Curious Henrietta!


The new little chicks are enjoying freedom at last!  And Sunday night was the first night (other than the tornado storm night) that they ALL were in the coop at bedtime!  It’s not fun chasing little hens around in the dark!!!  Honey watches me from the kitchen and just laughs!!!  It’s a good thing I love him so much!


Henrietta, my curious hen runs to greet me when I visit the chicken yard and if she could talk….this is what she’d say…..”well, it’s a pretty hot one today, and did you know that Jenny Hen hasn’t gotten off that nest for weeks, what does she think is going to hatch from that wooden egg, did you see all those new little ladies, they say they are replacements for the old ladies, what old ladies???, and did you see how nice their new house is, I mean, what’s up with that, and I had to go in and try out the new nesting boxes, did you hear me, I told the whole neighborhood that I loved laying my eggs in this new house! and did you see how little those girls are, I mean, they won’t lay you an egg for at least another 3 months…at least! and by the way, why do they get such a nice new house….what did they ever do for you???, and can I have some more bread, not the brown stuff, I like the white one better, and how come that cow over there gets all the apple treats this year, we were here first, and by the way, where did they come from anyway…….and………….and….and….”


(caught in the act….she makes herself right at home)

I think Henrietta talks none stop all day long. She is always poking her head in to see what I’m doing. She is so curious! And to think, she was my sisters worst nightmare of a hen! Not anymore…she is just a curious busy body!

I love you Henrietta Hen!



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