Sunflowers & Sunsets


This is what I get to see when I go out to put the animals up for the night. I’m so glad I planted the sunflowers, however they were TOO much shade for the vines underneath and I didn’t get nearly as many butternut squash or pumpkins as I would of liked. But isn’t life about living and learning.

Yesterday Honey got a good portion of my milkroom built in our little barn.


We raised the stanchion floor up 6″ to make it level with the entrance and I decided that I’d keep the gravel floor on my side, making me 6″ lower so if and when I hand milk it will be easier to reach.


We had the barn built so the milk room was on the end opposite the turn-out stall and we planned for the door to open flush with the wall so that the cows could walk straight in and back straight out. We plan to build up the ground a bit more on the outside to help with the backing out part and drainage.


I love my cow girls. Josie freely comes and goes now as she pleases. Although she has full reign all night of the barn and pasture, I usually find her sleeping in the barn early in the morning. If I sleep in and don’t get out until 7ish she’s out grazing in the pasture. Little Joy is still tethered at night….I have Little Joy stories for tomorrow. She is a stinker.


I pick up the bite size apples off the ground and Josie quickly learned the word “Apple”! She loves her apple treats. Joy can’t figure out what they are and doesn’t even touch them….more for Josie!



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