What Does Your Daddy Do?


I was having a cup of tea at a friends house on Friday (when what looked to me like a tornado hit…just a side note!), and we were chatting about my cows. Jan’s husband comes from a long line of farmers. They have a diverse 300 acre farm today due to the dying nature of farming. They still raise freezer steers and keep bulls on the farm to service the cows.

She asked me how I was going to go about servicing my cows (for those of you out of the farm world…that means breed). I told her that I was for sure not getting a bull, and that I’d have to have AI.

Jan suddenly remembered a story from when her now grown kids were in elementary school.

“The teacher asked the kids to draw a picture of what their daddies do for their job. One little guy, drew his daddy shoulder deep into the back end of a cow! When the teacher got to him….she stuttered and said let’s see what somebody else’s daddy does!”

Here is a very good visual of what an AI tech does.

Again for those of you who don’t know….AI stands for artificial insemination.

The good news is that I found an AI tech in our neighborhood!!! Yes, it’s that little boys daddy! Now I just have to pick a bull and order the semen!

Who ever would of thought I’d be talking like this!


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