Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day for our little chickies.

This is their new home.  A much nicer place than the old ladies big girls got, but that’s the breaks.  The old ladies caught word that the peeps were moving in and they began laying again.  Honestly I wasn’t sharpening my hatchet!



So much room to spread out and even take little flights of fancy!


All their little feathers are coming in and they look so cute.  I got the coop fenced in today with 1″ chicken wire and cut an opening into the yard where the old ladies big girls live.  I even made them a little play pen where they can play in a few days prior to being released to the big pen.  They have to get big enough to not squeeze through the 2″ wire that I used in the old ladies big girls yard.


How Do You Milk A Cow?

In A Pickle


It’s that time of year again when the cuc’s are piling up. We love making brined pickles following the recipe in Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz. It’s a very easy and simple process and so much more healthy for you than vinegar pickles. They keep in the frig for….well let’s just say, our 3 gallons lasted a year! Don’t throw out the brine either. It’s full of goodness and is so yummy to drink! The garlic after being brined and sitting for a long time looses it’s bite and is very good to eat.

For 1 Gallon it’s basically: 6 Tbsp Sea Salt dissolved in water, 3-4 heads of garlic peeled, a couple flowering heads of dill, a bunch of grape, oak or cherry leaves, washed cuc’s and I use red pepper flakes instead of Sandor’s suggested black peppercorns. Pack them in a clean jar with the cuc’s on top of everything and then pour the salt brine water over them. If they need to be weighed down then place something on them to hold the cuc’s below the water line. Place a cloth over the top and leave in a cool place for as many days as you like to achieve the desired tartness. We like ours at 3 days.

These pickles are a hit. Ben always serves them up and tells his friends that these are the best pickles they will ever taste. Sure enough they can’t stop talking about them. They are so good!

Hot Off The Press

My friend Amanda Rose finished her long awaited book, Rebuild From Depression. It’s available now on her website for $19.97 and the shipping is free. I ordered my copy as soon as it was available. I’m looking forward to posting another piece on the book after I’ve had time to read it. So much of what I learned from Amanda helped me with my battle against chronic Lyme Disease. Although the book is based on Amanda’s unfortunate tangle with postpartum depression, the facts and the research are applicable for everyone with a brain!

Why not order your copy today??? Why wait until you are in that uphill climb out of a mucky muddy pit. Learn now how to achieve and maintain the mental health needed to battle depression. In our stressful society we all need whatever help we can get….I sure do.

My daily routine always includes a healthy swig of Cod Liver Oil and plenty of grassfed butter. Nutrient dense foods loaded with Omega-3 are high on my list. One really great thing I learned from Amanda, was about Phytic Acid. This was the key that unlocked my life again to grains. And she offers a free e-course if you’d like to learn more. Yes, I said, FREE.

Why not pop on over and visit Rebuild From Depression and learn about the mysteries to the food you eat. Her mom, Jeanie Rose does wonderful little cooking videos, plus she has her own website called, Pray The Scriptures.

Some of my most memorable posts by Amanda are; Rugged Mountain Woman, Poison Oak Relief Anyone?, Apparently I Can Survive AnythingA Eulogy Written on a Country Pasture: Rest in Peace Vancer Eyk Organic Dairy, and I Met My Meat (I love the license plate). Those are just a few that stick out in my mind over the past couple years since I’ve been visiting Amanda on her website.

A Forever Friday Dance

This is so cool….I love it when people don’t hold back with inhibitions.

It’s not traditional……but it is memorable.


Flights Of Fancy


I’ve had my little peeps for a week and it’s been 4 days since the last one died. I’m left with 16 out of 25. Note to self: do not order from a hatchery too far away, a two day journey is toooo long for baby chicks!

It’s amazing how much these little things grow in a week. They now have real feathers on their wings…..cute little feathers! And with those feathers comes flight. They’ve been jumping high to see what’s on the other side of the pool. And taking little flights across the pond….I mean pool.

It’s only a matter of time before they decide to fly out of the pond. So, I placed a couple of old window screens over the top.


The coop dilemma has been solved. Honey told me to go out a buy one!!! Wahoo! I couldn’t believe my ears. But when he told me how much over time he’s been putting in…..I ran out and bought one!!!!!!!!!!!!! A really nice one. It’s got windows with screens and the windows go up and down!

My little chickies are going to be so spoiled. Don’t tell the old ladies about their new house. The old ladies haven’t been puttin out lately. I’m not sure if we’ve got a thief or not. So, I put a couple golf balls in the nesting box (cardboard box…like I said, don’t tell them, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.) If it’s a black snake, then he’ll take the balls too and he’ll keel over! But, I have a sneakin suspicion that my old ladies are just plum out of eggs!


This is my most curious little chick.  She’s always coming right over to me while the others run away.  I think she’s been asking “Are you my Mother”?  Does anyone remember that old Dr Seuss book?  It was my sisters book, but I loved reading it over and over.



They are so darn cute.  The run around and fall asleep right in their footsteps.  This little guy just fell right over. Zzzzzzzzz!

Simple Beauty

My plan was to cut and sell my sunflowers….but, I just couldn’t. They were covered with honey bees and monarch butterflies. I have a hard time thinning plants in the spring and pulling volunteers growing in unlikely places….I don’t know…it just pains me to pull them. I have a volunteer squash plant growing outside of my compost bin among my raspberries and I didn’t have it in me to pull it. Last year my squash didn’t grow, so I thought this would be my backup squash…..Wouldn’t you know it….it’s a butternut squash. Prolific to say the least. I also planted them under the sunflowers. I’m not really a fan of butternut squash….but I will be this year….that and pumpkins!



My sunflowers are over 7 feet tall in my little raised beds.






Lots of butternut squash.


Okra coming on…see it….tiny little pointed thing.


My new raspberries are coming along….just a few yummy berries this year. Next year they will be wonderful.


My new grapevines are also doing great.



Life is good!