It’s In The Mail

Oh boy, my peeps were mailed yesterday!


They are coming USPS priority and the ladies at the post office are looking out for them. This spring they had the arrival of baby ducks and turkeys so they are old hats at this. I’m not.

I think I’ve got most everything ready…..well, not really. But hopefully they can wait until I make my run to Tractor Supply later today. If they do come sooner, they will be just fine with the set up I have, but ideally I need a few things.

Honey is still asking me what I’m going to do with them. I’m thinking I can take the reciprocating saw to the dark room frame and take it out in pieces through the basement door. Then when I get it outside I can reconstruct it. It would work. For the time being, these little girls will stay in the basement in a box. Then they’ll get transfered to the small rabbit hutch that I picked up along side the road one day. After that…..well, I haven’t got a clue!!!

Stay tuned.


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