Tough Decisions

I’m torn right now. With loosing Josie’s calf and her not coming into milk, we need to either buy another cow or buy a milk goat. I really don’t want another cow. I’ve wanted a goat for a long time, but Honey isn’t too keen on goats. I think it’s because he thinks they are nothing but trouble. So, I’ve been doing my homework. And on Fias Co Farm, the site that’s all about goats and pretty much anything you want to know….they have a really great comparison chart.

Basically goats milk is by far more nutrient dense than cows milk, except for Vit.D. Here is the comparison of Vit D….goat 29.28 IU, Cow 98.652 IU. Vit A…goat 483 IU, Cow 249 IU. OmiGosh, Vit C…goat 3.2 mg, cow 0. Calcium…327 mg, Cow 276 mg. It’s amazing how goat is almost superior to cow’s milk all around.

Don’t get me wrong. I love, love love cows milk and I love, love, love my cows!  I also love goats milk….notice the amount of loves!

The kind of goat I’m leaning toward is a LaMancha…..they are really ugly in my opinion….they dont’ have floppy ears. In fact they look like they don’t have ears at all! But they have a high percentage of butterfat and that’s my main objective. They have 4.2% butterfat. Plus I know a farm nearby where I can buy one.  The cost will be 1/3 or more less than a cow.  The caring of it will be less.  The amount of milk will be less.  I can even put it in the back of my mini van!  Plus their young are easier to sell and we have quite a market for goat meat in our area.  So, it looks like I have a job cut out for me….to convince Honey that a goat is a good choice.  Dontcha think???

It’s a face only a momma could love!

Thanks to Mavra Changs photo on

Thanks to Mavra Chang's photo on

Don’t ask me what this box is….I can’t get rid or it!


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