Here’s The Deal

Honey says I say that ALL the time…..”ok, here’s the deal!”   He’s never sure what to expect!  But after almost 30 yrs of marriage, he isn’t surprised at anything that comes out of my mouth.  I’m so glad for his unconditional love!!!

I knew that if I posted pictures of Joy’s udder, there would be concern….and sure enough there was.  The cow forum that I belong to was certain that she must of been pregnant!  So after much stress over this little girl accidentally getting pregnant…..I found a new Vet closer to my home and she came out this morning.  After palpating her (yes, she was in my heifer up to her shoulder), she declared Joy NOT pregnant!!!  Wahoo!

She is what we thought all along…a little SUCKER!  When we got our two heifers she began sucking my bred heifer and then when I separated them, she started self sucking.  I shouldn’t of been surprised.   She sucks everything.  She is always grabbing my clothes and sucking.   And like I told you the other day, she was grabbing the electric line and sucking it.

DSCN2196The day I fell in love with Joy. A cold rainy day in December!

I felt really sorry for her….and that’s the reason I bought her.  I know….not a good reason….but why not?  Why not give a little calf that didn’t have a future a chance???  Why not???  With all the right care I believe she can become a good milk cow.  I just have to persevere through all of her little quirks. If we were all cast aside because of our quirks….I fear there wouldn’t be any of us left.

I still believe that Little Joy can become a good milk cow.  The Vet didn’t think that her udder looked damaged.  She just has a bad habit!  Don’t we all?

What’s yours?


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