Self Sufficiency or God Reliant

As I try to become more and more self sufficient…..I really hate the way that sounds.  Because I’m not at all depending on myself for anything.  All I have comes from God and Scripture says that “He gives us everything we need for life and godliness.”  So, as I become more and more dependent upon my Heavenly Father for all that I need, I was happy to order a few long desired herbs for my Medicine Garden.  And I planted them asking for His blessing.

My packages arrived last week, beat-up a tad from their long journey across these United Sates.  I paid a small fortune to have them sent from Oregon to Maryland, but since it would of cost me much more to make the journey in my car, it was worth the sacrifice for these plants.


Not all plants are equal in quality.  I’ve spent a small fortune on plants that didn’t have a good start and they were short lived.  I’ve also tried as I might to start some of these herbal plants by seed to no avail.


Richo Cech is the owner of Horizon Herbs.  He’s been a guest on  Herb Mentor where I have been studying herbs for over 2 years.  I try to support some of the herbalist that are featured on Herb Mentor, mainly because I can.  And I’ve been longing for these herbs for a while.  I have always been a proponent of being able to care for oneself and with all of the chatter about health care, I needed the peace of mind knowing that my Medicine Garden holds just about anything I need to care for myself and my family.

I finalized the location for these new plants.  The small raised beds in the rear of my veggie garden are too shaded to do me any good.  Since Stinging Nettle is an invasive plant I wanted to contain it.  Motherwort needed part sun, so she went clear in the back with room to spread.  The Stinging Nettle went in the front of the same box.  The sweet and delicate leafed St John’s Wort went in the long box that I originally planned for sweet potatoes years ago, since the boxes were filled with sand, peat and dirt.  It would make a good drainage spot for SJW.  The Goldenseal was beautiful.  The roots were a lovely bright mustardy yellow.   And they went just outside my garden gate for full sun.  The Russian Comfrey roots went in the box with SJW.

I had my first introduction to Stinging Nettle.  I’d been warned repeatedly that it lives up to it’s name.  Yes it does sting.  The little pricks from it’s leaves left me with an irritating rash on my fingers for a day or so.  I remembered my gloves when planting time came around.

I can’t imagine every having enough of these wonderful herbs.  I use them almost daily for menopausal health and for various other maladies.  I cannot wait to harvest the bright yellow flowers from SJW and the bright yellow roots from Goldenseal.  Nettle will make the loveliest green tincture next spring for allergy season.  It’s full of Vit A, C & iron.

Of course after receiving Richo’s book I made another list of more herbs that I seriously can’t live without.  How could I of ever forgotten my beloved Arnica!  I use arnica everyday for aches and pains.


Richo suggests fall planting to give them a good start.  With all the rain and snow these new herbs ought to get off to a good start and be ready for harvesting next spring and summer.

“Lord, I pray you will bless my gardens and cause them to prosper and grow, giving us food for nourishment and medicine.”

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