A Sweet Taste of Autumn


6:30 AM DST in Maryland

I really should of grabbed a jacket when I went out early this morning to tend the animals. I love this time of year. I’m not sure who doesn’t. And I know Josie is happy to see cooler temperatures. I know. I too was at the end of my first pregnancy, 25 years ago.

I too was looking large, feeling off balance and wanting nothing more than a cool drink and a place to prop my feet! I’m not sure I could of stood on one foot….she’s quite talented, being able to scratch her behind on three legs!


Sweet Girls 25th birthday is on Friday. 25 years ago my water broke on Labor Day, how appropriate! It was hotter than…. But Sweet Girl showed signs of who she would be and didn’t want to come out and only did so with a lot of prodding! She was born the next day after much convincing that it was a good thing. Way back when, they used to keep us in the hospital for a few days….I really can’t remember how many it was. What I do remember is that the day she came home, we had our first taste of Autumn.


I didn’t accomplish much this weekend, at least not physically. I did work on my Sheepwalk & Fences Vest by Autumn House Farm and I really like it. I’m not sure what’s going on with me…..I think it’s just a combination of Menopause and Babesia. I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m not sure why. I usually sleep like a rock. It could of been the frequent hot flashes and the fact that my mind was racing all night. My doc told me that hot flashes are a sign that the adrenals are stressed. Yeah, that sounds about right. So, now my job is trying to eliminate that stressor in my life. Not so easy, but I have to let it go.

So, it’s time to up my Cod Liver Oil again and watch my diet. In the mean time I won’t stress out over the little things like the grass and pasture need cutting (4 hr job), the garden needs weeding (3 hr job), the house needs cleaning, the manure needs hauling (1 hr job). It’s pretty hard to accomplish a lot when my energy reserve is only 3-4 hours! I guess I should be thankful that it’s overcast and looks like rain and go unload the dishwasher. But that’s been part of the problem….so much rain and everything is growing and makes my work load greater.

Here’s my vest….maybe I’ll finish it today and spit my tongue out at the yardwork!

Heck, it will be there tomorrow….I know my yardwork fairy isn’t comin!


Nice foot too!


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