Meetings & Greetings

Jacob_Easter 2009

Meet Jacob, my great nephew. He is coming to the East Coast to meet his extended family….oh yea, he’s bringing the whole gang with him, my sister (his Gma…how weird is that???), of course his Mommy & Daddy, his Auntie, and I think even his Gpa might even make it!

I know that Great Gma & Great Gpa are just crawling out of their skin waiting to meet Jacob. He’s gotten even cuter than this picture from March. He’s really way cute!!!

I suppose they are leaving LA sometime this afternoon….I’m not good with time travel! I know they arrive at BWI very late tonight and if I were a night owl and they weren’t in a hurry to get to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, then I just might surprise them. But I think I’ll have to wait to be the last one to meet little Jacob this Saturday when we have a party for Great Gpa….he’s turning 80! That ought to go in the Guinness World Book of Records! Truly a miracle!

Wow…then it will be really cool when Jacob gets to meet my new babies….mooo! I wonder if his Gpa will palpate my Josie for me??? Bovines were not his favorite part of his foreign Vet training at Cornell! Come on Gabe, how often do you get to palpate a cow in LA?


Welcome little Jacob!


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