Ouch Mommy!

I’m such a chicken. My sister informed me that my 8 month old calf is JUST an animal. She can’t believe how I talk to my cows and love them like they are part of the family. Well….that’s because they are.

But while she was here yesterday on her vaca from CA, she did the job that I’ve been putting off. She put the weaning ring on Joy. In fact she was willing to put in the permanent nose ring and pierce my Joy’s nose……she is the wife of a vet and I guess she has a stomach of iron. But when I told her there could be bleeding she thought that we shouldn’t try.

I held Joy while Jackie got the ring in her nose. Poor baby, she rolled her eyes to the back of her head and twisted her head as far around as she could.



I was sure that she’d manage to get it off by morning….but she didn’t. She did have some trouble getting her nose in her usual bucket for some yummy grain this morning. So I pushed it up and she figured out a way to eat in the length rather than the width of the bucket.


Her little nose runs now off the ring and she can’t lick it. That’s got to be a real booger! 😉


I put the girls together this morning so that if Joy did try to suck, Josie would kick her since there are little spikes on the ring. Josie was thrilled to be back with what she thinks is her baby. They played push and shove for a while and then laid down to ruminate for a while.


I’ve got to keep an eye on things to make sure she keeps that ring in and doesn’t suck on Josie any more.

I’m so convinced Josie is going to make a first rate Mama Cow!


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