See Ya!

I’m outta here!

I have the privilege to go see my Sweet Girl in Germany!

Becca has been on a mission with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for the past 7 months and will be graduating from the program on Wednesday. She’s planning to go on staff with them and will be coming home for the summer months, hopefully to arrive around May 10th. Then she’ll have a 3 yr commitment to serve with YWAM! How exciting to have God’s call on your life…actually we all do. All of us have a full time calling to witness for Christ. Some get to travel around the world doing so.

My Becca Boo

My Becca Boo

This has been our first big separation. Becca and Ben were both homeschooled and she went to college locally. I have been with her for 24 yrs! This was a year of growing and change….especially for me.

Becca just arrived back in Germany after being in Ethiopia for 3 months. We had very little email contact. I was thrilled to hear from her last Sunday!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go!

I’ll see you in a week or so. I’ll be sure to have lots of stories and pictures. She’s taking me to Prague, her favorite place so far! I can’t wait to see it. And I’m planning on eating lots of Brautwurst for my friend Dave!!! Mmmm some great German food!

Bye, I’ll see ya later!

NOTE….I got my spring garden in before I had to leave. 50-60 seed potatoes…Yukon Gold and Red Cloud mulched with some straw, Spinach, Two Varieties of Beets, Osaka Purple Mustard, Yaya Carrots (don’t you just love that name!), 20 Albion Strawberries mulched with some pine needles, 20-30 Egyptian Walking Onions, lots of Peas and Loose Leaf Lettuce. My indoor seeds are just about ready to give birth to their second true leaf and will be ready to transplant when I get home next week. I’m leaving Honey in charge of the chickie girls & Rockie, Lady and my plants. He will be super busy as he tries to finish up an important project at work….it’s been almost a year and I will be glad when that new lab opens!!! That means, I’ll get to see more of him! 😀

Until next week I bid you “Auf Wiedersehen!”


My 2008 Christmas Letter

From our Home To Yours, Merry Christmas!


I decided to write my annual Christmas letter here on my blog since just about everything we do has gone electronic. So why not my Christmas letter. Besides that, I have so many new friends from near and far right here on the web.


As we always start off saying, I can’t believe that Christmas is here again. Our family has seen big changes this year. Our children are taking some of those big kid first steps that will leave our lives here forever changed. But we embraced those changes, at first with tears and now with joy. “Hold on to everything with open hands!”

First we saw Becca accepted into the YWAM (youth with a mission) photography program in Germany. She was excited to spread her wings and fly off on her 24th birthday. After being in Germany for 4 months she is now preparing to go off to Africa where her team will use their photographic skills to document the extreme poverty in that part of the world. After returning to Germany in April they will publish their work in efforts to raise funds for those they ministered to. So, keep in touch with me here and I will of course let you know how you can contribute to this worthy cause if you feel led.

Becca and her friend Leah

Ben is at the community college where he’s just passing time. A dear friend of mine calls him a “rolling stone”. Ben has always and still does have a free spirit. He still has a passion for music and plays electric guitar for the worship team at his church. He still loves to serve the lowly and will be off to New Orleans again this winter break to help rebuild a strangers home that was destroyed by Katrina. His long term plans are always changing which is probably nothing new for a 20 yr old young man. And he is a man. He ventured off to hike the Appalachian Trail for 4 days alone this summer marking his 20th birthday. His health was iffy then but he conquered this giant. Only to do another hike with a friend covering 27 miles of mountainous terrain in 2 days! He is still battling Lyme Disease, but is improving with a stronger immune system. For the moment he’s “training” with thoughts of entering the Special Forces of the Marines OR joining the local Police Academy OR venturing to Alaska and living the wild life with the wildlife!!!! Gun in hand, living day to day! What a guy!!! That’s our Ben! He rolls in every once in a while to grab some food and clean clothes but is mostly on his own, working at the church and enjoying life!!!

Honey & I will celebrate our 27th anniversary this March!!! Wo how did that happen? God has done amazing things in our marriage and we are enjoying our time together in our empty nest! Not to say that this jump into an empty nest is easy after having my kids home with me forever! It’s getting easier to pass by their bedrooms and offer up a prayer for them without tears. The house does stay clean longer, but with Boomer and Lady it’s an endless battle with dog hair. Boomer has lovingly acquired the name Lazarus! Constantly keeping me caring for him. Lady is wackier than ever and now with our newest additions….5 chickens, she is on daily guard!


Honey is still working on stuff that I can’t talk about…so I won’t. He’s busy around our little place trying to get the ground ready for a barn/shed to be delivered. We spent endless hours clearing our back 40 this summer. Tons of multiflora rose to be wacked out. A gazillion poison oak trees to kill. Hours of mowing. Home repairs. You know the routine. Now he’s enjoying his hibernation months sleeping and resting for the upcoming spring and summer. He is the love of my life and one woman shouldn’t be allowed to love this much!!!

Me, well I’m enjoying and rejoicing in my new found gloriously miraculous healing. It’s been almost a yr since I’ve had huge breakthroughs using herbs and food to heal my body from Chronic Lyme and 3 co-infections. My doctor has proclaimed me his “healthiest patient’!!! How cool is that!!! See miracles still happen!!! I’m a living testimony and I hope to give others hope to heal! I’m enjoying this Christmas like no other. I have energy and motivation that surpasses many years past. I also turned 50 in October!!! Dance on!!!!!

Becca and I launched my website, Butterflies & Bumble Bees; my labor of love for Dalit women in India. I’ve been studying herbalism for the past year and am developing some of my own remedies which includes my favorite Chai Tea that I learned to love in India. As well as preparing my own tinctures and lotions and salves that seem to be a hit with my sisters friends.

AND now I’m becoming a cowgirl!! We bought 2 Jersey heifers so we can have our own supply of raw milk, raw cheese, raw cream, raw butter……..Raw dairy has played a huge roll in my healing! Of course since we have to have calves to have milk, I’ll sell my calves to help pay for hay or we’ll put meat in the freezer! And who knows I just might throw in a sheep or two!!! I do love lamb and you know I love fiber!!!


JOY is 2 months old. Isn’t she the cutest ever.


Gerdy and I were introduced in a torrent of rain! She’s almost 2 yrs old.

Wait till you see my new pink Wellies that Honey is giving me for Christmas! Oh I’m going to hate to mess them up!

I’m already enjoying my Christmas Ladies Artec Carhartt coat.

I told Honey that now all I need for Christmas is a BIG FORD 350 with a red bow! He laughed HARD!!!


Life here at Peaceful Acres is good. We worship a glorious God and His Son Jesus. We pray that you will find the peace that only He can give, because he is The Lord of Peace; Jehovah Shalom.

Life Is Change

This will be our first Thanksgiving without our 24 yr old daughter, Becca. Many of you know that she has chosen the life of a modern day missionary. Although she is living more than half a world away I know that I will see her again. She’ll be home next summer to clean out her room and give away her earthly belongings to follow God to serve the most impoverished people in the world.  Corrie Ten Boom said, “Lord help me to hold on to nothing too tight that it will hurt when you pry my fingers from it.”

My heart cries and tears still flow when I realize that Becca has chosen the road least traveled and this is just the first of many holidays we will celebrate without her. It’s purely the loss of my dearest best friend and her ability to see right through me. I miss her kind words and her sincere love. I miss her candidness and honesty. I miss her tenderness when I am sick. I just miss her.

Our table will have an empty chair that no one can fill. I’ll miss her cheer in setting a beautiful table. I’ll miss her asking for Broccoli Casserole. I’ll miss so many things this year.

I don’t know that my loss will get easier. I just know and rejoice that she is walking in God’s perfect will.

As I have a sorrow that doesn’t compare to that of others, it is non-the-less a large emptiness in my heart this year.  However, many of my joys help to balance my life and I have so much to be thankful for.

Please take a moment and pray for those who won’t see their loved ones ever again on this earth. For those who are forcing themselves to find something to be thankful for this year.

Photo Credit: Linked to original artist on Flickr

For Such A Time As This

I was standing in the kitchen making an apple pie and had a God revelation.

Our oldest child Becca (24) is living in Germany and going to DTS (discipleship training school) with YWAM (youth with a mission). The revelation that came to me was this:

God has put a love for the nations, more specifically the 10/40 window, in my heart for such a time as this. The 10/40 window is an area on the map that stretches from Africa to Asia and is between the 10th and 40th latitudes. It is an area that has the most impoverished people in all the world and these people have NEVER heard the name of Jesus. 97% of the 3 billion people living in the 10/40 window have never heard of Christ. It’s this 10/40 window that I have fallen in love with for some unknown reason….unknown until now.

You see my Father God allowed me to love these people before He would call my daughter to give her life to His service in this 10/40 window. My only prayer, my entire life for my children was that they love the Lord their God, with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their might. I have no greater joy today than to know that my children walk with the Lord.

When I talked to Becca yesterday, she was hesitant to tell me not to buy her a return ticket home. (although she will have to come back and raise support and get a Visa) But I already knew. God has already been preparing my heart for such a time as this. She is fulfilling God’s destiny for her life. His calling for her to go into all the world and preach the gospel. She’s one of the two most precious gifts I could give back to God for the most precious gift He has given me….His only Son, Jesus.

Becca is a photographer and it is her hope to use her gifts as a mission tool. A tool that can open doors to share the Good News of Christ and the Free Gift He gives. The gift of Salvation. It’s free. It cost Him his life. It will change yours forever. It did mine. And so now, I give my all. My only daughter. My best friend. I give her freely to God, to use for His purposes. She is love. Everything about her screams love. She is the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.

Below is just some of the work done by former students at YWAM Herrnhut. Aren’t they capturing? Don’t they tell a story? Doesn’t your heart just pull to know these people more? And more than that, to tell them how they can know the Saviour of the World, Jesus. The Hope of The World.


I first learned about ONE in church a few years ago. It’s a campaign after my own heart, so I joined. Won’t you make your voice known and join today. It doesn’t cost a thing, but your time and efforts to make known this movement and to stomp out world poverty and aids! Join today! Please.

As many of you know, our daughter, Becca is in Herrnhut Germany training with YWAM, to go into the world using photography as a ministry tool. She may be joining ONE in Africa to photograph the slums and minister to the needs of the impoverished people there. This is the dream of her heart! Please pray for her if you will.

About the Campaign

About ONE

ONE is Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life – united as ONE – to help make poverty history. We are a campaign of over 2.4 million people and growing from all 50 states and over 100 of America’s most well-known and respected non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations. As ONE, we are raising public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in the world’s poorest countries. As ONE, we are asking our leaders to do more to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. ONE believes that allocating more of the U.S. budget toward providing basic needs like health, education, clean water and food would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the world’s poorest countries.

ONE is nonpartisan; there’s only one side in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. Working on the ground in communities, colleges and churches across the United States, ONE members both educate and ask America’s leaders to increase efforts to fight global AIDS and extreme poverty, from the U.S. budget and presidential elections to specific legislation on debt cancellation, increasing effective international assistance, making trade fair, and fighting corruption. Everyone can join the fight. The goal of ending poverty may seem lofty, but it is within our reach if we take action together as one. You can start now by joining ONE and pledging your voice to the fight against extreme poverty and global AIDS.

Happy Labor Day! #2

We hold them in our arms for a little while, but in our hearts forever!

September 3, 1984 was my literal Labor Day. I went into labor with my first born daughter on labor day.

She was very disagreeable about leaving the womb for this harsh world.

After 31 hrs of labor, she did so with great health and vitality.

Weighing only 5.15 lbs and being 18 inches,

she was a tiny peanut born full term to the day!


I am in labor pains again, 24 years to the day as I release her into this harsh world.

My Becca left early this AM to travel half way around the world to be a part of YWAM for the next 7 months.

She’s full of spunk and adventure and we know that this is the beginning of a life change for all of us.

She will celebrate her 24th birthday on Air Berlin and as the day comes to an end, she will arrive in Herrnhut Germany.

My kids…Ben & Becca

Hold them while you can.

As a home school mom of 15 years, I grew especially close to my children. Many warned us when we started that venture. Becca and I clashed terribly. She was a very strong willed child. But God took those years of dedication and sacrifice and made something completely beautiful out of it.

Today, Becca is a lovely, talented, and Spirit controlled woman.

She’s the true pride of a mother’s heart.

With “her girls” that she discipled for 6 years at Grace Community Church.

She left quite an imprint.

She loves friends, fun and foolin around!

I will miss her everyday.


My dearest and closest girl friend has left for a life of her own. A life that God has planned for her since birth. Actually before birth, “he has written all the days ordained for me before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16

Fly Baby Fly!

Photo Credit to Facebook & Flickr

Ready To Fly!

It’s time.

She’s ready.

We’ll be up at 3:30 AM tomorrow if we sleep at all.

We’ve been anticipating this day with great excitement and sweet sorrow.

Becca, our first born is doing her solo flight tomorrow.

She’s going into all the world….first to Germany and the rest is to be determined after she and her team arrive in Herrnhut Germany at Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

This will be life changing and set her on a course to change her world for Christ.

This will be life changing for us.

I’ve spent nearly half my life with this child.

We played together.

Then I was her teacher for 11 years.

Now she’s been my friend.

She is my best friend.  My truest friend.  She’s brutally honest and yet filled with compassion and love.

BUT fly she must.

So we release her into the everlasting arms of our Father God.

He will walk down the airport terminal with her tomorrow while we watch with tear filled eyes.

She will hide in the shadow of His wings.

Where there is a shadow there is a light.

And oh what a great light it is.


He is the light of the world.

In her own words:

Stepping Into The Unknown

by Becca Coe

I have looked back long enough
Now is the time to go forward
Your standing there, waiting with open arms
Your ready to take me by the hand
Leading me with one breath

Stepping forward into the unknown
Knowing that You’ll be there
I’ll step out in faith,
There You’ll catch me

Now is the time
I’ve looked back long enough
No need to worry, You remind me
Your standing there, waiting with open arms
Your ready to take me by the hand

So here I go, I’m ready
The time is now!
It’s time to take Your hand and let you lead me
The time is now!
So here I go