New Pots

These are pots  #t2 and #3.  They could pass as door stops.  That is obviously a lesson that I’ve learned.  My forth pot the teacher made me cut in half to see how uniform it was.  It was not bad.  I still am leaving a bit more clay in the bottom than desired but that comes with time.  I haven’t been back on the wheel for a few weeks.  It’s quite exhausting and takes a lot of strength.  I’ve wanted to get a few pieces made from slab, and my production line is moving along.  More later.


This is pot #3.  I love love love the glazes.  Finally!  It’s Creamy Rust over Ochre using what I call Red Clay, I think it’s #4 Clay.


A little crooked, but it eats yogurt just the same!


This is pot #2 and it is h e a v y!  The glaze is Ochre over Jade.  Not bad.

I’m finishing up a canister to hold some handmade wooden utensils, a couple cereal/soup bowels and a butter dish for 1/2lb sticks.


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