DunDun DunDun DunDunDaaaA

Thanks to White Shark Ecoventures from Flickr.com

Thanks to White Shark Ecoventures from Flickr.com

Sweet Girl has been mesmerized by Sharks since she was a child. She has a head full of Shark facts….anything you could possibly want to know. My dad caught a Shark once and as a kid she hung the jaws on her wall. No frills for her, sharks teeth!!!

In the news this morning was the Great White Shark sighting off the Cape of Massachusetts. When I told her about it, she said, “I am so going!” She told me that they sighted 3! I thought, ok 3. She said, “No Mom. 3. To sight 3 Great Whites in one location like that is amazing! and that far north. Ya only live once and I’ve got to see this.” So off she went. Sweet Girl loves adventure! When I told Honey, he said, “hey she ought to go!”….he smiled and I said, “that’s where she gets it” and he smiled some more in a boyish way, and then added “yea, and from you too!” Then I smiled in a girlish way! I do love adventure too!!!!

I’m not sure how long the drive will be, but she hasn’t found a job yet and had $150 in her pocket from her birthday. Honey just fixed her leaky transmission and so her car was in sound condition. And she’s off. I guess she’ll call at some point. I called my cousin who I haven’t talked to for over 30 years. (I know that’s terrible) He lives outside of Boston and I wanted to make sure if she needed someone he’d open his arms to her. It was a really great surprise that I called and it was so good to hear his man voice and to say hello to his little guy, Will.

My cousin, Mark, said he was just sitting around talking about it as I called. I hope Sweet Girl stays with them….that would be so sweet for them to meet.

She plans to hire a boat to take her out so she can get some great pics. She is so siked!!!!!!!!!!! She’s always keeping me on my knees. I’ve prayed more for that child in the last year than probably her entire life….and it continues. Last year she was roaming in the bush of Africa and now she’s off to shoot a Great White! I do hope she gets to see one! That will be my prayer! Lord let her see one of your greatest creations!!!!!


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