Good Medicine

It’s been a very rough week for me.  And I am reminded how much I need to laugh.

If you knew me, you’d know that I love to smile.  It’s a family trait that I passed to my children.  They both have beautiful big and gregarious smiles!

Laughter is good medicine! Prov 15:13

Thanks to Carf on for a great photo!

Thanks to Carf on for a great photo!

Crying may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Ps 30:5

I am reminded repeatedly in Scripture that laughter and joy are good for me. That crying and grieving dry up the bones. Honey calls me, “My Joy”. I love that!

I usually am…that is joyful. I have so much to be thankful for and joy is an overflow of thankfulness.

Life certainly has it’s hard places and in them I must always remember that “The Joy of The Lord is My Strength”. Nehemiah 8:10

I cannot depend ever on what I can see around me. It will always fail me. Life is hard, but God is good.


Thanks to Ardumpln 1s Photostream on

Thanks to Ardumpln 1's Photostream on

“Laughter does not mean you are ignoring pain, living in denial, or just not aware of the troubles around you..For me, laughter is how we take a much-needed break from the heartache, such that when we turn to face it again, it has by some miracle grown smaller in size and intensity, if not disappeared altogether.” Liz Curtis Higgs (Only Angels Can Wing It)

When Honey and I are overcome with grief or just plain feeling sorry for ourselves, we like to keep it in perspective……we always count our blessings and that begins with Ben & Becca, a roof that doesn’t leak, lights that come on, food in our frig, eggs in our coop, cows in our pasture, shoes on our feet, a shower with water, a toilet that flushes, a house that’s paid for, clothes on our back, land that grows food, a car that runs no matter how old it is……………many more than I have room or time to think of……and most of all………. LOVE that is abundant.


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