Hot Off The Press

My friend Amanda Rose finished her long awaited book, Rebuild From Depression. It’s available now on her website for $19.97 and the shipping is free. I ordered my copy as soon as it was available. I’m looking forward to posting another piece on the book after I’ve had time to read it. So much of what I learned from Amanda helped me with my battle against chronic Lyme Disease. Although the book is based on Amanda’s unfortunate tangle with postpartum depression, the facts and the research are applicable for everyone with a brain!

Why not order your copy today??? Why wait until you are in that uphill climb out of a mucky muddy pit. Learn now how to achieve and maintain the mental health needed to battle depression. In our stressful society we all need whatever help we can get….I sure do.

My daily routine always includes a healthy swig of Cod Liver Oil and plenty of grassfed butter. Nutrient dense foods loaded with Omega-3 are high on my list. One really great thing I learned from Amanda, was about Phytic Acid. This was the key that unlocked my life again to grains. And she offers a free e-course if you’d like to learn more. Yes, I said, FREE.

Why not pop on over and visit Rebuild From Depression and learn about the mysteries to the food you eat. Her mom, Jeanie Rose does wonderful little cooking videos, plus she has her own website called, Pray The Scriptures.

Some of my most memorable posts by Amanda are; Rugged Mountain Woman, Poison Oak Relief Anyone?, Apparently I Can Survive AnythingA Eulogy Written on a Country Pasture: Rest in Peace Vancer Eyk Organic Dairy, and I Met My Meat (I love the license plate). Those are just a few that stick out in my mind over the past couple years since I’ve been visiting Amanda on her website.

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