Tweedy Mendocino Vest


Mendocino Vest by Old Mill Farm

I chose the Cottontail City Tweed Heavy Worsted yarn from Knit Picks to make the Mendocino Vest as seen in Shear Spirit.  It was a rough start, but as I struggled threw, I’ve now got the pattern in my head.  I’d really like to try and rework this pattern with a cable.



More Progress

Honey keeps making great progress around our little farm. If he didn’t work a full time job that drains every ounce of energy from him….he could probably finish this fence in a couple weeks. But, since he does have a full time job (praise God!) he tries to use every Saturday and some evenings to work on the cattle panel fence.



It’s looking very nice!


All of this has yet to be fenced….poor Honey. Until then, I’ll run a long electric line to enclose the area finished and allow the cows to graze there. I’m especially concerned that Josie is off of the tethered line before she calves, so that she has full reign of the barn, to come and go as needed. I may keep Joy separated during that later stage of Josie’s pregnancy.

This is what her body condition is as of today.


A picture of her pin bones. As she gets closer to freshening, I think her pin bones will move further apart…..I’m still learning.


No signs here….but something to compare with at a later date.



This is the milking stall that Honey built for me outside until he can get the milk parlor finished….that’s of course when he’s not working on the fence! It’s not complete, but I’ve been able to train her to walk in and back out. She’s a pro! It also provides a safe place for me to touch her udder and handle her without the risk of getting kicked….once was enough….oh yea, I never told you about that. She kicked me good in the knee a month ago while I was trying to milk her out when I thought she had mastitis. But then I discovered it was Joy sucking her. But she did get me good right to the side of the knee cap and Honey never wants me to get hurt….so he built this right away. It works very well and I can milk outside as long as I need to. A little roof will help in the rain!


Her rear quarter is shrinking, but that one quarter really does look like it is a blind quarter. The front quarters are swelling nicely. I think they call that springing???


I have been congratulated on having the cleanest udders ever!!!!

I went out a few hours later to check on the girls and here they are.



“What already….enough of the rear shots!!!”

And look who came to visit Josie today…..


I was weeding in the garden and I was watching Josie….she had that look on her face that said, “stranger MOM”. I watched for a while, and she kept standing…..then look who came closer to the fence. One of our new fawns. I was surprised the fawn was out alone…but her/his mama wasn’t anywhere in sight. They gazed at one another for a few seconds and then the fawn ran off.

Ouch Mommy!

I’m such a chicken. My sister informed me that my 8 month old calf is JUST an animal. She can’t believe how I talk to my cows and love them like they are part of the family. Well….that’s because they are.

But while she was here yesterday on her vaca from CA, she did the job that I’ve been putting off. She put the weaning ring on Joy. In fact she was willing to put in the permanent nose ring and pierce my Joy’s nose……she is the wife of a vet and I guess she has a stomach of iron. But when I told her there could be bleeding she thought that we shouldn’t try.

I held Joy while Jackie got the ring in her nose. Poor baby, she rolled her eyes to the back of her head and twisted her head as far around as she could.



I was sure that she’d manage to get it off by morning….but she didn’t. She did have some trouble getting her nose in her usual bucket for some yummy grain this morning. So I pushed it up and she figured out a way to eat in the length rather than the width of the bucket.


Her little nose runs now off the ring and she can’t lick it. That’s got to be a real booger! 😉


I put the girls together this morning so that if Joy did try to suck, Josie would kick her since there are little spikes on the ring. Josie was thrilled to be back with what she thinks is her baby. They played push and shove for a while and then laid down to ruminate for a while.


I’ve got to keep an eye on things to make sure she keeps that ring in and doesn’t suck on Josie any more.

I’m so convinced Josie is going to make a first rate Mama Cow!


Summer Means Winter….huh?

Yes, summer means winter.  As I was contemplating digging my potatoes and pulling the peas, I realized that it’s time to replant for our fall and winter crops!


Yikes, I haven’t even harvested my first green bean, and now I’m thinking of winter?  It’s kinda weird….in the winter, I’m thinking of Summer and in the Summer I’m thinking of Winter.  But that’s just the way it is in the world of gardening.  Especially if you plan on a winter garden.  I’ll get my potatoes dug and replant a bed so I can harvest more for the winter.  Last year, my fall potatoes were marvelous!

I’ll put in lots and lots of carrots in my small hoop houses since they did very well last winter.  AND it’s my hope to build a bigger hoop house using some left over cattle panels.  The cattle panels are 4X16, and I have three to use.  I’ll use T-post to anchor them to the ground and cinder blocks to hold down the 6 ml plastic.  It ought to be about 6 ft at the center ridge and since I’m only 5’3″ and shrinking daily….I can at least stand in the center.  I’ll use some 50 gal barrels to hold water for heat retention and try to build tables or shelves for the plants.  I don’t think I’m going to plant directly in the ground.  That’s my plan for now and of course since I’m a woman, I have the prerogative to change my mind!!!  😉

I’ll probably plant greens, including Kale, Spinach, Arugula and Lettuce, Beets, Turnips and I’ll transfer some Tomato Plants and possibly a couple Eggplants.  We’ll see.

Here’s a planting chart from Territorial Seed Co.

Territorial Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company

Fabulous Friday

Opps. I sat down to write this….oh about 8 hrs ago. Talk about memory leakage!

I’ve been busy with the animals, cleaning house and baking more cherry cobbler since my neighbor picked me another gallon of sour cherries. Don’t you wish you had a neighbor like that! He really is super and since his wife died of cancer several years ago, I like to treat him to tasty treats every now and then.

Image from Three Irish Girls

Image from Three Irish Girls

I found this really fabulous site if you are in love with color and yarn. I am having so much fun just looking. It makes me want to break out my dye and my roving and start dyeing….but that’s for another day.

Image from Three Irish Girls

Image from Three Irish Girls

I hope you’ll stop over to visit my shop today. All your clicks help move me up in the search engines.

I hope you have a wonderful joy filled weekend.

Mendocino Vest

I just love this picture of tweedy yarn from Knit Picks.  If I could, and maybe I might….make a Mendocino Vest in each colorway.  But at the rate of $24.00 for each vest….well, maybe I’ll do one and see how much I love it.  For now, I think I’m going to go with the Cajun or Cottonball tweedy color…or maybe the Tabby.  I think I’ll order one of each and knit up some swatches to see which will work the best for the pattern and for me.

I also love the pattern Sheepwalk & Fences at Autumn House Farm.  I almost bought it at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, but I think something that buttons up is better for me in case the internal fire begins to burn again!

I’ve finished my Cable & Ladders Sweater (I’ll show you after I get it blocked) from Shear Spirit and since I love knitting cables, my next project will probably be the Mendocino Vest on page 151 from Old Mill Farm also published in Shear Spirit.

The Benefits of Omega 3

When I first started to recover my health 2 1/2 yrs ago, it was the information from Rebuild From Depression that taught me the most.  Amanda Rose went through a horrible postpartum experience and came out on the other side….well….smelling like a Rose!  But it wasn’t after doing tons of research to write her long awaited book titled non other than….Rebuild From Depression which will hit the shelfs this summer!

Here is her MOM in a video cooking Salmon which is a great Omega 3 food.

Amanda is having a great give away for some wonderful Omega 3 supplements.  If you’d like to win or read about it you can visit her here.