End Of Season Garden Notes


Although my weekend was the weekend from hell, I managed to get some things accomplished that I’ve been putting off, trying to get my mind off of things. I spent 3-4 hours in the garden doing some much needed weeding and harvesting. I roasted the rest of my peppers, eggplant and tomatoes and froze them in small packages. The aroma was a wonderful way to brighten the mood of the house. Since my spinach went to seed, I stripped the seeds off the stems and raked them into the soil. Beets already came up that re-seeded from the fall. I also put in a little lettuce for the fall. Hopefully I’ll get more carrots planted and I will probably try to cover the hoops again this winter. Maybe next year if I’m not overcome with something new, I’ll build a bigger hoop house for winter veggies. I do hate buying them at the grocery. But, I’ve come to terms with myself, that I can only do so much.


Next year plant a large bed of peppers & eggplant. DO NOT plant many okra. They are prolific and grow like trees! I bent my shovel trying to get them out!

Only use the back beds for garlic!

DO NOT plant the three sisters again! Although the squash did well, nothing else did. The beans did not grow up the corn as planned….it just didn’t grow.

Plant more beans. 3 rows of lima beans and 3 rows of green beans is just not enough! Use at least 1 big bed for each.

The corn did well. However, I didn’t really care for the variety….I think it was Bantam Gold…??? Plant 2 beds again.

DO NOT plant the squash under the sunflowers! Although the sunflowers were a bright addition they took up an entire bed. The squash all died underneath. For some reason the pumpkins rotted.

The tomatoes did not do well in the back beds. Those beds need lots of composting this fall! The heirloom tomatoes were fabulous!


The seeds for this heirloom tomato came from a friend. The tomato was delicious! It’s called Tobolsk and it came from Love Apple Farm.  It’s Orange Round, med 85 Russian heirloom, good balance of sweet & tart. The Brandywine heirloom were also fabulous! Bursting with flavor!

DO NOT plant many marigolds around beds! They always grow crazy and take up too much room. Just plant a couple in each bed.

What happened with the eggplant this year???? They just didn’t produce. The bugs did a number on the leaves to start….maybe that’s it.

GET THE CHAMOMILE OUT OF THE BED! I love chamomile, but it just keeps growing and reaching for more space. I need to move it to the herb garden.

DO NOT BUY SEED POTATOES! Just get them at David’s. Get the fall crop in before August!

I really need somewhere else to put the strawberries, but it’s too late. They grew like gang busters and are overflowing out of a bed and creeping in the isles. I hope our crop is beautiful next summer!

Put up some support for the Raspberries which did very well.

2 of my 4 new blueberry bushes died.

Trim the grapes and tie.

Take old tires and cover the cow manure pile to heat it up! Spread composted manure in the spring!


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