Weed Walk at Dawn

Seems as if I jumped the gun again. Nothing unusual for me. I am a woman of many words…maybe you noticed. After sharing that I’d begun walking again and am even planning to run a marathon next year, my feet gave out on me. These infectious diseases are boogers! Not only have my feet swollen and given me so much pain, I can’t stand, but Ehrliciosis raised it’s ugly head again and knocked me on my butt for several days.

The only shoes that have been a “Relief” to my feet are my Crocs.

These are called “relief” and made for folks with foot issues which really seems to be me now. So, I ordered a pair and got them Friday. Sage green for fall. Of course Pink for summer!

This AM when I awoke early and refreshed I knew that my body had snuffed Ehrliciosis again. I bounded out of bed and put on my running shoes and grabbed my camera for a short walk. We have a neighborhood park that has a pond that’s more than a 1/4 mile and less than a 1/2 around. I planned on one time around. That would make a 1 mile walk total. I was hoping my feet would hold up. They did until I got home…..oh my poor feet. I’ve got to find a fix for this problem, because I’m so going to drop this weight before my 50th birthday in October. I am waiting for some shoe inserts to arrive and I really hope they do the trick.

When I walk I’m always engrossed by the sights all around me. Here’s what my morning looked. God is so good.

The full moon was still in the hardly dawn sky over Miss Roses Barn.

The mist was still over the pond. No geese this AM.

I love this one of the moon!


Queen Anne’s Lace


Rosehips on Multiflora Rose

Lots of Jewelweed in the woods.


Poison Ivy


Autumn Olive

I wish I knew what this was cause it’s just so cute!


Jewelweed is a Winner

Good new on the poison ivy scene. My hands have been the last thing to heal and that’s mostly between the fingers. Every night I go to bed and think it’s finally over! Then I wake up with a new spot or two on my fingers. My legs were left scared pretty badly and sooooo dry then I got a prickly rash. One important herbal med we keep on hand is tea tree oil. Since I was left pretty desperate with no where to turn, I went to my trusty herb medicine chest. I mixed it half & half with rubbing alcohol and sprayed it on several times a day and did so for 10 days. It dried things up very well. But it didn’t stop the spread. Then when I finally got out I bought some Jewelweed. Jewelweed works better for controlling the rash before it spreads. Yesterday I had a little spot on one finger and I applied the Jewelweed with a cotton ball, holding it on for a few minutes. This morning the spot was gone….I know you’re thinking, yeah, it’s just on the other hand. No, I don’t think so, I already had it on the other hand and it wasn’t completely dried up. The amazing thing about Jewelweed is that it grows in areas right next to Poison Ivy. So, I warn you if you are going to wildcraft Jewelweed, dress appropriately; long sleeves, gloves, long pants and boots! Jewelweed is a winner in my book along with our trustworthy Tea Tree Oil. Isn’t creation amazing! I do have two questions for God though and that is why He created snakes and poison ivy???

I know, I know…..did you notice…..I hope you did. I have been experiencing amazing healing and I learned how to do links! My brain isn’t full of cotton anymore or at least not today and my amazing daughter showed me how. I know you’re probably thinking duh! But if you find my post called “Confessions” you’ll understand more clearly. This is truly a milestone and I use them to mark my road to healing from Lyme Disease & Co.

That deserves another 🙂