The Frustrations of Blogging

This morning I checked in on my Pasture Walk post to see if it was updated.  And to my horror….IT WASN’T!!!! I really hate that part about writing a blog.  When I spend hours and hours trying to edit a post before it’s published and I forget one little button………“Update Post”! I could kick myself.

I did a bit of reading this weekend and reread a July issue of Acres USA.  In that issue was an article on Brix and many other great applicable topics.  So in my updated post I expanded on Brix and now it’s gone.  Why the post didn’t do an auto save, I’ll never know.  I really do hate these machines sometimes!

Now I’m just too frazzled to even think about writing it all over again.  It was so perfect yesterday.  Or at least I thought it was perfect.  Now it’s gone forever.

That’s happened a couple times now and it’s a real bummer.  So bare with me if I take a break and recoup.  It’s really frustrating when I’m typing soooo fast and hit a wrong key…..and everything vanishes!!!!!  Gone in a stroke of a key.  Gone into cyberspace!  Gone forever!  Gone as if I had never written or thought it.  Just gone!

I know.  Life has more pressing important issues to deal with.  So, I’m off to deal with some of them.  I’ll fill you in on Brix at another time.  I’ll let you know about making our decisions on cow vs goat.  I’ll let you know how my bovine girls are doing.  I’ll fill you in on my herbal medicine garden and pottery and so many other things that it takes my brain to be in gear for.

Until then, I wish you a happy and joy filled day.  Get out in this beautiful autumn weather and thank God for a new day.  This new day is a gift from Him.  Embrace each and everyone one of them.  Carpe Diem.  Seize The Day!


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