Little Balls of Sunshine

These aren’t chickens they are little balls of sunshine with legs.


The Post Office called at 7am and said my baby peeps were here.

I had just enough time yesterday to get their nursery prepared for them.

Yep…in the unfinished darkroom.



They had a long journey from Iowa on a big big airplane.


Aren’t they ever so cute. All cuddled together to stay warm.


I dipped their little beaks in water and let them go….they ran like crazy all over the place. I’d scattered chick crumble on the paper and they started eating as if they’d starved for 2 days!


Everybody ran off except these three little Amigas.

They sorta had sea legs and wobbled a bit. Then middle peep couldn’t stand being a by stander and off she went.


Then there were two.

I lost 5 in transit and I’m going to work hard to revive these two.


A little TLC and maybe a shoe box of their own until they get the hang of it.


This little peep keeps falling asleep and then she practically falls backwards.


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