Started My Seeds

Today I started a few seeds indoors. I found some little peat pots that explode when you soak them….well they actually just grow in size. So I popped the seeds in and hopefully they will grow. Step #1 to the Growing Challenge Done!!!! She didn’t say we had to be successful at it, just do it. Grow something from seed that you’ve never grown before. I thought the challenge for me would be to get them started indoors. 8)

I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but we’re pretty much empty nesters now. It ought to be enough to make some wonderful salsa.  My goal is not necessarily to can and kill, but to have a succession of veggies for the year.  Corn when corns on, kale when kales on and so on.  The only veggies I will “can” are tomatoes, because I find that we do like Chili in the winter and I buy them anyway, so I might as well have my own.

Growing Challenge

Just a reminder. Have you signed up for The Growing Challenge? Click on the pic of veggies on my gardening page and it will take you there. It’s really pretty simple, just keeps you on your toes. I need that. So, in order to meet the challenge I need to start some seeds of a plant I’ve never grown before. I’m not very good at starting seeds indoors. They always get leggy and fall over. But a lady told me that it’s because they are reaching too far for the light….well, that would make sense since the sun is pretty far away. So, my DH is going to let me set up his shop light and hopefully get these seeds to look good. I’m telling you my house right now is a total disaster zone! I bought some organic soil when I was out the other day and I need to go down in the shed and dig out my little seed starter box thingie. Since our last frost is May 16 in Zone 7 of the Mid Atlantic Region it’s just about time to get these going.These are my seeds of choice to start for The Growing Challenge: Toma Verde Tomatillos, Jalapeno Peppers, and Friggitello Sweet Peppers. Sounds like some good salsa!!!Visit Elements In Time on my blogroll!  Sign up today!

Lymies and Glutelin

I haven’t written much of anything on Lyme Disease and it’s Cohorts. It’s a disease that I’ve battled for the past 37 years of my 50 year life…..a very long time. I do get tired. The fight has been long. But as I ask God for wisdom and I listen with open ears and wide eyes He has lead me to greater places of healing. I am currently using Dr. Zhang’s protocol with Modern Chinese Medicine and it is amazing.

Through some reading and research I found some info written by a renown lyme doctor located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  In this article (which I cannot find now), it states that lyme victims or lymies for short are intolerant/allergic to the protein in gluten called glutelin. My doctor also for reasons unknown to him came to that same conclusion; lymies cannot eat wheat or gluten grains. My doc wasn’t sure why, but in his practice his patients have told him of this problem.

My attempt at trying sourdough bread with the hope that my intolerance was to phytic acid is not so. After eating bread again for the last 1 1/2 weeks I am in internal distress. The pain in pretty intolerable, my food won’t digest, I have lots of gas, and this morning my joints and brain are inflamed. This to me is a very good response to wheat/gluten intolerance or more specifically glutelin intolerance; it’s all the same. NO WHEAT/ GLUTEN. One very important guideline for lymies is a non-inflammatory diet. This really isn’t that hard to live with….pain or no pain….it’s a no brainer for me. I’ve lived without wheat/gluten for the past 6 years so what if it’s a lifetime. The benefits that come with my healing are far worth this price. Along with my Modern Chinese Medicine that I’m taking, diet is of great importance to my healing. Food that is nutrient dense full of live enzymes and Omega 3’s, food that is lacto-fermented and alive, food that hasn’t traveled miles and miles to get to me, food that I grow, food that is grassfed, food that I kill (sorry-slaughter). REAL FOOD.

I will press on toward the prize…..the upward prize. Thank God, I don’t think I’m running toward a prize on this earth or I would have given up a long time ago.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions are just that of the owner of this blog. I am not a medical doctor nor do I pretend to be one or give medical advice. If you think you or a loved one may have Lyme Disease or it’s many Co-Infections please seek professional medical advice. I will not give it to you over this blog.

Sourdough Success!

Sourdough Bread

I finally was successful making sourdough starter and bread. I received advice that made this experience a positive one, but I did cheat a little. I started my second batch of starter and one recipe said that I could add some yeast to give it a boost. Since my first batch failed, I did add the yeast. I will give you my recipe below. After three days of adding to the starter I decided it was time to try it out. The bread is delicious and I’m quite pleased.

3rd day after adding 1st rise

Risen 2nd rise

Final Success Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Starter

1C Warm Water mix with 1C flour (whatever kind you like) . Mix these together and cover w/ a paper towel and set in a warm place. I think the secret here is a warm place. If you want to cheat you can add a little yeast. I waited until the second day to do the next step, but you can go ahead and do it on the first day. After 5-10 hrs add 1/2C warm water and 1/2C flour and mix well. Allow to sit again in warm place. Continue this step until you have double what you started with….2 Cups of starter or more depending on the recipe. Allowing this to sit for I think at least 3 days will develop the yeast well. On the day you are ready to bake, add 1C warm water and 1C flour to the starter. After this has set and become bubbly and foamy it is ready, this stage is called sponging or proofing. You might remember that my first attempt called for removing and adding to the starter everyday. But this new way will strengthen the starter so it has enough strength to raise the bread.

Remove 2C starter (or whatever your recipe calls for) and put in bowl to make your dough. Reserve at least 1C starter and add 1C warm water and 1C flour. Mix and put in container in the frig. If you don’t make bread once a week you will want to take this starter out and feed it with 1C warm water and 1C flour. This will keep it alive.

This is my bread recipe that I’ve used for years with whole wheat or white flour. But now with the addition of the starter that has proofed:

4C of proofed starter

6C flour (more or less as needed)

4 Tbsp Olive Oil

4 Tbsp Honey

4 tsp salt

Mix well until the gluten in the dough is well developed. Place in greased bowl and allow to rise in a warm place, covered and you may want to grease the top with some EVOO. After the dough has doubled in size, knead. Separate into two loaves and place in well greased bread pans. After the dough has risen and is double it’s time to bake in a 350 oven for 25 minutes. I usually thump the bottom for a hollow sound to make sure it’s done. Dump out of pan onto a cooling rack. Slice and enjoy! Makes 2 large loaves. 8)

There is a very interesting article in the Ethicurean on Sourdough Bread.  See my blogroll.

Making Kefir Cheese

This is my attempt at making Kefir Cheese. It’s not aged, but more like a firm farmers cheese. I used it to make a grilled cheese sandwich along with raw cheddar. It melted and was delicious. The pic at the bottom is a complete NT meal; Grilled Cheese made with sprouted sourdough bread, raw butter, raw cheddar and kefir cheese, a fermented dill pickle and potato chips cooked in lard. It was absolutely delicious. And of course to top it off, a cold glass of raw milk! Yummmm! 8)

Cow Kefir Hanging kefir over bucket Drained Kefir Kefir wrapped in old t-shirt

Pour the kefir in a tight weave cloth (silk). Wrap tightly and hang over bucket to drain. Make sure you collect the whey for further NT recipes. Drain for 24 hrs. Then open cloth and pour out soft cheese. Wrap again in a cotton cloth or cheese cloth.


pressing moisture out. Final Kefir Cheese

Then press it with a weight such as a bottle of water. Let sit for 24 hrs and enjoy.


Complete NT lunch or dinner.

My complete easy NT dinner..opps the glass of raw milk missed in the photo.

Sourdough Starter #2

When at first you don’t succeed try and try again!
I must admit…I cheated on this new batch….I used a little yeast….ok a lot.
But this is what it’s suppose to look like. Nice and bubbly.
Today I took out 1/2 and added 1/2 c flour and 1/2 c warm water. Stirred and it’s looking very nice. Then 5 hrs later I added another 1/2 c flour and 1/2 c warm water and didn’t take any out. In another 5 hrs I’ll do the same. I’ll do this until I have a doubled recipe, which is 2 cups starter. According to some advice I received this will give it the rising power it needs to raise the bread dough. Let’s keep our legs crossed. Yeah, this looks much better than the first try.
This is reg sourdough 5 hrs after adding 1/2 c water 1/2 c flour, stirred.

Down on the Farm

I made a trip to my favorite farm to visit all my friends today. To my great surprise the two goats I will be purchasing are both expecting. Yes, congratulations! Everyone was glad to see me and crowded to have their pictures taken. Even the ewes came close enough for a few pleasantries. Please enjoy all these beautiful pictures of Sycamore Spring Farm.

Scottish Highland Cattle Scottish Highland Cattle Chickens

These are beautiful young Scottish Highland Cattle. This will be in our freezer this yr.


blog3-088.jpg Freckles Freckles

This is my girl Freckles and she will be a first time mama!


blog3-098.jpg blog3-099.jpg Miss Sadie


Miss Sadie .Tea Cup Angel

This is another of my girls Tea Cup she’s in the middle!


blog3-108.jpg Head Butting Head Butting


blog3-103.jpg. Mr Turkey Smiling

Can you see that lambie smiling? Click on the thumb nail.



All the ewes are expecting. On the left is a rare Scottish breed and on the right a Dorset.