Cleaning House


Saturday I exercising my rights to protest and protest loudly and peacefully against an out of control government. Honey and I went to DC for the 9-12 Project Rally. The march from the White House to The US Capital was scheduled for 11am, so we took our time getting down on the Metro. We are fortunate to be at the end of the line and can always find a seat before the train heads toward the city and packs on days when activities are scheduled to take place down town. Not so fortunate for those coming in from Virginia. I was told that those trains were jam packed and had to leave folks standing at the station to wait for the next train.

I don’t think that anyone expected anywhere near the numbers that showed up for the event. There was a sea of people as far as the eye could see. It was nearly impossible to get close enough to hear any of the speakers. Although we did manage to squirm our way through the crowd once we arrived at the Capital. I don’t think that the Park Police did a crowd survey, but there are some estimates that placed the crowd at 1.5 million people! It was astounding how many people from far and wide showed up to protest against our government.

For Honey and I, this is not about Republican vs Democrats or vice versa. In fact, we’d much rather not be associated with either party. In our opinion, the entire House needs cleaning out!

Honey’s favorite sign was “Go Green-Recycle Congress!”

We believe in the original intent and meaning of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those in Washington have forgotten that they are OUR servants, not that we are their servants!

In this sea of people, there was young and old alike. Rich and poor. Black and white, yellow and brown. A true mixture of Americans, both Democrat and Republican, Libertarian and Independent. Reading all the signs was a hoot. We stood on our poor feet for 4-5 hours….then we headed home ahead of the crowds. It was an exhausting day, but well worth giving our time to act as Americans.

Here are a few pictures that give you a good taste of the day, funny signs and serious signs. The police were out in force, there were buses of officers, but they stood chatting with nothing to do….”the angry mob” just wasn’t as they have been characterized by the media or choice politicians. And I was close enough to tell you that the ground I stood on at The US Capital was more like Astroturf and the sea of people surrounding me were the real deal!






This is a favorite and I’m so sad it’s not in focus….but I did love it!




This guy is actually a neighbor, and a new citizen from Brazil.


Texans from afar.



Los Vegas












How this old guy got his truck in the middle of a sea of people marching down PA AVE, I will never know…I asked him if he had a permit for that thing….he laughed hard.


Families; big and small….I’d of been afraid of loosing one or two! A few kids did get lost and found!


A lot of people wanted Rep. Joe Wilson for President….what would we of done without recent news?


That was the shortest walk down PA AVE I’ve ever taken. I was so busy watching people and believe me when I tell you that an ADHD person would of had overload!


This was our little spot on the lawn of The Capital. The sea of people continued back down PA AVE and over flowed onto The Mall. They were told to get off of the Mall because another group had permits for The Mall…..there really wasn’t anywhere else for all of these people to go.


Even Martha & George were there….funny people doing funny things!

It was a great day! We’re glad we went.


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