, I had bells palsy, I couldn’t speak or think, I had no balance, I couldn’t write my own name, I couldn’t walk, I had all the imaginable pains that come with Lyme, I had encephalitis, I had double vision, I had deafness, I had constant gut pain, I had gall bladder pain, I had ovarian cystic disease, I had numbness in my hands and feet, I had tingling all over my skin with the feeling of bugs crawling, I had burning and itching every where, I had hives,I had a low body temp, I had chest pains and heart palpitations, I had no energy.  God only knows if there was more, I just can’ t remember.  It’s amazing that when healing comes we really do begin to live again and we don’t dwell on what was.  But I never want to forget those still suffering.

I never forgot Dr Ron’s words and I tried hard to pursue finding raw dairy in my state which has made it illegal. It was only a year later that I did find a source for raw dairy and soon after that my healing began.

This article saved my life. Trust what Dr Ron is saying, it’s true. You can call for a phone consult, his office is very kind and helpful. Or you can pursue it alone.  Give it a try. What have you got to loose? Or rather, what have you got to gain?  LIFE!

I continue to follow the diet that Dr Ron lays out. I have been able to add sourdough whole wheat bread and occasional raw honey. I eat ample amounts of raw butter daily as well as grass-fed meats with fat. When I started following his diet, I ate lots of raw egg yolks in shakes. I only recommend doing that if you know the source of your eggs. I took at least 2 Tbsp of Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil daily. I now take 1 Tbsp and that seems to be working to keep me at this high level of healing. I haven’t veared from the diet, knowing that to do so would put my healing in jeopardy.

His conclusions about cheating are in my opinion correct. In the past when I followed a “good” diet from my old Dr G, I could reach a certain level of healing, but not complete due to the lack of essential raw dairy and fermented foods. I’d fall off the wagon and binge on sugars and refined foods only to find myself in chronic pain and illness again.

This healing is too precious to me to ever consider losing it now. I will eat the Weston A Price diet as long as I live. And Live I will!!!  You too can heal from lyme.  Won’t you join me on this journey?

Look for my new website: Hope To Heal.  I’ll be doing local workshops in Maryland on how I healed from Lyme Disease using food as medicine.  I’ll be adding a forum for you to chat with others on this journey and I’ll also be conducting local cooking classes to demonstrate how to prepare these wonderful healing foods.  You can reach me currently at:

Please be patient with the website, since my computer guru is in Germany!!!

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor.  This is only my opinion and experience.


I first learned about ONE in church a few years ago. It’s a campaign after my own heart, so I joined. Won’t you make your voice known and join today. It doesn’t cost a thing, but your time and efforts to make known this movement and to stomp out world poverty and aids! Join today! Please.

As many of you know, our daughter, Becca is in Herrnhut Germany training with YWAM, to go into the world using photography as a ministry tool. She may be joining ONE in Africa to photograph the slums and minister to the needs of the impoverished people there. This is the dream of her heart! Please pray for her if you will.

About the Campaign

About ONE

ONE is Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life – united as ONE – to help make poverty history. We are a campaign of over 2.4 million people and growing from all 50 states and over 100 of America’s most well-known and respected non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations. As ONE, we are raising public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in the world’s poorest countries. As ONE, we are asking our leaders to do more to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. ONE believes that allocating more of the U.S. budget toward providing basic needs like health, education, clean water and food would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the world’s poorest countries.

ONE is nonpartisan; there’s only one side in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. Working on the ground in communities, colleges and churches across the United States, ONE members both educate and ask America’s leaders to increase efforts to fight global AIDS and extreme poverty, from the U.S. budget and presidential elections to specific legislation on debt cancellation, increasing effective international assistance, making trade fair, and fighting corruption. Everyone can join the fight. The goal of ending poverty may seem lofty, but it is within our reach if we take action together as one. You can start now by joining ONE and pledging your voice to the fight against extreme poverty and global AIDS.

Reverse T3

I was looking over my labs from 2005 when I was nearly dead and came across something of interest. My doc then was totally self-consumed into writing a book and doing research on his patients, rather than being concerned for their well being. After he drained our savings account, we fired him! I was too sick to see it happening at the time. That’s why a good advocate is needed when you are very sick. Someone who can help direct you and make sense of things. That’s what Honey has done for me on this journey.

You have to understand that I haven’t been well enough until this year to even understand most things. Nothing really made any sense and in my opinion that’s why it takes “us” lyme victims so long to figure this stuff out. Our brains are so sick that nothing makes sense. That’s where faith plays a role and trusting other’s wisdom.

My labs from 2005 show that I had very high levels of Reverse T3. The normal levels are 90-350 pg/mL. Mine were 407 pg/mL! But this moran doctor just passed it by like it was nothing. High Reverse T3 is a hypometablism. It’s a genetic condition where the body can’ t metabolize copper and it builds up in the liver. It can be fatal. If treated then one can lead a “normal” life…..that would be a first for me….NORMAL is really only a setting on the dryer!!! 😉

He wasn’t convinced that I had Wilson’s Disease, the name given to this disorder, but he never did further testing to find out if it was an issue. It will be interesting to see if my new labs show a normal Reverse T3 or an elevated Reverse T3. I’ll make sure I discuss this with my new doc.

The treatment is easy. Increased Zinc supp’s that will carry the excess copper out of the body. Maybe, just maybe this could be a piece to the puzzle in my healing. Just maybe, it’s an answer to why my weight won’t budge. I was told in 1993 that due to years of bulimia, I had ruined my metabolism. ????? I don’t know. But I do know that we can heal. I do believe God made our bodies to heal if we give them the correct nutrients and supplements.

I’m not big on supplements but I do believe we need them to some extent. We don’t live in a perfect world and our soils and foods have diminished mineral and vitamin content. I also believe that for those healing from chronic and life threatening illnesses, they need added supp’s. I switch my supp’s from time to time, according to what I “hear” my body telling me. But some are tried and true friends, like Vit C from Dr Ron’s. I take 1,000 mg of Vit C daily to guard my body against cancer and to also aid my adrenals. I also take 350 mg of Milk Thistle to a help my liver, Desiccated Thyroid from Bovine with Liver, 400 IU Vit E and 50 mg of Iodine and Selenium to aid in the uptake of Iodine, all from Dr Ron’s. I’ll be adding Maca as soon as it arrives. I’ll do a post on Maca and it’s health benefits in the near future.   I take my Chinese Herbs by Dr Zhang. Of course to all of this I have my daily swig of Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil and Friendly Flora.


This is a helpful chart for those with Wilson’s Disease or Reverse T3.

The funny thing is it looks very familiar to the same supp’s needed by those with Lyme Disease.

Nutrient / Supplement Helpful notes
Magnesium low intake of magnesium has been linked to the disease and many related problems. A good source of magnesium is a quality multi-vitamin mineral supplement, especially one with calcium and zinc.
Calcium this mineral works with magnesium to prevent muscle spasms
Omega fatty acids important for brain function, healthy nerve function, reducing blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, and to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease. Omega fatty acids are found in fish oil, flax seed, and borage seed.
vitamin C vitamin C aids people with Wilson’s disease by improving adrenal function.
Multi-vitamin Mineral supplement vitamin B complex, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E all serve to help with Wilson’s disease and reduce its effects. This type of supplement provides nutrients daily that are required for general good health and well being.
B vitamins they offer protection for the liver and are needed for proper brain function. This family of vitamins aids with stress, depression, and overall nervous system health.
vitamin E provides healing and helps to prevent cell damage
Zinc decreases copper levels and strengthens the body’s immune system

chart from:

Photo Credit: Flickr w/ link


So far this is the best informative video I’ve seen on Lyme Disease. Not only does it give one knowledge which leads to power, BUT it also gives one HOPE! HOPE is what I feel I’ve been called to give those suffering. If you watch very many of the other videos on Lyme Disease, you will soon be so depressed and hopeless that you want to give up and die. That is why I didn’t watch them when I was near death. This is why I fill my mind with truth and hope.

And that is why I BELIEVE!!!!

I have never had ONE day on ABX (antibiotics) for Chronic Lyme Disease. YET, I am 100% recovered today. It is my goal and wish to teach others with this disabling disease, that they too can recover.

In my opinion drugs are not the answer! They are only a short term fix.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is only my opinion and experience.


This is a picture of spirochetes attacking a human cell. The pathogenic bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. They are spiral and screw into everything; cells, organs, brain, bones. When they think you are trying to kill them they hide in a cyst form without a cell wall and wait. Sometimes they wait for 10 years. But they wait to attack again. They are a stealth bacteria. They have many friends that they like to play with. We call them co-infections. Other diseases that were carried by the infected tick. Most of them are not stealth like Borrelia burgdorferi.

I saw my doc on Tuesday and he’s so pleased with my healing. He confirmed with a smile and a nod of the head that my conclusions to my healing are correct. Heal the gut and you can heal.

I went in for a nagging pain in the left side of my back and an area of my right foot. After he studied his acupuncture charts and we talked, he was still convicted that this pain is connected to my kidneys. Not that I have a kidney infection or urinary issue, but that the meridian is blocked for some reason. God only knows why. I mean it’s not like I’ve been through the battle of my life or anything!!!!!

He offered to give me a homeopathic injection into the meridians which would be similar to acupuncture, but it would be longer lasting. It would be an internal acupuncture per say. If I got relief quickly then we’d be able to pinpoint this problem. So, I agreed. He also gave me Reneel a homeopathic remedy for my kidneys. I believe I have had relief. I have to pay attention to it for another week or so and I’ll know. He has fun with me, since most of his patients want a western treatment plan. Not me. I’ve hated doctors until I met Dr S two years ago. He’s filled with compassion, he’s not big on running a gazillion tests, and he’s a believer in healing. He’s not afraid to step out of the box.

I requested a blood work-up since I haven’t had one in 3 years and since I’ll be 50 in a couple weeks. He agreed. He also ordered a CD57 test. A CD57 test will measure how my body is battling this infection called Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is the only disease that lowers CD57.   The lower the count the more the body is battling.  This is not a diagnostic test but is used as a marker for how well the body is fighting and winning!  LabCorp is the lab that came up with this method of testing. Way to go LabCorp! I am very excited. They drew 7 viles of blood this morning. I got very used to having lots of blood drawn when I was 13 and first became sick with this disease. Now I wait for good news!

As a believer and follower of Christ, I have relied upon my Saviour to lead me on this journey. I felt so strongly that my healing would come in Oct of 2008. This was back when I was the sickest and faced death so closely. I remember Honey and I were in a cabin at Lake Anna, VA and I said, “you know, I really believe I’ll be healed in three years.” Nothing else just that. I haven’t doubted for one day. Yes, it’s been a long and lonely journey, but I’ve kept my faith in tact. I’ve definitely had my days of questioning God, but He never abandoned me. In fact as I’ve asked he has answered! That’s what He promises. “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.”

This is what I’m waiting for. No more spirochetes screwing their way into my cells, my organs, my bones, my brain!

By His stripes I am healed!

I’m Finished!

“You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

Psalm 16:11

I broke my fast this AM with soft boiled eggs.  Last night I was in a lot of gastric pain and there wasn’t anything left in me….referring to yesterdays post….thank goodness that’s over! I’ll follow Dr G’s diet which is similar to the GAPS diet.

These are the foods he allows on Phase Two: all fish, eggs, poultry, liver and organ meat, red meat, yogurt and kefir, butter and buttermilk, all non-starchy veggies, veggie juices, and a limited amount of raw, unsalted nuts. Since discovering the NT (Nourishing Traditions) diet, I would recommend, all eggs and meats that are pastured and grass-fed, nuts that are soaked and yogurt and kefir made from raw dairy. Dr G didn’t know or wasn’t aware of the wide array of fermented foods when I last saw him in 2000, so I’ll be adding my ferments back into my diet since they are loaded with probiotics!

These are the foods not allowed: all breads, cereals, fruit, rice, pasta, corn potatoes, peanuts & cashews, fruit juices, milk & cheese and all sweets!

The idea is to weaken and starve the candida and yeast. He also recommend a good probiotic. I like Dr Ron’s Friendly Flora. Of course there are many other very good probiotics on the market. I don’t think I have any candida issues now, but I sure could stand to loose a few pounds. This could be my adrenals, so I’ll be addressing that in tomorrows post. Phase Two is basically the diet that I’ve been living with for the past 8 years. Not perfectly, but mostly and especially in the last 3 years except I have allowed myself the healing benefits of raw milk and raw cheese. However, it’s not much.

My daily indulgence is my Cuppa! I got off all caffeine and drink Dandy Blend. I like it with about 1/2-1 Cup of raw milk, with 1-2 Tbsp of raw cream, 1 Tbsp of Dandy Blend and then fill the mug up with hot water. I drink this in the Am & PM….it’s my treat!

Later today, I’m going for some blood work. I haven’t had any since 2005. Since I’m turning 50 in three weeks and I’m nearly 100% healed of Lyme Disease, I just thought it was a good idea. One test my doc is running is called a CD57. It’s a test docs can run on Lyme patients to see how their immune systems are functioning against the disease. I’m very excited. He said anything over 150 is a very, very good sign! The lower the numbers the sicker one is. So, I can’t wait.

I’ve believed for 3 years that I would be healed in Oct of 2008. I just felt it down deep in my Spirit and I never lost faith. I’ve prayed diligently for wisdom. Asking God to show me the foods that would heal me. Asking God to lead me down the right path. The path of life.