Update on Josie

Josie had not aborted as we thought….at least that was one of the options.  The drugs inducing labor kicked in this evening.  She did not make much progress and when I was able to see something, it did not look normal.  The vet came and pulled a dead calf from Josie.  It died at 5 months gestation.

Josie is fine.  I am not.  I’m very very sad.  It was a very awful sight and a very awful smell.  My poor girl carried that dead calf almost to term.

Not much more to say.  We will press on.  I probably won’t AI her until next summer since I would like to get on a Spring calving schedule.  We’ll see.  So, now we decide what to do until then.  Do we get another lactating cow that’s bred or do we just wait.  We’ll just take some time to get over this, and then decide.

Thanks for all of your loving kindness.


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