Tuesday is my pottery mental health day. Last week I threw on the wheel for the very first time. This is a continuing ed class mostly for Seniors….although I’d hardly call myself a Senior, I’ve enjoyed the dynamics of the class so much. The folks are just so great. One of my classmates John, is 72. Last week he worked with me to teach me how to use the wheel.

The hardest part is centering. If it’s not centered, you get something that looks like my first piece…..I’ll show you later this week…..it wasn’t centered. Although to my untrained hands and eye it felt somewhat centered, it’s possible that I didn’t get my thumb in the center when I pushed down. When I finished it was thin on one side and thick on the other….

After trying one little piece, I truly appreciate what a master potter does! I’ve enjoyed visiting Paul the Potter. I love, love, love, his work and his style! The only problem is Paul is in England….or maybe that isn’t a problem! I would love to visit his shop and buy a pot or two! I really love his simplicity.

My class is based on form & function. We use slabs or pinch pots to build a piece. I just finished a Gyuvech. It turned out nicely. It’s waiting to be bisqued.


I’m still not thrilled with the glazes. I’m still experimenting with them on this red clay.

(John helps me with my handles…..I just can’t get them right)


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