Brined Sauerkraut


My cabbage did very well this year. I think I got about 15-20 lbs.

I chopped it roughly and pounded it with 3 Tbsp Seasalt.  The ratio I used was 5lb to 3 Tbsp Salt.  You can use more or less salt depending on how tart you like it.



My pounder is stained from berries. You just keep pounding and the salt causes the cabbage to release water. I fit 5lb in a 1/2 gal jar. In the first picture I used a ziplock filled with salt water to weigh the cabbage down and force liquid up so the cabbage is covered. That’s the most important part of brining, is to keep the food covered with the brine water.  I placed the jar on a small plate to catch any overflow….and it did overflow.

I set it in a cool spot and after 3-4 days I tasted. I thought it needed a lot more time, and it was finally ready for my taste after 10 days.

It’s recommended to eat 1/2 cup of fermented foods with each meal to aid in digestion. I credit fermented beasties for the majority of my healing from Chronic Lyme Disease.


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