Fences & Sling Shots


Little Joy is such a stinker.  Saturday evening when I went out to feed and put the animals up for the night, Joy was making a sling shot out of the electric fence.

So, how do you know when the fence is down???  The calf is playing with it!

She was really funny to watch, but was insistent on continuing her bad behavior until I tethered her.  She’d grab the line with her tongue and pull it back, further and further until she couldn’t pull anymore….and then she let go…..!!!!  It was too funny to watch.  Then she was grabbing the extra line and chewing and chewing.  No wonder cows get hardware disease….yep, it’s from eating things that aren’t food!  Luckily she didn’t eat any electric line.

I didn’t stick around long enough to watch her get zapped on Sunday morning.  I’m sure it was a shocking experience!!!

And just like I told you, my cow mentor Tammy, told me that Joy’s udder looks a bit over developed for a heifer calf.  Remember a heifer is an unbred calf.  So unless she’s bred, which it seems very unlikely and let’s pray she’s not, then she just might be sucking on herself!  So, again I put lipstick on a pig, I mean cow, rather a heifer.


It was much brighter before she rubbed some of it off on her foot and back.  But I didn’t see any on her udder.  I reapplied it on Monday morning.

I’ll be watching her.  I guess I might have to call the vet out to put in a permanent nose ring.  Boy, this girl will be quite in the style of things…. tattoos and nose ring!



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