Another Happy Happy Happy Day!!!!

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Girl Becca!!!!

(this is while she was in Africa working in a soup kitchen)

A quarter of a century ago, I gave birth to my first born. She was very content in my womb and protested for over 26 hours before taking her first breath. She was a peanut at 5lb 15 oz and 17 inches long. She was a tiny little thing. When we placed her in the car seat, she disappeared. We used towels to pack her in. She swam in the baby clothes that we bought for her. I had to buy preemie clothes and cabbage patch doll clothes. Back in the early 80’s and in our little town, there weren’t a lot of choices.

She has always remained a very petite girl. She has to pull the drivers seat all the way up, but she doesn’t sit on phone books anymore!

She is our joy! She is a delightful, kind and loving young woman.

We wish her a wonderful day filled with joy, love and peace.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


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