My Little Joy


This little one has been such a delight to me! Her little face has turned black, but will probably change again before she matures. She’s really pretty tiny for her age, and because of that I will probably try to breed her to a Mini Jersey bull (AI of course). At 10 months she barely stands up to my waist and I’m only 5’3″. I began increasing her grain to help build up her body condition. I think it’s helped a lot. In fact, if nothing else, her head continues to grow….yikes this girl needs a new harness.


Her udder development is very nice. I often stand and look at her (of course from the backside) and say to myself…”boy she looks nice!”


Sorry it’s not focused.


The last time I did posted pictures of my heifers udder, someone told me that things didn’t look quite right….and to this untrained eye….well, I sure hope my cow mentor doesn’t do that again….but I’m prepared.

Frankly I’m wondering if it’s normal for her one quarter to be larger at this stage. I’m sure my mentor will tell me.


She’s still pretty small even after getting 10 lbs of sweet grain a day.

She is a sweetie pie! And I think after raising her and training her she will make a wonderful milk cow. I don’t know if I’ll ever part with her.

Compare these to the day she arrived here at Peaceful Acres 3 months ago.


If nothing else, her halter got dirty!


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