All Creatures Great & Small

The Lord God made them all.

I lost a total of 8 baby chicks yesterday. I didn’t even have a chance to know them, but disposing of them brought tears to my eyes.

These three little girls that didn’t thrive when I took them out of the box, didn’t make it.


Honey has become very sensitive to my attachment to these creatures and he steps up to take care of this difficult job.

I went to bed praying that the rest of my brood would survive the night. I was like a dotting mama. Was it too hot or too cold. Did they have enough crumble to get through the night. Enough water.

I went down and checked on them before I turned in for the night and all of them were cuddled together sleeping. It was too cute.

This morning they were all alive and running about eating and playing. A couple were catching a couple cat naps…opps, no cats here….they were catching a couple winks. Our Little Lady Girl is just dying to go in the basement and see what all the commotion is about. Not on her life!!!


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