Like A Lady

Who needs a cat, when you’ve got a Lady!?!

My little Lady is as good and even better than any cat!


I’m convinced that the last two deer ticks I was bitten by came out of my vegetable garden. Most people who have been infected with Lyme Disease and it’s many co-infections stop gardening and dare I say, stop going outside!

YIKES! How can anyone live like that? I can’t. The last tick I had last June, reinfected me with Babesia which caused a severe case of Hemolytic Anemia. And on my 50th birthday in October, I had anything but life. I was ready for a blood transfusion.

Those who are educated in Lyme Disease know that the original host is a white footed mouse NOT a deer. Which is your typical mouse. So the way to control Lyme Disease is by controlling the mouse population on your property. We have seen a huge reduction in the tick population since we cut our field down last year. Whether we pushed them into a neighboring field or not I don’t know. But we encourage mouse predators, which are snakes, field cats, chickens, hawks and of course our little Lady!

Since Boomers death 3 months ago today, I’ve allowed Lady much more freedom. Although she’s not nearly as “intelligent” as Boomer, she is very responsive and obedient. Allowing Lady in the garden has been a positive move. She knows not to walk in my raised beds. She knows not to dig or scratch in the rocks. So, the other day when I heard her digging in the pea gravel, I went to see what she was up to.

She had uncovered a nest of mice! A mama mouse with 5 babies. I can keep rabbits out of my garden but it’s nearly impossible to keep mice out. So, I let Lady hunt them. If you can’t stomach the circle of life….then you might like to skip the remainder of this sentence…..Lady killed the mama mouse but left the babies. I had to do something with them. I took a plastic bag and picked them up and fed them to the chickens. The chickens loved them. Sorry.

Who needs a cat when you have a Lady?

Good job girl!




I still haven’t gotten pea gravel laid in my new area….time and energy oh and $$$.

A couple of helpful tips on limiting your mouse population….remove leaf piles and eliminate rock walls (they love to nest in rocks).  And of course get yourself a Lady!


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