Autumn Cleanse

“Listen, listen, eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

Isaiah 55:2

It was in 1999 that my body came out of whatever remission I held it in and exhibited all the full blown symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease. In 1993 after a car accident left me with my TFC torn in each wrist, I was faced with multiple surgeries to “fix” the problem. After 8 surgeries in 6 years with the final including the removal of titanium screws and plates from each ulna which had been shortened, my system crashed! Big time!

I was on a search for an answer yet again. Alternative medicine was beginning to take hold and that’s the direction I went. In 1999 I had been given an Alisa Test for Lyme Disease run by the run of the mill lab by my run of the mill family PPO doctor. It came back negative, so I was on that perpetual journey for the umpteenth time. In January 2000 I went to an alternative doctor and requested another Lyme Disease test. She ran a LUAT with Igenex. It came back positive. I’d already been neck deep into the alternative healing lifestyle looking for answers and when she recommended antibiotics, I said no thanks. I suggested other courses of action at which time she looked at her clock and told me my time was up! She circled “depression” as her diagnosis that day, even in the light of a positive Lyme test!

Needless to say, I was outraged. I cried I think forever. And I was mad as hell. I was mad at the system that had raked me over the coals for 30 years and when they couldn’t diagnosis me correctly they always reverted to “depression”. Over 30 years of my life, I had countless doctors laugh in my face, shake their heads and chuckle and then mark “depression”. But, I was born with thick skin! I kept pushing for answers and finally I found it. Facing a diagnosis of Lyme wasn’t good news. At the time I thought it was a death sentence. Then I was introduced to yet another doctor who didn’t diagnose me 100% accurately, but did give me a start on my new life.

It was recommended that I see a doctor who “cured” cancer patients. So I did. He questioned me thoroughly and spent 2 hours with me, asking me about the day I was born up to the day I was sitting in his office. Two whole hours at a total of $200!!!!!!!! Now, have you ever had a run of the mill doctor spend more than the 3 min’s that they are alloted for each patient and then charge your insurance company $100? I never had. Granted this was out of pocket, but after meeting our deductible, I was covered.

I’ll call this doc, Dr. G. Dr. G., listened to me and said, that I had something called Candida. He didn’t know anything about Lyme, but I was more than thrilled that my “problems” could be taken care of in a natural way with diet. That’s what I was searching for; compassion and natural healing. He gave me both. I left his office kinda like an ostrich, I had my head in the ground and was happy.

I went home elated. I didn’t have Lyme Disease, I had Candida! Yeah, I was going to recover and live. Although the diagnosis was only half way right, I had hope, and that’s what chronically ill people need in order to heal. One day on the diet he gave me and the migraine type headaches were gone. At that point I was nearly 200 lbs and the weight began to come off. Granted I wasn’t eating much. But, the symptoms began to disappear. The muscle pains, joint pains, chronic fatigue, the constant pain, constant gas and bloating. I was thrilled! The really cool thing about doctors like Dr. G and my current doctor is that they don’t have nor do they want to have a revolving door. They want their patients to be well.

What I learned from Dr. G. was that cleansing is important to any healing program. It’s very much like painting a master piece! You always start with a clean canvas. Can you imagine if Rembrandt started a painting with a canvas literally covered in feces . (excuse the graphic description…but that’s the truth!) Dr. G started all his patients on a juice fast. It’s a grueling fast. The hunger pains are intense. But, it’s thoroughly beneficial to the system.

Your body needs a break from the daily task of digesting food. It’s hard work, digestion. We don’t always make the right choices even though we try to, and our bodies cope. When your facing a chronic illness, it’s even more important to do healing cleanses. Some recommend doing them seasonally. It’s a beneficial way to release toxins from the body. At which time you will experience what is called a healing crisis. You may experience headaches, fatigue, bad breath, BO, foul stools, etc. You get the picture. You body is concentrating on eliminating the toxins that have been stored in your fat cells and built up in your colon.

Much of the toxins stored in our body are in our body fat. Metabolizing the fat forces the toxins into the blood stream where the body processes them to be eliminated. This elimination is not entirely done through the alimentary canal and the urinary tract. A major organ of elimination is the lungs. We will breathe out some toxins in our breath.

Another major organ of elimination is the skin. We will not only exude toxins from the surface of our skin, causing people to bathe frequently every day, but the skin may erupt in boils as the toxins, especially petro-chemicals accumulate in boils. (1)

Dr G’s diet primarily consisted of juice fasting with carrots, greens, green apples, ginger, beets, cabbage and other wonderfully cleansing veggies. Fruit is not recommended. They are too concentrated with fructose sugars. The goal is to maintain a alkaline ph and to kill off the candida pathogens. It’s recommended to follow the juice fast for nothing less than 3 days and the optimal would be 7 or more. Breaking the fast is to be done with bone broths, steamed veggies and foods that are very light on the digestive system. Gradually adding fish, eggs, and dairy consisting of kefir, yogurt and other ferments. No starchy veggies are on Dr. G’s diet until week 3. Then only adding brown rice, starchy veggies, milk, and red meats in the 4th week and there after.

I lost 65 pounds on this diet and was given a new lease on life. However, what I didn’t realize is that I still had Lyme Disease and 3 co-infections. And like most people, I cheated!!! I would even fall off the wagon completely almost breaking my neck ! I’d begin to eat white sugar, white flour and a host of other NO NO’s! When I did this allllll the complex symptoms came back. I really was convinced at the time that because I got well on this anti-candida diet, I didn’t have Lyme Disease. And every time diet would correct the symptoms.

Finally, in 2006 I realized the gut and healing connection. Today, I am nearly 100% healed of Chronic Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections, due to healing my gut and maintaining that healing though proper diet. Since cleansing takes so much energy and time, I’ve wished for the day when I didn’t have the responsibility of family so I could cleanse and rest. It’s truly a mixed blessing that my nest is empty. I wish for little children to be home again, lessons to be taught, meals to be fixed, kisses to be handed out like candy . But, it’s my time to rest and so I will. Since today is the beginning of fall, I thought it was as good a time as any to start a juice fast. The headache is hitting hard. The healing crisis is setting in. But if I hold on for a couple days, it will pass and a new energy will come to me. I’ve done this so many times that I know what to expect. I’ll begin to get accustomed to the hunger pains and then I’ll have little bursts of energy. By day 5 I’ll feel like I can go another week. But for today, I’ll take it one day at a time and not read about food!

One important element of Dr G’s cleanse is coffee enemas. It’s an important detox protocol. It relieves the headaches and cleanses the liver which is cleaning my blood every 3 min’s. So, there are a lot of toxins to remove. Another is drinking Bentonite and Pysllium 5xday! Wow!!! Talk about moving it out!!! But if the toxins are out then they aren’t being absorbed by the colon into my blood stream. Bentonite acts like a sponge and soaks up the toxins while Psyllium is like a broom and sweeps them out! Drinking a ton of water is also vital, since toxins are released into the urine.

I’ll talk more about juice fasts and the whole cleansing process this week. Why not, that’s what I’m going to be focused on. It’s a good time to read and meditate on the Lord. To draw near to Him. It’s amazing how clear our heads become when we cleanse. We can hear from the Lord in amazing ways, especially when we’re forced to lie still while doing coffee enemas 2x day!!!!!!!