Summers End


We had a wicked bad storm blow through on Friday evening. There were tornado warnings with rotational winds. The lightening strikes were violent.

The aftermath left my sunflowers a complete disaster. I’m grateful that that is the only thing to report damage to.

I worked for hours on Saturday to cut the sunflower stems off in what must of been 100% humidity. We must of gotten several inches of rain overnight and the plants were almost all uprooted. I’m glad I got to enjoy them while they were blooming beautifully all summer and the bees were none to concerned about the condition of the plants, they were still busy collecting nectar.


I decided to put them out by the street. I read on a blog the other day that a young mom was driving home after a difficult day and saw a sign for FREE sunflowers. She was overwhelmed with gratitude. She needed that beautiful pick-me up from someone offering FREE sunflowers!

Even though we live in what would be considered a very upscale zip code (notice, I didn’t say neighborhood!), I still put my sunflowers out for FREE. This was my simple blessing this weekend and I hope someone had their spirits lifted by these lovely summer ladies!


I didn’t let the seeds go to waste.  I laid them out to dry and I’ll collect them for my Jersey girls!



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