Baby Greens

Saturday morning I sorted my seeds and got them ready for a long winters nap in the Arctic Box! I found a couple seed packs of Fall & Winter Lettuce Mix, Mustard Greens, Spinach and Kale. The Red Leaf Lettuce is up and almost ready to cut. All the spinach and beets that I allowed to self-sow are up and almost ready for cutting as baby greens. The kale is sweet and I hope to beat the Harlequin Beetles to it! No Carrot seeds, so I suppose we won’t be harvesting carrots in February.



All the Sunflower stalks are pulled but I still have the ugly job of pulling the Corn. Every Fall when I pull the Corn, I throw my back out….so, I haven’t been very anxious to start that job. While pulling the Sunflowers, I rubbed against the Tangerine Marigolds that I sowed in the Spring. I have never met a Marigold that I liked! On my trips to India, I learned to hate Marigolds. It’s their custom to adorn their guests with Marigold garlands at every welcoming event….they itch and they stink. The smell of Marigolds has to be the worst that God created and probably for a very good reason. These Tangerine Marigolds smell like….Citrus. I’ll be sure to save seeds from these little beauties.


The volunteer Zinnias are still really pretty and I’ll let them self-sow again for next year.




Limas are still growing on the vines for one more crop. And by the looks of all the blossoms, they could go on for a while, but a killing frost is not too far off.


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