Burr It’s Chili


I don’t know about you…but we don’t eat Chili in the summer. Maybe you do, but we don’t need any extra heat. There’s just something about the crisp cool air and the autumn leaves that cries CHILI! And my men LOVE Chili.

My recipe is pretty simple…lots of onion, lots of garlic, canned (home or organic from the store) Tomatoes, 1 small jar of organic tomato paste, lots of Cayenne, lots of salt, grassfed ground beef, red kidney beans soaked overnight or up to 24 hrs and drained, and a bit of water to keep it from sticking. Start early in the morning and cook all day. Be sure to stir often.  Pretty simple, but oh so good.

How do you make yours? Do you add something that’s crazy but crazy good? Do share!


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