My Sheepwalk & Fences is done. It looks better on the hanger then it does on me though!

Here is one of the gifts I’m giving to my sis for her birthday….she gets two. One for each foot! I love these Stroll yarns from Knit Picks. This is Sprinkle Heather.


And since October is known as Socktober in the knitting world….I’m off to knit more socks…. mittens, scarves, sweaters…… if I have yarn, I will knit.  Oh and by the way, IF you ever like something about Knit Picks.DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR ORDER! They will backorder your order and you will only receive it once they have caught up with their comments.  Oh man I’ve been waiting three weeks and I thought something was out of stock!  Thank goodness it’s in the mail!  Oh I’m getting yarn giddiness at the thought of opening that package.  Of course I’ll let you see!  I would never deprive you of my yarnaholicism or any of my other isms.

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